Primera DMC large area seed drill


The top benefits

Primera DMC

+ Universal seed drill for conventional, mulch and direct sowing
+ Intelligent hopper and seed conveying concept for the flexible application of seed and fertiliser
+ Large hopper capacity of up to 13,000 l for high outputs
+ Easy filling thanks to the large hopper opening – high performance filling augers are available as an option
+ Optimum field emergence due to the exact depth control and clean furrow clearance by the chisel openers
+ Little soil movement due to the narrow chisel opener – reducing the evaporation losses and making the machine easy to pull
+ Maintenance-free bearings on the depth guidance rollers
+ Easy operation and control via ISOBUS (optional)
+ Easy adjustment of the seed rate, also automatically during operation, in conjunction with the electric metering drive
+ Thanks to the TwinTerminal, easy calibration down at the machine is possible

Primera DMC: Direct sowing – Mulch sowing – Conventional sowing

Primera DMC

The Primera DMC large area seed drill is the result of the uncompromising consideration of demands and desires from farmers themselves.

• 6 m working width, folds to 3,225 mm for transport (optional 3,000 mm), suitable from 180 HP tractor horsepower
• 9 m working width, folds to 4,725 mm for transport (optional 4,500 mm), suitable from 270 HP tractor horsepower
• 12 m working width, folds to 4,725 mm for transport (optional 4,500 mm), suitable from 350 HP tractor horsepower
• Fertilising via the seed/fertiliser kit (standard on Primera DMC 9000-2C Super, 9001-2C, 12000-2C and 12001-2C, optional on Primera DMC 3000/-C, 4500/-C, 6000-2/-2C and 9000-2/-2C)

For flexible arable farming: Primera DMC in working widths of 3 m, 4.5 m, 6 m, 9 m and 12 m

Für den flexiblen Ackerbau: Primera DMC von Amazone

No matter which arable farming system is utilised, the Primera DMC performs excellently under all conditions. With its unique chisel opener it achieves, on pre-cultivated land or when direct sowing, the highest quality regarding placement accuracy and seed embedment. This applies even to fields cultivated through non-inversion tillage such as after green manure, or where large amounts of organic matter from the previous crop lie, which can normally cause trouble when sowing. Also inadequate soil tillage, poor incorporation of organic material and bad levelling of the fields can have a negative effect on the performance of the seed placement and the embedding of the seed. The Primera DMC manages all these challenges perfectly. The chisel opener safely clears the seed furrow from organic matter, excellently follows uneven soils and always provides the right coulter pressure, making for the best performance in seed placement and seed embedding. The simultaneous application of fertiliser is available on the Primera DMC as an option. The targeted placement of mineral fertiliser directly into the seed furrow may help young crops to develop quickly and healthily to reach deeper soil water resources and, in this way, they are more robust to face heavy drought.

The high performance seed drill – especially for low rainfall regions and large acreages

Primera DMC von Amazone: Die Hochleistungssämaschine insbesondere für Trockengebiete und Großflächen

The parallelogram guided sowing openers of the AMAZONE Primera DMC with their ‘on-grip’ DURA chisel tips ensure a clean seed furrow for better soil contact and the most accurate maintenance of the placement depth. The following double roller provides good re-coverage of the seed furrow. Optimum seed/soil contact and accurate sowing depth are preconditions for uniform crop establishment. The REVOMAT overload safety device ensures a damage-free sowing operation even in stony soils.

Seed coverage is optimised by the hoop ring rollers and the Exact following harrow or the Roller exact harrow. The combined application of seed and fertiliser is available as an option.

Under some conditions the plough still cannot be completely abandoned but even under this conventional cultivation regime and after a secondary seedbed preparation the Primera DMC can be used as effectively.

Advantages of the Primera DMC:
• Profitable crop production in times of increasing production costs and changing farm sizes
• Fulfils all environmental considerations and reduces nitrate leaching
• Reduces machinery and operating costs
• Conservation and soil saving cultivation system
• Reduces soil erosion
• Reduces soil water losses
• Stabilises soil structure
• Higher straw degradation and drainage ability

Parallelogram suspension of the chisel openers

Primera DMC – Meißelschare

All the chisel openers are suspended on parallelogram linkages. Of course this is relatively complex but ensures, in varying or changing (uphill – downhill, on the headland, under different soil consolidations, etc.) forward speeds, and in addition any soil undulations, that the desired sowing depth is being maintained.

Coulter arrangement

Primera DMC – Scharanordnung

The coulters are arranged, in four rows with a row spacing of 18.75 cm, in such a way, that diagonally, “tip to tip”, distances of approx. 75 cm exist between coulters. This principle allows a relatively narrow row spacing (18.75 cm) for the quick coverage of the crop (a full canopy) and at the same time reduces the danger of blockage by any large volumes of straw.

Hoop ring rollers on every coulter

Amazone Primera: Bügelrollen an jedem Schar

AMAZONE moved a huge step forward with the so-called hoop ring rollers on every coulter mounted in pairs on either side of the seed furrow created by the chisel. In this way, every coulter is individually and reliably guided at its preset sowing depth and, in addition, the individual seed furrow is always absolutely closed, again and again, with loose soil, even with very moist soils or wet patches. And all this even at forward speeds of up to 18  km/h.

