AD-P Super Pack Top seed drill


Benefits of AMAZONE sowing combinations.

Pneumatische Sämaschine AD-P Special, AD-P Super von Amazone

• Large, centralised seed hopper, compact design, high work rates and short set-up times
• Due to the precise metering and simple adjustment, the electric metering drive capable of handling a large variety of seeds and seed rates offers even more comfort
• Little residual amounts, even in sloping terrain
• Optimised seed distribution and simple monitoring due to the external translucent distributor head
• Accurate seed placement through RoTeC Control coulters or WS suffolk coulters at high forward speeds
• Equippment with the most modern ISOBUS terminals and control via GPS-Switch is possible

Benefits with an AD-P Super

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschine AD-P Super

- Work rates of more than 3 ha/h from a working width of just 3 m
- Very large seed hopper
- High Forward speeds
- Unrestricted flexibility following the plough or when mulch sowing
- Compact design – optimised lift capacity requirement
- Up to 55 kg coulter pressure on the RoTeC pro coulter

The benefits of ISOBUS

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P mit ISOBUS

The AD-P is certified according to the UT 2.0 AEF compliance test. In this way these AMAZONE seed drills can be operated via any terminals on the market that has been UT 2.0 certified. Needless to say, AD-P can also be controlled via an ISOBUS compatible Section Control licence from another ISOBUS terminal.

AMAZONE AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals alongside all AMAZONE ISOBUS equipped machinery support the AEF functionality AUX-N. This means, that, for example, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be individually assigned to a specific function. So, every function on the joystick is located exactly there, where the customer wants it to be.


Large hopper, stable frame

Amazone AD-P Super

The filling times are reduced thanks to the large seed hopper. The capacity of the basic 1500 litre hopper can be increased to 2000 l by adding an extension. The clear, simple frame concept of the AD-P Super with its integrated roller and coulter fixing frame helps to save weight and to increase the robustness. 

Compact design – modular build system

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschine AD-P Super

By combining the seed drill and the packer roller the AD-P Super is extremely compact. Due to this compact design, with favourable centre of gravity, the superbly robust seed drill combination requires a comparatively low lifting power. The components are close coupled to the tractor. Less load on the tractor rear wheels also reduces the depth of any wheel marks.


Sits directly on the packer roller

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschine AD-P Super, Abstützung auf Walze

The AD-P Super is carried completely on the large diameter wedge ring roller or tooth packer roller,  enabling the rotary harrow or the rotary cultivator to lift out over stones without the necessity to lift the roller and seed drill.  This saves on damage to the tines and also the drive components of the soil tillage implement.

In just one pass: seedbed preparation – consolidation – sowing

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschine AD-P Super 3 auf 4 m Arbeitsbreite

With the 3 m AD-P Super, outputs are achieved that are usually only possible with a 4 m combination. The RoTeC+ Control coulter, with up to 55 kg coulter pressure, enables high speed sowing at up to 15 km/h even on seedbeds that are just barely pre-worked; yet a high quality of seed placement is maintained. Less preliminary working down, less waiting for suitable soil conditions coupled with higher speeds means higher work rates and more flexibility during the season.

Safe metering drive

Amazone Sämaschine AD-P elektrischer Dosierantrieb

1.) The electric metering drive comes as standard on the AD-P, whereas on the Avant as an option, and is controlled by AMATRON 3 or by any other ISOBUS terminal or AMADRILL+. In conjunction with the electric drive, calibration is comfortable and fully automated. The electric drive also offers additional functions such as, for instance, the pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate during operation. The AD-P features different signal sources for detection of the speed. In addition to the radar sensor, impulse wheel or GPS signal, also the speed signal of the tractor can be utilised
2.) Quick emptying: The emptying of the seed hopper is done quickly and easily via the quick emptying device which is attached well accessible on the hopper.
3.) Emptying of residual amounts: For emptying any residual amounts, a slide is opened and the hopper contents emptied into the large calibration tray.
4.) Easy exchange of the metering cassettes: The cassettes of the seed metering system can easily be exchanged. This allows the precise metering of all seed types and seed rates with excellent distribution along the row even at high forward speeds.


