Citan large area seed drill


Top benefits

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, Top Argumente

+ Very easy to pull – low fuel consumption and high work rates
+ Very slender seed hopper – for a good all-around view
+ Excellent access to the metering system – quick adjustment of the seed rate and makes for comfortable cleaning
+ Clear and central machine setting via the easily accessible settings centre
+ Up-front positioned seed hopper – higher traction of the tractor’s rear axle
+ Comfortable and infinitely-variable setting of the coulter pressure from the tractor cab
+ RoTeC pro single disc coulters – for precise placement, optimum material through-passage and a very good self-cleaning
+ Optional on-board hydraulics for use on tractors without sufficient hydraulic capacity
+ Optional: hydraulic setting of the harrow pressure from the tractor cab

Crop establishment and economic benefits

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, Schlagkraft pur zum optimalen Zeitpunkt

With the Citan, in working widths of 8 m to 15 m, AMAZONE offers a solo system approach where soil tillage and sowing are divided. In this way, the Citan meets the need in achieving the optimum sowing time.
Reduced soil compaction and an efficient sowing operation are important considerations in modern, close crop rotations. When carrying out soil tillage as a separate operation, the soil has time to settle ensuring a better seed/soil contact for an improved field emergence. With the 15 m Citan, acreage outputs of up to 15 ha/h are possible.
An additional aspect of winter crop establishment that some practitioners regard as positive: is that the coulters of the Citan move the minimum of soil so that the stimulation of new weeds (such as blackgrass) is kept to a minimum.



No matter, whether conventional or mulch sowing – always quick in work

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, Egal ob Pflug- oder Mulchsaat – immer schnell unterwegs

At working speeds of up to 16 km/h, the Citan trailed seed drill impresses with its high acreage outputs and yet perfect seed placement. The positioning of the seed hopper at the front on the drawbar transfers additional weight onto the tractor’s rear axle, improving traction. The 4,600 l to 8,000 l seed hopper is easily accessible for filling from big bags, front loader or transfer vehicles. As an option, the Citan is also available with a filling auger (only for Citan 8000 and 9000). And in just a few seconds, the changeover between 3 m transport width and 8 m to 15 m working width is achieved.


Comfort comes up trumps!

Eine Besonderheit der Citan ist das Einstellzentrum an der Frontseite der Maschine

One peculiarity of the Citan is the settings centre at the front corner of the machine. It is not only the access, via a robust aluminium ladder and a large platform which enables the safe approach to the hopper, that is very comfortable, but so is also the operation of the machine. The hydraulic Connections are practically and cleanly stored in a hose rail. The most important hydraulic functions are centrally arranged at the front of the hopper. With those and the large manometers at the front of the Citan, the most important hydraulic functions and hopper internal pressure displays are always in view.
In addition to the work lights, hopper internal lighting is part of the efficient lighting package for the safe filling after dark. A calibration balance and a soap dispenser, positioned at the side of the outlet for the hand wash tank, provide even more comfort.

Exchangeable metering cassettes for optimum lateral distribution

Citan Dosiersystem

mechanical or full electric drive (Citan 8000 and 9000 only) guarantees the precise and even seed flow at seed rates from 2 – 400 kg/ha, depending on the operational speed.

As standard, three metering cassettes are supplied for different kinds of seed – this guarantees exact application rates even at high operational speeds. These metering cassettes allow for a quick, simple and tool-less exchange – no matter whether the seed hopper is full or empty. For fine seeds, poppies, green manure, maize, sunflower, peas and beans, additional metering cassettes are available as option.

With fertiliser - the Citan C

Citan 12001-C und 15001-C - dreigeteilter Tank

The Citan 12001-C and 15001-C offer the possibility to also place fertiliser together with the seed into the seed furrow. Therefore the hopper is divided and can be filled either 2/3 with seed and 1/3 with fertiliser or maybe a second seed type. If the division of the tank is not required, the hopper can be completely filled with just one seed type. The metering is carried out via Vario gearboxes which allow the metering of seed rates from 2 to 400 kg/ha.

Air pre-heating – no sticking in moist conditions

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, Luftvorwärmung – kein Verkleben bei feuchter Witterung

The high-capacity oil cooler prevents any overheating of the oil circuit. At the same time the blower fan of the seed drill sucks in air for the seed transfer system through the fins on the cooler. The heated air effectively prevents the sticking of seed and fertiliser at high application rates. This is of great advantage in moist weather and high air humidity.

RoTeC pro coulter for Citan 12001-C and Citan 15001-C

RoTeC pro-Schar

The 400 mm diameter discs and the infinitely-variable coulter pressure of up to 65 kg, which is directly applied at the sowing coulter, are the guarantee for an even seed placement and a smooth coulter run, even at highest sowing speeds up to 16 km/h. The required sowing depth is set by the depth limiting and cleaning disc on the coulter itself. The special shallow sowing disc ensures a perfect depth control on light soils, carrying the coulter over a wider contact area. This has a positive effect as the coulters can be operated with a subsequently higher coulter pressure helping the coulter to run more smoothly. The coulter pressure itself is exactly matched to the RoTeC pro system. This negates the need for any mechanical limitation and the contour following ability of the coulter remains unrestricted.
The precise adjustment of the RoTeC pro coulter is carried out by utilising one of these four settings. Moreover, if required, the depth guidance disc can be removed and so, in addition, the coulter run can be improved where there is much straw and under hard conditions.
Depending on the machine model, row spacings of either 12.5 cm or 16.6 cm are available.

