Cayena tine seeder


Top benefits

Amazone Zinkenscharsämaschine Cayena

+ Sowing and optimum reconsolidation in just one pass
+ High acreage outputs from the precise metering
+ Easy pulling thanks to the narrow TineTeC coulter
+ For hard, dry and stony soils
+ Good clearance due to large number of rows: 36 coulters in 6 m
+ Optimum coverage of the seed via the Exact harrow S
+ Centralised stepless setting of the sowing depth
+ Strip-wise reconsolidation thanks to the wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile
+ Optimised coulter guidance for precise seed placement

Benefitting from ISOBUS


The Cayena has been certified as UT 2.0 according to the AEF conformity test system. This means that this AMAZONE machine can be operated with any terminal that is on the market which is also certified to UT 2.0.
Needless to say, the Cayena can also be controlled via an ISOBUS compatible Section Control licence from another ISOBUS terminal.
The AMAZONE AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals and all AMAZONE ISOBUS machines support the AEF functionality AUX-N, meaning that, for instance, a function can be individually assigned to any key on an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick. So, that function is located there on the stick, where the farmer wants it to be.

Up to 15 km/h for the highest of daily work rates

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena

The Cayena tine seeder shows its strengths on hard, stony soils and in dry regions, where normal coulters don’t perform. No matter whether used for coarse, medium or fine seeds, for mulch sowing, sowing after the plough or on stubbles – with its 6 m working width the Cayena performs with an enormous efficiency. At working speeds of up to 15 km/h and its 3,600 litre seed hopper, the Cayena offers you the potential for the highest daily Outputs.

Cayena-C – for seed and fertiliser

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena

With the Cayena 6001-C, AMAZONE offers a trailed tine seeder that can also place fertiliser together with the seed into the seed furrow. The 4,000 litre seed hopper is divided in two compartments at a ratio of 60:40 and equipped with two fully electric metering units. Both compartments can, from choice, be filled with either seed or fertiliser. Via the same conveying system, seed and fertiliser are placed together in the seed furrow. In this way, for instance, when sowing winter rape or winter cereals, a starter fertiliser can be applied.
Via the sealed, pressurised tank system of the Cayena-C, the application of higher seed-fertiliser combinations is ensured.

Narrow row spacing, spacious clearance

Cayena TineTeC-Schare im Einsatz

36 tine coulters and 16.6 cm row spacing – in three rows and arranged in an offset to one another on the main frame. The coulters of the Cayena, despite their narrow spacing, allow the easy passage of crop residues and stones.

Narrow and hard

TineTeC-Scharspitze, Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena

Thanks to their extremely narrow shape the hard metal armoured coulters of the Cayena easily penetrate the soil and move only a little soil – minimising the loss of soil moisture when sowing. The narrow coulter shape offers additional decisive advantages: The pulling power requirement of the Cayena is low and the wear of the coulters is reduced to a minimum and, in spite of its large working width of 6 metres, the Cayena can be operated with tractors from just 100 kW/136 HP.

Overload and stone safety device

Cayena Überlast- und Steinssicherung

Special rubber spring elements optimise the adaptation of the coulters to the ground contours, even on hard ground. They also act as an overload protection and stone release function and allow the tines to give way in three dimensions. The slight vibration of the tines in work frees the coulters of organic matter, without adversely affecting the placement quality of the seed.

''On grip'' tines

Cayena Zinken auf Griff

The narrow TineTeC coulters of the Cayena are arranged “on grip” and pull themselves automatically into the soil. As the machine is supported via the tractor’s lower links and the wedge ring tyre roller in the rear, the downward pull of the tines is limited. In this way a permanent, even placement depth of the seed, irrespective of the fill level of the seed tank is ensured. The two half-side setting elements allow a central, quick and safe adjustment of the sowing depth.

Air diffuser

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Luftabscheider

When sowing mixtures with heavily-deviating bulk densities/volumes (light seed/heavy fertiliser) the seed flow can be maintained via an air diffuser. The air stream from the blower fan is self-regulating thus preventing the need for readjustment or the blowing out of any lighter material.

Blockage-free – even where large amounts of straw prevail

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena Exaktstriegel

Following the seed placement the exact harrow S covers the seed furrow with loose soil and levels the soil. The covering intensity of the harrow can be also adjusted centrally.


Exact and targeted: the reconsolidation

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena Keilringreifenwalze

The Exact harrow is followed by the AMAZONE wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile, consisting of twelve 800 mm diameter tyres. The over-sized wedge ring roller ensures a highly smooth running and, at the same time, serves as integrated running gear for road transport. Thanks to its special profile design, the wedge ring roller consolidates the seed bed in strips, precisely and exactly above the seed sown. In this way an optimum field emergence is achieved, even under dry conditions. Simultaneously loose stones are pressed into the soil meaning that a separate operational pass to roll the seedbed is no longer required. Scrapers on the roller ensure that it is not blocked or smeared, even under highly moist conditions.
As an alternative to the standard air-filled transport tyres, polyurethane-filled tyres are also possible. Filled tyres can possibly require a special operating licence and so please observe your national traffic regulations.