ComfortPack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

Amazone Sämaschine AD-P: ComfortPaket 1 mit TwinTerminal 3.0

To further simplify the pre-metering, calibration and emptying of residual amounts, AMAZONE offers, for the AD-P in conjunction with AMABUS or ISOBUS the ComfortPack with TwinTerminal 3.0. The TwinTerminal is positioned direct on the seed drill next to the metering units, with the aid of a magnetic base. This position offers a decisive benefit: the driver now can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration procedure directly on the machine and thus the repeated climbing up and down into the tractor is no longer necessary.
The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dust proof housing with a 3.2 inch display and four large keys for actuation.


Metering cassettes for any type of seed

Special metering cassettes for different application rates precisely and gently deliver the seed up to the distributor head. The three metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. Additional cassettes, for instance for maize or special crops, are also available.

The interchangeable metering cassettes are suitable for the following application rates: fine seeds (approx. < 15 kg/ha), medium sized seeds (approx. < 140 kg/ha), normal seeds (approx. > 140 kg/ha).

Translucent distributor head

Amazone Sämaschine AD-P: Klarsichtverteilerkopf

The translucent distributor head ensures the permanent monitoring of the seed flow and therefore it is located outside the seed hopper within full view of the operator. When creating tramlines the seed is sent back into the hopper. The seed delivery to the tramline coulters is stopped as soon as the electric motor shuts off  the relevant seed tubes in the flap box, in which, the seed flow rerouted from those seed hoses directly back down into the metering system. Up to 5 rows per side can be closed for the tramline.


Variable tramline control

With the newly designed tramline control now two additional rows and thus, in total, up to five seed rows on each side can be switched off. The correspondingly wide tramline wheel tracks are suitable for tyre widths up to 99.6 cm on a 16.6 cm row spacing or 75 cm on a 12.5 cm row spacing depending on the following crop husbandry tractors. In this way AMAZONE takes into account the move towards those crop husbandry tyres getting wider and wider.

Hydraulic blower fan drive

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, hydraulischer Gebläseantrieb

The new high performance blower fan is characterised by its low oil requirement of 21 l/min at 3500 rpm and minimum noise emission.

Seed pipe monitoring

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, Saatleitungsüberwachung

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the tube. Directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.


Hydraulic bout marker

On all AD-P the hydraulic marker changeover lifts the bout markers into the vertical position and then lowered again; in this way sowing is possible even on the headland and obstacles can be negotiated. In order to transfer the weight of the bout markers and thus the centre of gravity still further towards the tractor, the bout markers are fitted to the rotary cultivator or rotary harrow. This design also results in another big advantage that the bout markers can also be used during solo operation of the soil tillage implement, for instance, when pre-working or when in conjunction with a precision air seeder. Thanks to the cranked arms the bout is perfectly marked even when working in coarse, very cloddy conditions. In addition, the arms, with their integrated sprung action reduce the strain during peak forces.



AmaTron 3 operator terminal


Machine overlapping operation:
On the Avant, the AmaTron 3 operator terminal looks after the control of all important functions. This includes the operational functions as well as the basic machine set-up and adjustment, such as for instance, calibration.

AmaTron 3 is a machine overlapping operator terminal for seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, ensuring optimum rate control and comfortable operation.

The electric metering drive of the AD-P and the Avant allows simple calibration routines and the individual changes of seed rate. The comprehensive electro-hydraulic control via AmaTron 3 makes for simple control and the easy implementation of any machine adjustments.

The operator terminal controls the drill as well as monitoring the tramline functions. This also includes a sensible obstacle solution for the track markers. With the new Task Controller, jobs can be conveniently prepared on the farm PC and then, via a USB Stick, transferred to the terminal where they are processed. AmaTron 3 and the Avant enable the fields to be drilled part-area specifically via Shape files. The forward speed of the unit is determined by a radar-generated signal.

