Innovations from Amazone

Agritechnica silver medal 2017 for SwingStop pro.

Amazone: Agritechnica-Silbermedaille 2017 für SwingStop pro.

"SwingStop pro" is an Innovation developed in collaboration with the company, Rometron, which ensures an even more precise boom guidance for modern crop protection sprayers. SwingStop pro comprises of the SwingStop active horizontal damping suppression combined with a new nozzle system that operates using the principle of pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM). With the help of software and acceleration sensors, SwingStop pro calculates, in real time, the relative speed of each individual nozzle, sets it in relation to the forward speed of the sprayer and controls the appropriate output of the nozzle in milliseconds. In this way, any rate changes caused by the horizontal movements of the boom can be compensated for. This results in so far unprecedented application accuracy over the entire working width of the sprayer.


Agritechnica silver medal 2017 for SmartService 4.0.

Amazone: Agritechnica-Silbermedaille 2017 für SmartService 4.0.

In the world of evermore complex machine design, AMAZONE, via SmartService 4.0, is utilising the technology made possible by digital VR and AR technologies to further enhance its learning, training and repair processes in the sector of technical customer service as well as assisting its customers in carrying out routine maintenance work. Thanks to SmartService 4.0, for example, a technician from an Amazone service partner, who is about to carry out a complicated repair or maintenance procedure, is connected digitally and in real time with an Amazone service specialist sitting in the office. Through this connection, which is done via tablet PC, Smartphone or data glasses, it is possible to backup that technician with expert knowledge anywhere in the world during that repair or maintenance work.


Agritechnica silver medal 2017 for the agrirouter.

Amazone: Agritechnica-Silbermedaille 2017 für den agrirouter

Agrirouter, developed together with DKE-Data GmbH & Co. and other well-known agricultural technology manufacturers, is an internet-based data exchange platform, which enables farmers and contractors to exchange all working data between their machines and the most diverse range of agricultural software applications, independently of the manufacturer. This not only simplifies data exchange and operational procedures, but also reduces administrative costs and improves profitability. At the same time the agrirouter enables farmers and contractors to optimise agricultural production processes from beginning to end. From the point of view of the end user, it also offers the important advantage that they always have full control over their data.   


Machine of the year 2018: The UX 01 trailed sprayer

Maschine des Jahres 2018: Die Anhängefeldspritze UX 01

At Agritechnica 2017, Amazone’s new UX 01 trailed sprayer was awarded ‘Machine of the Year 2018’. This innovation award was handed out by the agricultural machinery editors of the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag dlv along with their colleagues from various international agricultural professional publishers.
The new generation of UX 01 trailed sprayers provides more precision and efficiency and even more comfort. Available in tank sizes of 4,200 l, 5,200 l or 6,200 l, its completely new operating concept and innovative boom guidance in boom widths of 21 to 40 m, makes the UX 01 present itself as being comfortable down to the last detail.
The most important innovations on the UX 01 include simple machine control via the SmartCenter and the ContourControl boom guidance with SwingStop. ContourControl with SwingStop optimally guides the boom over the crop with the help of actively-actuated hydraulic rams and, via the electronics, it compensates for boom swing and thus provides an absolutely smooth boom ride.

Click here for comprehensive information with regard to the UX 01 and all the other Amazone innovations at Agritechnica 2017. 

Machine of the year 2017: Cataya seed drill combination

Maschine des Jahres 2017: Säkombination Cataya

At the SIMA 2017 agricultural machinery exhibition, Amazone’s new conventional Cataya seed drill combination was awarded ‘Machine of the Year’. The title ‘Machine of the Year’ is a specific distinction for innovation awarded by a jury of specialist agricultural machinery journalists from across Europe. This year’s award has been organised by the French journal “Terre-Net” in cooperation with the German agricultural publisher (Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag DLV).
The most significant innovations for the Cataya include the Precis metering system, adjustment via the SmartCenter, an electric metering drive plus ISOBUS control of the machine. In addition, the Cataya features, with regard to normal conventional seed drill combinations, a very large hopper capacity.

