AD Pack Top seed drill


AMALOG+, AMADRILL+ and AMATRON 3 on-board computers

Amazone Sämaschinen, Bedien-Terminals AMALOG+, AMADRILL+ und AMATRON 3

The AMALOG+, AMADRILL and AMATRON 3 on-board computers control the tramline system and the pre emergence marker. The sensor controls the creation of tramlines. Reprogramming to other tramline rhythms is very easy. The operational position of track markers and tramline system, sown area and seed level of the seed hopper are displayed.

With AMADRILL+ or AMATRON 3 the seed rate can be changed in freely selectable steps in the tractor cab. In addition AMATRON 3 enables the creation of intermittent tramlines in sloping terrain.

Thanks to the integrated interface AMATRON 3 can be comfortably and safely connected to numerous GPS terminals and Pocket PC/PDA solutions available on the market - from choice via cable or wireless via bluetooth.
In this way a wide range of offers, e.g. for the automated plot related documentation is available. One decisive benefit of AMATRON 3: As a machine overlapping operator station it can also be used with other AMAZONE machines.

Hydraulic top link for AD seed drill combinations

Amazone-Sämaschinen AD, hydraulischer Oberlenker

In order to utilise the soil tillage implement also as a solo machine, AMAZONE offers the hydraulically
adjustable top link for all AD seed drill combinations which are equipped with either a KW 580 wedge ring
roller or the PW 600 tooth packer roller. With the aid of this specific lever design, the top link is deflected
between the soil tillage implement and the seed drill in such a way, that the seed drill is tilted forwards when the piston rod is extended.
This means the coulters and following harrow are raised by a minimum 100 mm and the tines of the soil tillage implement are made deeper in the soil by approximately 30 mm. In this position the machine can be utilised for primary cultivation in the field. Here there is the additional advantage of making a clean pre-work in the field corners as well as having more ground clearance when turning on the headland.

For any sowing combination, the perfect match of roller and soil tillage implement

Amazone - Für alle Säkombinationen die passende Bodenbearbeitungsmaschine und Walze

Rotary harrows with “trailing” tines“:
2.50 m; 3.00 m; 4.00 m working widths

Rotary cultivator with “on-grip” tines:
3.00 m; 3.50 m; 4.00 m working widths (rigid);
4.00 m, 5.00 m; 6.00 m working widths (folding)

Wedge ring roller

Amazone Säkombinationen Keilringwalze

• Universal use in all soils and conditions
• Reconsolidation in strips. Via the following coulters, the seed is placed into the reconsolidated strips
• Even in heavy ground there is enough loose soil to optimally cover the seed
• Very well suited to any weather, no matter how wet or dry

KW wedge ring roller: 520 mm: 2.50 m; 3.00 m working widths
KW wedge ring roller: 580 mm: 3.00 m; 3.50 m; 4.00 m working widths

Tooth packer roller

Amazone Säkombinationen Zahnpackerwalze

• Shallow consolidation over the entire seedbed surface
• Runs blockage free, even on sticky soils and with plenty of straw residues
• The scrapers which are fi tted as standard, are wear-resistant thanks to their hard metal coating (3 to 5 times longer service life in comparison to non-coated scrapers)
• Low mounted scrapers ensure a smooth surface even on wet ground

PW tooth packer roller: 420 mm 2.50 m; 3.00 m working widths
PW tooth packer roller: 500 mm 2.50 m; 3.00 m; 3.50 m; 4.00 m working widths
PW tooth packer roller: 600 mm 3.00 m; 4.00 m working widths


Cracker-Disc roller

Amaazone Säkombintionen Cracker-Disc-Walze

• Especially for heavy clay soils
• Maximum crumbling thanks to large steel packer rings with wave profile and cutting knives
•Large 550 mm diameter, ideally suited for big sowing combinations
• Integrated cross teeth provide a high self-drive effect
• Scrapers clean the gaps between the steel rings, no harvest residues and no blockages
• Cutting knives with overload safety device
• Robust, closed steel roller

CDW Cracker-Disc roller: 550 mm: 3.00 m; 3.50 m; 4.00 m working widths