Amatron 3 operator terminal: can be utilised machine overlapping

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, Amatron 3

Control of all the important functions on the AD-P und Avant can be carried out via the AMATRON 3 ISOBUS terminal. This includes all operational functions, as well as the initial setting up of the machine, such as for example, calibration.
The AMATRON 3 is a machine overlapping ISOBUS terminal for seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers and allows optimum machine operation and monitoring.

The electric metering drive of the AD-P and the Avant allows simple calibration routines and the individual changes of seed rate. The comprehensive electro-hydraulic control via AMATRON 3 enables the operation of all functions, such as, for instance headland management or working intensity of the disc harrow unit from the tractor cab.

The operator terminal controls the drill as well as monitoring the tramline functions. This also includes a sensible obstacle solution for the track markers. With the new Task Controller, the jobs can be prepared comfortably on the farm PC and then transferred via a USB stick to the terminal in an ISO-XML format and then loaded. By means of the AMATRON 3 and the AD-P and the Avant, via ISO-XML or Shape files, part-area, site specific maps can be processed. The impulse reading for recording the operating speed is determined via radar.

GPS-Switch for AD-P and Avant

Amazone Sämaschine AD-P: GPS-Switch für AD-P und Avant

After the success of the GPS-Switch system on fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, sowing now is the focus for the use of this technology. The switching on and off of the electric metering system is controlled via GPS. In this way, the stress on the driver is reduced and an improvement in the operational performance is achieved especially in small fields with many headland turns. 

GPS-Switch controls, dependent on the position of the seed drill and the adjustments by the driver, the switch-on and off points of the electric metering unit of the AD-P or Avant. On the Avant (see page 34), a 3 m half-side switching is possible.    

In this way, during practical operation, the often found over or under sown areas in critical spots, such as on the headland or in wedges can be minimised. Sowing ‘gaps’ are now things of the past! The driver can fully concentrate on driving and can operate the drill independently to achieve a neat transition.  

Saving seed and higher work rates: with GPS-Switch now applicable to sowing, the classic method of raising the drill to switch it off which leaves some seed on the surface and gives more chances of misses is avoided so that the sown seed is better placed. For a better optimisation of the switch-on and switch-off points, AMAZONE recommends RTK accuracy.

The future today: in addition, becoming increasingly popular is the use of sowing maps, where the seed rates can be matched to individual zones in the field – such as hills and hollows or changes in soil type. Task Controller is available as a special option. The AMATRON 3 terminal (per ISO-XML) or GPS-Maps allows the simple realisation of seed maps. Standardised file formats can be imported into the system which is then implemented fully automatically. A graphic display of the map in the background offers a good overview.


CCI 100 operator terminal - The universal terminal

Terminal CCI 100

The CCI ISOBUS terminal from AMAZONE is the result of the cooperation with several other manufacturers of agricultural machinery who are joint participants in the Competence Centre ISOBUS e.V (CCI). With CCI, AMAZONE and its partners have laid the foundation to introduce ISOBUS into practice. The CCI is the basis to convert all AMAZONE machinery and implements successively to the ISOBUS standard.

The benefits
+ The bright 8.4" colour display with its high screen resolution and ambient light sensor matches the brightness automatically to the light conditions. This avoids the driver in twilight or at night being blinded by too bright a display.
+ The Input is carried out from choice via the operator-friendly touch screen or via the soft keys.
+ Fatigue-free operation at night is assisted by the back-lighting of the keys which are also connected with the light sensor.
+ The proven AMAZONE one-handed operation is still possible because the functional layout of the soft key area can be simply mirrored.
+ For intuitive menu guidance and the convenient input of values and text, the terminal is provided with a high-quality touch display.
+ For the direct, quick adjustment and readjustment of pre-set values, a scroll wheel with operating functions has been ergonomically integrated into the housing..