That means: how much or how little soil is thrown to the side by the chisel opener “driving” through the soil – the two round discs deflect this soil again over the seed furrow. In addition a slight pressure from both sides is applied and a slight pressurising by the exact harrow or the roller exact harrow. In this way the seed is properly covered and the surface above the seed grains is maintained a little open
– relatively loose and this allows
– a quicker soil warming around the seed. This, however, only works properly if the entire seed is delivered to the moist bottom of the furrow. This functions on the chisel openers due to the long-travel, precise seed guidance system located very close behind the chisel opener.

The hoop ring roller consists of the Reflex discs with the hoops serving as the supporting elements. It is wear-resistant and is cast from one piece. The hoop rings fitted to the outer side of the reflex discs, which is made from thin material always guide both the chisel opener and also the Reflex discs at the desired depth – irrespective of their forward speed! Due to their especially narrow shape no bulldozing is created, even in moist soil – so that the machine can be still be utilised even when the soil is still very wet. And all this without scrapers, which, as everyone knows, tend to carry along a mixture of straw and soil, resulting in a significant braking effect and the relevant wear.

The sowing depth is easily adjusted in groups via crank handles mounted centrally on each coulter module – very simple and quick.

REVOMAT overload safety device

Primera DMC – REVOMAT-Überlastsicherung

If the chisel opener hits an obstacle, e.g. heavy stones or compacted headlands, the upper link abruptly gives way at an exactly pre-set pressure. The coulter jumps upwards and immediately returns into the work position. Automatically, super! With obstacles that are just hit on the angle in the direction of travel, the coulter just moves to the side – because the entire lower link is not rigid but a one-piece long spring plate. Also again automatic, super.

(1) Top link straight chisel opener in operational position
(2) Top link cranked chisel opener “deflected” after hitting an obstacle in the soil

An even field is left

Amazone Primera DMC

After the pass, the Primera DMC openers leave an even finish (no grooves or ridges), resulting in, apart from an even field emergence, also practical driving advantages – e.g. for a smooth ride of the combine, the crop protection sprayer (no boom bounce!) and the fertiliser spreader. This applies in particular also to both field ends of the headland.

AMAZONE DURA chisel tip

Primera DMC, Das AMAZONE Meißelschar®

The coulter tip or the “chisel” is protected against wear using a tungsten carbide metal plate – meaning this coulter tip lasts for eternity, well many thousands of hectares at least! This is yet another AMAZONE invention which is often “imitated”. It is easily recognisable: the AMAZONE chisel opener is the result of years of experience and is simply very, very good.

Bout markers

Primera DMC

Fully-hydraulic actuation of the bout markers.

The braking system

Depending on the application, hydraulic braking or twin-circuit air braking systems are available.

Primera DMC 6000-2/-2C: 40 km/h approval for quick road transport is possible, depending on the individual country traffic regulations.

Robust frame design

Primera DMC

The frame has been constructed with strength in mind so that the coulter modules with their parallelogram guided chisel opener units, together with the AMAZONE seed-fertiliser hopper, the pneumatic metering system, the Exact harrow and the Roller exact harrow can be combined into an absolutely reliable large area seed drill.

Drawbars for all linkages

Primera DMC

The narrow drawbar allows the operator to turn the machine on the spot, without the rear tractor wheels coming into contact with the drawbar. Optionally available: drawbars with different pulling eyes and a linkage drawbar with different cross shafts.

The hopper system – 3 hoppers for all sizes

Primera DMC

• Hopper capacity from 4,200 l: Primera DMC 3000/-C, 4500/-C, 6000-2/-2C and 9000-2/-2C
• Hopper capacity from 6,000 l: Primera DMC 9000-2C Super and 12000-2C
• Possible division of the hoppers via a partition wall for seed and fertiliser at a ratio of 3:1.
• Hopper capacity 13,000 l: Primera DMC 9001-2C and 12001-2C

• Pressurised hopper system with four hopper compartments for the simultaneous use with seed and fertiliser, from choice in a ratio of 3:1 or 1:1. The application of two fertiliser types and/or seeds at different rates is possible.

Extensions (optional):
• Primera DMC 3000/-C, 4500/-C, 6000-2/-2C and 9000-2/-2C: [3]800 l and 1,600 l (max. volumes 5,800 l)
• Primera DMC 9000-2C Super and 12000-2C: [3]1,200 l and 2,400 l (max. capacity 8,400 l)

• Quick change over from the seed version to seed/fertiliser application and vice versa.
• Spacious, accessible protective sieve against foreign objects. The hopper cover protects against dust and moisture.