The basic settings

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Grundeinstellung

The Cayena is carried via the tractor’s lower links and the wedge ring tyres. Guide wheels, available as an option and mounted in front of the tine coulters, help provide a smooth run, even at high sowing speeds. The sowing depth of the seed is simply adjusted via ratchets and, just as easily, the Exact harrow S is matched to the seed embedding; the drill is then ready to go.

Compact and manoeuvrable

Cayena - kompakt und wendig

Thanks to the lower linkage mounting, the integrated chassis and the hydraulically folding wings, the Cayena will impress you with its compactness and yet, at the same time, it is still a highly manoeuvrable unit with a length of just 6.7 m and a transport width of just 2.9 m. These compact dimensions are of decisive advantage especially in difficult terrain or in transport.
As the seed hopper is mounted towards the front of the Cayena, a proportion of the machine's weight is carried on the rear axle of the tractor, enormously improving the traction.

Large and slender

Cayena - groß und schlank

The seed hopper of the Cayena has been designed to be as large as possible, and yet, compact. This allows an uncluttered view of the TineTeC coulters in operation. In this way you have everything under control.

Invaluable to you

Rollplane und Innenbeleuchtung für Cayena Tank

The interior lighting of the seed hopper is coupled with the headlamps of the tractor. The roll-over cover safely protects against dust and rain.
The complete opening of the seed hopper ensures the simple and quick filling.

Precision metering

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena Dosierung

You can rely on the proven electric full metering via AMADRILL+ or AMATRON 3 to enable the precise adjustment of the seed rate. You just have to adjust the seed rate on the operator terminal, calibrate the machine and then enter the determined weight into the terminal. Seed rate and operational speed – determined via the impulses of the radar – then determine the driving speed of the metering cassette. In this way, any inaccuracies in seed rate are avoided.

Comfort Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Comfort-Paket 1 mit TwinTerminal 3.0

To further simplify the pre-metering, calibration and residue emptying, AMAZONE offers for the Cayena, in conjunction with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD operator terminals, Comfort Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0. The TwinTerminal is mounted directly on the seed drill near to the metering units. This position offers a decisive benefit: Now, the operator can input the data for the calibration and then carry out the calibration procedure directly on the machine avoiding any unnecessary, repeated climbing up and down from the tractor.
The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dustproof housing with a 3.2” display and 4 large operational keys.

Metering cassettes

Cayena Dosierwalzen

For course, medium or fine seeds, exchangeable metering cassettes are provided – allowing for the adaptation to different seed sizes and seed rates and thus for an absolutely even metering and the gentle treatment of the seed. The metering cassettes can be quickly exchanged without any tools, irrespective of the fill level of the seed tank.
For fine seeds, poppies, catch crops, maize, sunflowers, peas and beans, then additional metering cassettes are available as an option.


AMADRILL+ -Precise seed rates and intuitive operation

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, AMADRILL+

AMADRILL+ is the operator-friendly terminal for AMAZONE seed drills. Its clear design, with unmistakable symbols and bold figures on the display, offers great convenience. Especially on farms with temporary drivers and short seasons, it is an advantage to equip what would be otherwise a complex seed drill with such a simple, intuitive operating terminal.
AMADRILL+ controls the fully electric metering of the machine. A simple key pressure is sufficient for calibration. After the calibration rate has been entered, the system adjusts itself independently. The specific benefits are shown at the field's edge: The function "pre-metering" offers convenience when sowing the field edges. Via the press of a button, the electric metering can be switched off, so that, for instance, preliminary work at the headland without sowing, is quickly and simply possible.
Needless to say the usual functions of a modern seed drill controller are included: Simple setting and control of the tramline rhythm, in-cab seed rate control, monitoring of the blower fan and of the seed shaft and the integration of the fill level sensor in the seed hopper.

AMATRON 3 operator terminal

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, Bedien-Terminal AMATRON 3

Control of all the important functions can be achieved via the AMATRON 3 ISOBUS terminal, including both operational functions and functions for the adjustment of the machine, such as calibration. AMATRON 3 is an ISOBUS terminal that can be used from seed drills to fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers enabling the optimum application rate control and operation.
As standard the machine is equipped with an electric metering drive, allowing the easy calibration and the individual change of the seed rate. The comprehensive electro-hydraulic control via AMATRON 3 allows the operation of all functions, such as headland management or the working intensity of the coulter unit from the tractor seat.
The operator terminal controls the drill as well as monitoring the tramline functions. This also includes a sensible obstacle solution for the track markers. With the new Task Controller, the jobs can be prepared comfortably on the farm PC and then transferred via a USB stick to the terminal in an ISO-XML format and then loaded. By means of the AMATRON 3, via ISO-XML or Shape files, part-area, site specific maps can be processed.