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Tractor ECU function (Interface for speed, PTO shaft and lower link position
job Management for documentation
+ CCI.Control job management for documentation
+ CCI.Command (optional): 
    Automatic part width section shut-off CCI.Command.SC 
    Parallel guidance aid CCI.Command.PT
+ Application maps supported in ISO-XML Format
+ USB interface for data exchange
+ Interface for the connection of a GSM modem
+ ASD- and LH5000 interfaces via RS232
   (nominal value transfer), e.g. for N-sensors
+ Camera function CCI.Cam
+ In conjunction with seed drills, the CCI terminal features the automatic tramline function. Here the tramline position is controlled via GPS with the aid of the parallel driving module of the CCI terminal.       



AMAPAD - an especially comfortable method of controlling agricultural machinery

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

With the AMAPAD operator terminal, AMAZONE offers an entirely new and high-class solution for GPS application such as automated GPS based part-width section control and Precision Farming applications.
AMAPAD features a large, especially ergonomic, 12.1" touch screen. With the unique “MiniView” concept, applications that do not need to be actuated but which, however, need to be monitored, are clearly shown at the side. If needs be, these can be enlarged by “fingertip” widening. The possibility also exists to customise the display, a feature which rounds off the exceptional layout of this operator terminal.
In addition to GPS-Switch pro part-width section control, a high-quality professional manual light bar guidance system is also installed as standard. GPS-Track pro can also be upgraded to an automated steering system.

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Job management for documentation
+ Automated GPS-Switch pro part width section control
+ Integrated light bar for GPS Track pro parallel guidance system
+ As an option: upgradable to automatic steering
+ GPS Maps pro application map module
+ RS232 Interface via SCU adapter (for data exchange)
+ Two USB ports for data exchange
+ WLAN module (via USB adapter)
+ GPS output  

The characteristics of AMAPAD:
+ Screen made from toughened glass
+ Housing made from impact proof plastic
+ Extra narrow rim for maximum visibility
+ Flush finish, no penetration of dust/humidity

Following the plough or mulch sowing with the pneumatic sowing combinations


For sowing on ploughed land the rotary harrow and tooth packer roller with a pneumatic Pack Top seed drill equipped with WS suffolk coulters form a superb combination. The rotary harrow tills and levels the soil, followed by the tooth packer roller that re-consolidates the soil. In this way, the seedbed is ideally prepared for the following WS suffolk coulters. 
For mulch sowing, a combination of rotary cultivator, wedge ring roller and Pack Top seed drill with RoTeC Control coulters is recommended. The rotary cultivator loosens even hard packed soils and maintains its working depth due to the "on-grip" tines. The straw is simultaneously incorporated and, thanks to the large clearances between the tines and the trough, the straw-soil-mixture can pass through the machine above the tine carriers without a problem. The following levelling board levels any ridges and furrows. 
The wedge ring roller reconsolidates the soil in strips so that one third of the soil is reconsolidated whereas two thirds of the surface remains loose.  The RoTeC Control coulters then precisely place the seed into the reconsolidated strips.



Roll first, then sow

The even profile of the seed furrow produced provides the ideal preconditions for an absolutely smooth coulter run and thus the maintenance of an accurate placement depth. So, higher forward speeds than with other rollers are possible. The principle “roll first, then sow” allows the even placement of the seed and thus better plant emergence, irrespective of the soil type, ground conditions or forward speed.   

RDS Roller Drill System – The system for improved seed emergence and increased yields

Roller Drill System

Roll first, then sow:
The even profile of the seed furrow produced provides the ideal preconditions for an absolutely smooth coulter run and thus the maintenance of an accurate placement depth. So, higher forward speeds than with other rollers are possible. The principle “roll first, then sow” allows the even placement of the seed and thus better plant emergence, irrespective of the soil type, ground conditions or forward speed.

RDS benefits in an overview:
(1) Targeted reconsolidation of the seed furrow via the wedge ring roller:
for the optimum water supply of the seedling, the wedge ring reconsolidates the soil in strips directly in the seed furrow.
(2) Targeted seed placement with the RoTeC Control coulters:
Running directly in the track of the reconsolidated strips, the RoTeC Control coulters run especially smoothly, tracing a very accurate depth and place the seed on the reconsolidated bottom of the furrow.
(3)Targeted seed embedment via the Roller harrow:
the harrow covers the seed with loose soil and here the intensity is adjustable. In addition the rollers then press the soil above the seed.

