Cayena tine seeder


LED work lights

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, LED-Arbeitsbeleuchtung

The optional LED work lights light up the working area and thus provide a clear view of the working environment to ensure the safe operation, even in the evening and during the night. The area around the sowing coulters is also optimally illuminated. The work lights are controlled via the operator terminal.

Forward speed source

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Geschwindigkeitsquellen

For the regulation and drive of the metering unit, the forward speed can be registered via a radar sensor or via a GPS speed sensor signal. As an alternative, the tractor speed can also serve as a speed source via a signal cable.

Seed pipe monitoring

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Saatleitungsüberwachung

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the tube. Sitting directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.


Equipped for all circumstances

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, separate Hydraulikpumpe

In order to ensure sufficient oil quantity for the hydraulic blower fan, particularly for operation behind older tractors, AMAZONE offers, as an optional extra, a separate hydraulic pump. It can be quickly and easily attached to the PTO shaft of the tractor.

Pre-emergence markers

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Fahrgassenmarkierung

The pre-emergence markers clearly mark the tramlines via large discs so that the tranlimes are visible prior to the seed emergence. This improves the accuracy when creating tramlines and they are ideal for pre-emergence spraying.


Wheel mark eradicators

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Spurlockerer

For operating the Cayena on unploughed, unconsolidated areas wheel mark eradicators are offered as an option. The wheel marks, resulting from the sinking of the tractor into the soil, are broken up and levelled.

Front guide wheels

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Vorlaufende Tasträder

For operation under undulating conditions, the Cayena can be equipped with front guide wheels.

Front cutting discs

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Vorlaufende Schneidscheiben

The cutting discs are ideal for pre-cutting and dividing copious amounts of straw ahead of the coulters, especially in those conditions created by poor straw distribution.

Rear harrow

Under heavy and moist conditions, a rear harrow is available that provides the slight scratching up of the soil behind the wedge ring tyres.