CCI 100 operator terminal - The universal terminal

Terminal CCI 100

The CCI ISOBUS terminal from AMAZONE is the result of the cooperation with several other manufacturers of agricultural machinery who are joint participants in the Competence Centre ISOBUS e.V (CCI). With CCI, AMAZONE and its partners have laid the foundation to introduce ISOBUS into practice. The CCI is the basis to convert all AMAZONE machinery and implements successively to the ISOBUS standard.

The benefits
+ The bright 8.4" colour display with its high screen resolution and ambient light sensor matches the brightness automatically to the light conditions. This avoids the driver in twilight or at night being blinded by too bright a display.
+ The Input is carried out from choice via the operator-friendly touch screen or via the soft keys.
+ Fatigue-free operation at night is assisted by the back-lighting of the keys which are also connected with the light sensor.
+ The proven AMAZONE one-handed operation is still possible because the functional layout of the soft key area can be simply mirrored.
+ For intuitive menu guidance and the convenient input of values and text, the terminal is provided with a high-quality touch display.
+ For the direct, quick adjustment and readjustment of pre-set values, a scroll wheel with operating functions has been ergonomically integrated into the housing..

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Tractor ECU function (Interface for speed, PTO shaft and lower link position
job Management for documentation
+ CCI.Control job management for documentation
+ CCI.Command (optional): 
    Automatic part width section shut-off CCI.Command.SC 
    Parallel guidance aid CCI.Command.PT
+ Application maps supported in ISO-XML Format
+ USB interface for data exchange
+ Interface for the connection of a GSM modem
+ ASD- and LH5000 interfaces via RS232
   (nominal value transfer), e.g. for N-sensors
+ Camera function CCI.Cam
+ In conjunction with seed drills, the CCI terminal features the automatic tramline function. Here the tramline position is controlled via GPS with the aid of the parallel driving module of the CCI terminal.       



AMAPAD - an especially comfortable method of controlling agricultural machinery

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

With the AMAPAD operator terminal, AMAZONE offers an entirely new and high-class solution for GPS application such as automated GPS based part-width section control and Precision Farming applications.
AMAPAD features a large, especially ergonomic, 12.1" touch screen. With the unique “MiniView” concept, applications that do not need to be actuated but which, however, need to be monitored, are clearly shown at the side. If needs be, these can be enlarged by “fingertip” widening. The possibility also exists to customise the display, a feature which rounds off the exceptional layout of this operator terminal.
In addition to GPS-Switch pro part-width section control, a high-quality professional manual light bar guidance system is also installed as standard. GPS-Track pro can also be upgraded to an automated steering system.

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Job management for documentation
+ Automated GPS-Switch pro part width section control
+ Integrated light bar for GPS Track pro parallel guidance system
+ As an option: upgradable to automatic steering
+ GPS Maps pro application map module
+ RS232 Interface via SCU adapter (for data exchange)
+ Two USB ports for data exchange
+ WLAN module (via USB adapter)
+ GPS output  

The characteristics of AMAPAD:
+ Screen made from toughened glass
+ Housing made from impact proof plastic
+ Extra narrow rim for maximum visibility
+ Flush finish, no penetration of dust/humidity

GPS-Switch - accurate placement of the seed

Amazone Zinkenschar-Sämaschine Cayena, GPS-Switch - Genaue Platzierung des Saatguts

After the success of the GPS-Switch system on fertiliser spreaders and sprayers, sowing now is the focus for the use of this technology. The switching on and off of the electric metering system is controlled via GPS. In this way, the stress on the driver is reduced and an improvement in the operational performance is achieved especially in small fields with many headland turns.
GPS-Switch controls, dependent on the position of the seed drill and the adjustments by the driver, the switch-on and off points of the electric metering unit of the Cayena. For the Cayena, control of each 3 m half-side section is possible.
In this way, during practical operation, the often found over or under sown areas in critical spots, such as on the headland or in wedges can be minimised. Sowing ‘gaps’ are now things of the past! The driver can fully concentrate on driving and can operate the drill independently to achieve a neat transition
Saving seed and higher work rates: with GPS-Switch now applicable to sowing, the classic method of raising the drill to switch it off which leaves some seed on the surface and gives more chances of misses is avoided so that the sown seed is better placed. For a better optimisation of the switch-on and switch-off points, AMAZONE recommends RTK accuracy.
The future today: in addition, application maps are becoming more and more popular where the seed rates can be matched to the small-scale situations in the field – such as hills and hollows or changes in soil type. The Task Controller (via ISO-XML) or GPS-Maps, as an option for the AMATRON 3 terminal, allows the simple activation of seed maps. Standardised file formats can be imported into the system which are then implemented fully automatically. A graphic display of the map in the background offers a good overview.