ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal broadcaster


Calibration device


By using the calibration device for a spread rate check (special option) a very convenient and accurate determination of the setting for the required spread rate is possible. The amount of fertiliser collected over a set distance is weighed and then using the clear ladder scale the shutter position for the desired spread rate can be accurately determined.

Border spread deflector


The border spread deflector (special option) for the exact border spreading directly at the field side. For this application one outlet opening is left closed whereas for normal fertilising the border spread deflector is simply swivelled manually upwards out of the way. Also this useful AMAZONE option consists of stainless steel.

''Limiter X'' – the name synonymous for precise border spreading

Grenzstreusystem Limiter X

The Limiter is used when the first tramline is placed at half the working width of the fertiliser spreader from the field boundary. It can be used for border spreading, water course spreading and side spreading.

The decisive point is:
There is no stopping and leaving the tractor cab. The strong tubular frame carries the "lamella block" made entirely from stainless steel. The "lamella block" can be shifted forwards and backwards and in this way the "Limiter X" can be set to the desired function (working width, border or side spreading, type of fertiliser). When not in use the lamella block is comfortably raised via a hydraulic ram. The device does not require any additional control valves on the tractor.

The "lamella block" changes the direction of part of the fertiliser flow. This way an optimum spread pattern on the border is achieved. An automatic spread rate reduction when border spreading is also possible. 


L 800 extension

ZA-X Perfect mit Aufsatz

Via the L 800 extension the capacity of the ZA-X Perfect 902 is readily increased by 800 litres. With this wide extension the filling procedure via front end loaders or telescopic loading shovels is mace more convenient.

Swivel hopper cover


When filling the swivel hopper cover (special option) is simply folded open and ensures dry spreading material in wet weather. 

A traffic light kit with warning plates (special option) can be specified on request.

Parking wheels


The proven parking wheels (special option) ease the process of attaching the spreader to the tractor and detaching and manoeuvring in the yard. The wheels are quickly removed.


EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy!


Digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution

Instead of testing trays, such as those found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight test mats made from rubber and the EasyCheck App for Smartphones. The test mats are positioned in pre-determined distances away from the tramline. Then the relevant tramlines are spread and the mats with the fertiliser granules laying on them are photographed via Smartphone. The App now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected on each test mat and sets the results of the individual rows to an average. In cases where the spreading results are not the optimum, the App suggests readjustments for the setting of the relevant fertiliser spreader.

For further information please see the EasyCheck instruction manual. You can download the App here. Supplement: Preferred implements for photo analysis for EasyCheck.