Condor trailed seed drill


Condor with on-board hydraulics for Kirovez tractors

Amazone Condor hinter Kirovez-Traktor

Now the Condor can not only be operated with modern tractors but also with tractors from Kivorez!
For many decades on farms in the CIS states the “Yellow Giants” are the standard tractors for multiple operations on the farm and in the field. Now AMAZONE offers the possibility to operate ultra-modern sowing technology with the available powerful and robust tractors. Trials habe shown an actual fuel consumption with a K700A in operation with a 12 m Condorn of 4 l/h, this is just 1 l/ha more than with a modern imported tractor. So the financial pressure to have to purchase a new tractor for the new sowing technology is done away with. In addition, the combination of this Russian tractor with the Condor operates high efficiently in the field during the sowing operation.


On-board hydraulics

Amazone Condor mit Kirovez Aufsteckpumpe

One high-capacity clip-on pump is driven via the gearbox output of the tractor and provides the necessary hydraulic pressure for a tractor independent circuit on the seed drill.
The control valves for the regulation of the coulter pressure and for raising the main frame on the headland are operated from the driver’s seat. These are the mostly used functions and are combined with the tractor own circuit.
In most cases, the control valve for folding the wings is only used when starting and finishing work. Therefore this is implemented, in the same way as the on/off control of the blower fan via a separate control block on the seed drill.
As only two hydraulic sections are directly connected to the tractor’s circuit, the danger of pollution due to dirty hydraulic oil is clearly reduced.

Long life components

Condor mit Kirovez Ölkühler

The high-capacity oil cooler prevents any overheating of the oil circuit. At the same time the blower fan of the seed drill sucks air for the delivery route through the fins on the cooler. The heated air effectively prevents the sticking of seed and fertiliser at high application rates. This is of great advantage in moist weather and high air humidity.

Wheel mark eradicators

Amazone, Anhängesämaschine Condor, Spurlockerer

For operation on loose or poorly reconsolidated soils, wheel mark eradicators are available as option. The wheel marks are loosened and levelled. By hydraulic actuation, the lowering and lifting is carried out automatically on the headland or when folding for transport.