RoTeC pro-S coulter

The RoTeC pro coulter is also available in a RoTeC pro-S Format with a narrower and a higher-necked furrow former. The design of the coulter prevents blockages in operation where there is plenty of organic matter.

Exact following harrow S – seed coverage

Exaktstriegel S – Saat bedecken

With the RoTeC pro coulter, the Exact following harrow S carries out the levelling and seed coverage in either normal or even wet conditions. The necessary harrow pressure can be adjusted mechanically or, as an option, hydraulically.


Roller harrow HD – additional seed embedment

Rollenstriegel HD – zusätzlich andrücken

When the Citan is operated on dry soils, the HD roller harrow with hardened harrow tines is available. Independent from the sowing coulter, the following press rollers can be pressurised with 35 kg providing soil contact. However, for wetter conditions, the roller harrow can be exchanged easily and quickly with the Exact following harrow if necessary.

Roller harrow – with optimised contour following

Rollenstriegel mit optimierter Kontourverfolgung

Thanks to the robust spring suspension of the Roller harrow, it is easy to match the required pressure on the harrow, even in undulating ground. Because of the mechanical contour following provided by the spring suspension, an optimum reconsolidation is achieved, as well as a consistent pressure on the harrow. This means that the Roller harrow can be perfectly matched to the soil conditions.

AMALOG+ or AMATRON 3 operator terminals

Bedien-Terminals AMALOG+ oder AMATRON 3

The AMALOG+ carries out the setting up and monitoring of the tramline rhythm, hectares sown, fill level and the track marker position.

The AMATRON 3 operator terminal takes over the extended control of the important functions (only for Citan 8000 to 9000). This includes operational functions as well as adjustments on the machine, such as, for example, automatic calibration and seed rate adjustment up or down on the move.

The AMATRON 3 is a machine-overlapping operator terminal for seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers that ensures an optimal rate control and operation. Both operator terminals additionally control and monitor the track marker functions and so makes for a meaningful solution when avoiding wet holes and obstacles.

'We achieve such a high sowing output'

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, „Wir schaffen hohe Säleistungen“

’100 to 120 ha per shift, more than 2,500 ha per season – is no problem with our new Citan 12001-C’ W. M. Nadeew reports. W. M. Nadeew is the Deputy General Director of the Russian farm OOO ‘Schazk Zolotaja Niva’, belonging to the Agroterra-Group. Here a semi-continental climate prevails and the average rainfall amounts to 450 to 500 mm per year. Last year the farm cultivated 10,162 ha of winter wheat, 8,169 ha of sunflowers and 7,945 ha of spring rape.
‘Compared with other seed drills, the Citan, which we either operate behind a New Holland T 7050 or a John Deere 7830, provides us with a series of benefits’ explains the Deputy General Director. ‘We achieve high sowing work rates because of the 12 m working width and, with forward speeds of more than 12 km/h, it ensures a rapid sowing operation. However, we also achieve higher work rates thanks to the larger seed and fertiliser hoppers which we do not have to fill that often. In addition we require less filling systems to supply the seed and fertiliser.’ W. N. Makarov, the chief agronomist of OOO ‘Schazk Zolotaja Niva’, states as an other benefit of the Citan the easy initial adjustment of the seed rate and the sowing depth. And: ‘Irrespective of the soil type, the actual seed rates and sowing depths match very well to what we have pre-set. In this way we can finish sowing punctually by the optimum dates yet with a high quality of work. This ensures our yields and makes the Citan stand out in comparison with other seed drills.’

''Top performance at the optimum sowing date''

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Citan, „Top-Leistungen zum optimalen Saatzeitpunkt“

“In 2011 we purchased the first five Citan 12000”, the Chief agronomist Tschernikow Alexander for the farm “Tula Wozroschdenije” OOO  reports. “We then had such a good experience with these machines that we decided in 2012 to purchase twelve more Citan 12001-C.”
The land farmed by “Tula Wozroschdenjie” OOO is situated in three Russian regions Tula, Lipezk and Orel. The soils consist of medium to heavy loamy leached black soil. The average rainfall is 550 to 500 mm/year. In the year 2012, the farm cultivated 18,348 ha of winter wheat, 8,801 ha of barley, 10,802 ha of rape, 1,411 ha of buckwheat, 1.610 ha of soya and 1,591 ha of sunflowers. “At sowing speeds of 10 to 12 km/ha, we managed with each Citan approximately 160 ha of cereals/day or 200 ha of rape/day. So in spring and autumn 2012 we sowed more than 3,000 ha with each machine” states Tschernikow Alexander. “With this quality of machinery we manage top-work rates at the optimum sowing date. When cereal sowing, one tank fill is sufficient for over 2 to 2.5 hours before we have to refill. At the same time the RoTeC+ Control coulters reliably sow the seed at the desired depth. The distribution along the rows is also optimal. This provides us with a good and even field emergence.”