The mechanical metering system for all Primera DMC

Primera Dosierwalzen

• Three different metering cassettes (large, medium, fine) ensure, as standard, the precise volumetric metering of the different seed and fertiliser types.
• Optionally available: metering cassettes for green manure, maize, sunflowers and for peas and beans.
• Quick exchange of the metering rollers without tools.
• Precise sealing of the metering housing by a slide.
• Easy to monitor – metering rollers are visibly well arranged.
• The seed rate setting is done on the infinitely variable Vario gearbox (maintenance-free) – proven by more than 150,000 – seed rates possible from 2 to 400 kg/ha.
• Tool-less set up of the metering units for calibration.
• Complete emptying of the hopper residues by the opening of a spring loaded flap.
• Sowing of all seeds – including vegetables – without the cumbersome conversion possible.
• All components are maintenance-friendly and arranged with good accessibly.
• Optionally available: additional mounting kit for maize and sunflower seeds at other row spacings (37.5 cm and 75 cm).
• Primera DMC 3000/-C, 4500/-C, 6000-2/-2C and 9000-2/-2C: [4]Optional on-board hydraulic system with integrated oil cooling to drive the blower fan.
• Primera DMC 9000-2C Super, 9001-2C, 12000-2C and 12001-2C: [4]Only with direct drive of the blower fan from the tractor.

Cassettes for individual metering units

Primera DMC – Dosierwalzen

Metering cassettes for different seed types
20 ccm: e.g. for phacelia, rape, stubble turnips
210 ccm: e.g. for barley, lupins, rye
600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat

Optional metering cassettes
7.5 ccm: e.g. for poppies
40 ccm: e.g. for flax, lucerne, oil radish, red clover
120 ccm: e.g. for millet, maize, mustard, sunflowers
350 ccm: e.g. for grass seed, wheat
660 ccm: e.g. for beans, peas, fertiliser
700 ccm: e.g. for beans, peas, soya, fertiliser (not for 12 m)

Distributor heads

Verteilerköpfe der Primera

Advantages of the distributor heads: outside of the seed hopper in view of the tractor driver. Seed hopper clutter-free and easily accessible. Monitoring the seed-fertiliser flow in the transparent distributor head cover. Optional with seed monitoring.

Electric metering drive and ISOBUS control

Primera DMC – Elektrischer Dosierantrieb und TwinTerminal

With immediate effect, AMAZONE offers the Primera DMC 3000/-C, 4500/-C, 6000-2/-2C, 9000-2/-2C, 9001-2C and 12001-2C chisel opener seed drill with fully electric metering and state-of-the-art ISOBUS control.

When equipped with the TwinTerminal 3.0, the calibration of the Primera DMC is done in no time and the cumbersome climbing up and down from the tractor cab is no longer necessary. The automatic headland control via Section Control (GPS-Switch) or the automatic seed rate matching can be specified as optional equipment, as can automatic track marker control, tramlining control and a water hole function for sowing with lifted coulters in wet hollows.

The basic documentation of the work done is stored directly on the machine. For further processing via a farm management information system, the job data can be made available in an ISO-XML format. The Primera DMC, in a 3 m to 6 m working width, can be operated via the AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals AmaTron 3, AmaTron 4 or Amapad. However, any other ISOBUS compatible ISOBUS terminal can be utilised for machine operation.

AMAZONE – more than just ISOBUS: Improved control, more yield! Precision Farming 4.0

ISOBUS Terminals

Our competence in electronics:
To increase the operational comfort, AMAZONE implements and operator terminals feature a function scope beyond ISOBUS standards.

The benefits of more than just ISOBUS:
• Highest compatibility and safety functionality of your ISOBUS equipment
• No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE is already equipped as standard with the necessary ISOBUS functions
• MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for instance, the machine data in the GPS view
• The possibility using the tractor terminal or in a twin terminal solution to separate the functionalities of tractor and connected implement
• Unique operation concept. Freely-configurable displays and individual user interfaces in the operator terminal
• Up to 3 user profiles are possible. Establish for every driver or operation an individual user profile!
• Freely-configurable machine operation as, for instance, the folding procedure of the booms of your AMAZONE crop protection sprayer
• Intelligent tractor-ECU function evaluation. Automatic motion sequence detection depending on the ISOBUS tractor, such as, for example the automatic switching on of the work lights or the locking of a steering axle when reversing.
• Integrated TaskController data logger. As a matter of principle, every ISOBUS telemetry solution is possible (for example, TONI telemetry from CLAAS).
• Freely-configurable part-width sections

Seed coverage with the Exact harrow

Primera DMC – Exaktstriegel

The Exact harrow levels the soil surface, working blockage-free, even where there are large quantities of straw. The individually-pivoting, harrow elements follow the ground contours, creating a uniform seed covering, straw-free, even in areas where copious amounts of straw prevail.

Additional consolidation with the Roller exact harrow

Primera DMC – Rollenexaktstriegel

The press rollers on the Roller exact harrow give additional consolidation to the ground directly above the seed furrows. This is especially recommended for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. The AMAZONE Roller bar can be quickly raised out of work and locked.

Attention: in moist & sticky soil conditions, practitioners recommend for today’s seed drills that use pressure or guide rollers, to isolate these rollers, to dismount them or to lock them in raised condition (out of work). This is only possible, however, if it is not also providing the depth control.

This is the crucial disadvantage of other systems, but with AMAZONE this problem is well solved!