Seed embedment with the RoTeC Controll disc coulter


RoTeC Control coulters operate virtually wear-free.  Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won't block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.


RoTeC Control coulters: Proven by over 1,500,000 units!


The very even and exactly controlled depth guidance of the RoTeC Control coulter is achieved via the Control 10 depth guidance disc, with a contact surface of 10 mm, or the Control 25 depth guidance option with a contact surface of 25 mm. As this depth guidance is fitted on the side of the coulter, this principle operates with more accuracy than coulter systems with a following, rigidly attached separate depth guidance roller. The depth guidance discs or rollers provide the basic setting of the sowing depth easily and comfortably via the coulter pressure. If necessary a notched quadrant allows for the readjustment of the sowing coulter in 3 steps.

RoTeC Control coulters operate at a coulter pressure of up to 35 kg. In this case the actual effective coulter pressure is comparatively higher with AMAZONE, because the pressure is not distributed between the coulter and the following press roller, but acts solely on the coulter. When sowing rape, or early sowing in dry conditions, working with less coulter pressure is possible without any problem.

Row spacings of 12.5 cm and 15 cm can be chosen.

Quality and reliability

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, Rotec-Control

• A seed disc made from high grade, Boron steel
• Less aggressive angling for reduced soil movement
• Wear resistant, height adjustable polyurethane disc for depth limiting and cleaning
The large stagger between the rear and front coulter rows ensures blockage-free sowing even where large amounts of straw prevail. With only one cutting disc per coulter AMAZONE ensures – even at a 12.5 cm row spacing and mulch sowing at high speeds – a blockage-free material passage in between the coulters.

Seed embedment with the RoTeC Control disc coulter for conventional and mulch sowing


RoTeC Control coulters are maintenance-free and work extremely well yet with little wear and tear. Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won’t block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.

(1) For exceptionally deep sowing, the depth guidance disc can be easily removed.

(2) RoTeC Control coulter with Control 10 depth guidance disc with 10 mm wide contact surface.

Seed coverage with the Exact harrow or with the Exact harrow S


The Exact harrow covers and levels the open seed furrow without blockage even with large amounts of straw present. With its individually pivoting harrow elements, the Exact harrow follows the undulations of the soil perfectly, ensuring an even seed coverage on soils either with or without straw.

The harrow pressure is centrally adjusted mechanically via two spindles. On the hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a pair of locating pins predetermines the minimum and maximum settings. This way both the harrow and the coulter pressure are linked together and so can, during operation, be adapted to changing soil conditions by the use of just one tractor control valve.

In conjunction with the RoTeC+ coulter, the 15 mm strong Exact S following harrow can be used. It gives little wear and provides good seed coverage even in most difficult of operational conditions.

Additional consolidation with the roller harrow

Amazone Sämaschine AD-P, Rollenstriegel

The roller harrow additionally consolidates the soil above the seed furrow resulting in the optimum germination conditions. This is recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. An undulating surface profile that reduces erosion is the result. A special advantage offered is that the adjustment of the roller pressure is completely independent from the coulter pressure.  The roller harrow, independently adjustable from the coulter pressure, can follow the ground contour in a range of ± 100 mm.

Coulter pressure adjustment

On the AD-P Special, the coulter pressure is mechanically adjusted, centrally. As an option, hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment is available. The coulter pressure of the AD-P Super is – as standard – hydraulically adjustable.   

Harrow adjustment

Stepless adjustment of the Exact harrow via spindles. The centralised adjustment of the Roller harrow is carried out via the adjusters with overload safety device. In this way, the intensity of the pressure on the rollers on the Roller harrow can be adjusted to suit soil conditions or the press rollers can be taken out of work altogether. So, the press rollers can, for instance during late autumn sowing in wet conditions, be lifted out completely. Via a series of holes, the depth of the drag tine harrow can be fine-tuned.