AD-P Super Pack Top seed drill


Hydraulic coulter lift and coulter pressure adjustment

For solo soil cultivation the coulters, together with the following harrows, can be raised hydraulically. This enables the quick and flexible adaptation to particular situations such as in areas of poor straw incorporation, in part areas where a preliminary pre-work is necessary. The targeted pre-loosening of the headland or other compacted areas is also possible.

The coulter pressure of the Avant is as standard hydraulically adjusted.    

Pre-emergence marker

When creating tramlines, the pre-emergence marker discs automatically lower and leave a mark where the tramline has just been created. In this way tramlines are visible prior to the seed germinating.

Broad roller spectrum

Die passenden Walzen

For areas with ligher soils and for smaller tractors, the light-weight cage roller is available. With the tooth packer roller, an even soil reconsolidation across the full working width is achieved. Wedge ring rollers provide reconsolidation in strips. This are the best pre-conditions for an even growth of the volunteer grain.
The Cracker-Disc- roller improves the structure on very heavy soils and leaves a fine crumbled seedbed.



Wedge ring roller

Amazone Keilringwalze

+ Universal for all soils and conditions
+ The seed is sown in the reconsolidated strips by the coulter following behind
+ Even where the soil is heavy, sufficient loose earth remains available to provide the seed with Optimum cover  
+ Excellent suitability in any weather, wet or dry

KW wedge ring roller: 520 mm diameter with 2.50 and 3.00 m working width
KW wedge ring roller: 580 mm diameter with 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 m working width 3

Wedge ring roller: targeted reconsolidation . . .

Keilringwalze: Gezielt rückverfestigen …

A roller’s primary task is soil reconsolidation. The wedge ring roller uses rubber rings to form reconsolidated strips in which the seed is sown. The harrow that follows it covers the seed with loose soil from the unconsolidated area.
Reconsolidating in strips ensures that the soil structure around the plants is always right for the current weather conditions, and so provides the best chance of rapid, uniform plant development. The wedge ring roller thus serves as insurance for just-in-time tilling.

The wedge rings leaves a homogeneous, pre-consolidated strip without any stud marks. Compared to rollers with other profiles, this is a decisive advantage, resulting, above all, in a smooth run of the sowing coulters.       
As a general rule, enclosed rollers perform better than open rollers, particularly on loose, light soils. Open rollers also become clogged up more easily than enclosed rollers. This is why the rubber rings in the wedge ring roller are fitted onto a closed cylinder. When the wedge rings sink into the soil they are carried across the full length via the centre barrel. There is no chance of sticking, clogging up or blocking!   


Cage roller

Amazone Stabwalze

+ Economical
+ Consolidation with depth effect
+ Good for preparatory work for planters or for deep sowing

SW cage roller: 420 mm diamater, 2.50 and 3.00 m working width
SW cage roller: 520 mm diamter, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 working width

Tooth packer roller

Amazone Zahnpackerwalze

+ Consolidation is comprehensive over the entire surface
+ Runs blockage free, even on sticky soils and where there is a lot of straw
+ Scrapers fitted as standard, wear-resistant thanks to hard metal coating (3 to 5 times longer service life in comparison to non-coated)
+ Low set scrapers ensure a smooth surface ven on wet ground

PW tooth packer roller: 420 mm diameter,  2,50, 3.00, 3.50 and 4.00 m working width
PW tooth packer roller: 500 mm diameter,  2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 6,00 m working width
PW tooth packer roller: 600 mm diameter,  3.00, 3.50, 4.00 and 6.00 m working width

Cracker-Disc roller

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, Cracker-Disc-Walze

+ Especially for very clayey soils
+ Maximum crumbling effect via large steel packer rings with wave Profile and cutting knives
+ Large diameter - 550 mm - well suited for large sowing combinations
+ Integated cross supports ensure a good self-driving effect
+ Scrapers clean the gabs between the stee. rings, no harvest residues and no blockage
+ Cutting knives with overload safety device
+ Robust, enclosed steel packer