Agritechnica silver medal 2015 for AmaSpot

Amazone, Silbermedaille 2015 für AmaSpot

AmaSpot is a sensor controlled individual nozzle switching with low drift injector nozzle technology. AmaSpot is an innovation which Amazone has developed in co-operation with the companies Rometron and Agrotop. The decisive innovations here include the GreenSense fluorescence sensors fitted to the sprayer boom which allow the scanning of the entire field surface and which differentiate between green plants and bare ground. In addition, the system features new pulse width frequency modulation nozzles which open and close in a split second and thus allow the on and off switching to the exact centimetre even at high forward speeds of up to 20 km/h. This teamwork of sensors and nozzles initially enables the precise application of herbicides just to targeted areas – right down to the individual plant: The sensor detects the green plant and the nozzle applies the herbicide exactly at this position. In this way AmaSpot does away with full area total herbicide application and only treats part areas where in fact weeds or volunteer grains are growing. When using glyphosate agents, between 20% and 80%, depending on drilling techniques, can be saved in comparison with full area treatments.

The video for AmaSpot please find at this link.

Agritechnica silver medal 2015 for EasyCheck

Amazone, Silbermedaille 2015 für EasyCheck

EasyCheck is the digital, mobile test kit for deter-mining the lateral distribution of centrifugal fertiliser spreaders, offering significant increase in the efficiency as well as organisational benefits. Instead of the normal collecting trays found in the classic mobile test kit, EasyCheck needs only light-weight rubber mats and a newly developed Smartphone APP to check and to optimise the lateral distribution and the adjustment of the spreader. Thanks to EasyCheck in future this requires about only one quarter of the time needed to carry out a test and so will result in a higher acceptance of the technique and thus lead to more customers making those checks.   

The video for EasyCheck please find at this link.

Agritechnica silver medal 2015 for GPS-Switch with AutoPoint

Amazone, Silbermedaille 2015 für GPS-Switch mit AutoPoint

GPS-Switch with AutoPoint, this innovation very precisely automatically switches on and off the metering system of pneumatic seed drills on the headland. Up until now, when utilising GPS-Switch on pneumatic seed drills, calculating the different delay times between the switching on and off of the metering units and the seed flow at the coulter was a problem. The new AutoPoint system, with the aid of a sensor at the coulter, is able to determine the actual seed flow and thus the exact delay time and the exact switching points to ensure the optimum start and stop of the metering cassette on the headland. Thus, overlaps and seed gaps are safely prevented and the efficiency of the seed drill is further increased. In addition, GPS-Switch with AutoPoint includes a driver's assistance system which, via a preview bar, displays on the ISOBUS terminal the position at which the system will switch. So, the driver can preselect the correct speed and maintain it during the complete headland turn around.

The Video for GPS Switch with Autopoint please find at this link


Machine of the year 2016: ZA-TS with Argus Twin

Amazone, ZA-TS Argus Twin, Maschine des Jahres

The Amazone ZA-TS fertiliser spreader with Argus Twin now is allowed to carry the title "Machine of the year 2016". This titel is a special Innovation award. The presentation was carried out by the agricultural technology editors of the dlv Deutsche Landwirtschaftsverlag, and their international partners from France, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Russia.  
The innovation of the ZA-TS with Argus Twin features the monitoring of the lateral distribution of the fertiliser at both spreading discs with the aid of radar sensors. In case of deviations from the pre-determined values the electric delivery system is fully automatically readjustet, ensuring a constant optimum lateral distribution. This also applies to changing fertiliser qualities, travelling on slopes, starting and braking procedures or worn spreading vanes.

(For the Video of the ZA-TS Argus Twin, please have a look at this link)

Agritechnica medals since 1997

Also at earlier Agritechnica exhibitions Amazone was awarded the coveted gold and silver medals for numerous innovations. Here you will find a list of all awarded medals for Amazone innovations since 1997.