ZA-TS mounted spreaders


Top features:

Amazone Anbaustreuer ZA-TS, Top Argumente:

+ Precise spread patterns of up to 54 m working width with up to 128 part-width sections
+ Maximum work rates with outputs of 650 kg/min and operational speeds of up to 30 km/h
+ The deep-drawn base hopper without edges and corners ensures the lowest residues and easy cleaning
+ Precise monitoring and control of the application rate via the 200 Hz weighing technology and tilt sensor
+ Soft Ballistic System pro (SBS pro) for an especially gentle handling of fertilisers and less fertiliser damage
+ AutoTS and ClickTS, the disc-integrated border spreading system, electric or manual
+ Electrically-driven and fertiliser protecting agitation system with automatic shut-off
+ Automatic adjustment of the lateral distribution via ArgusTwin – possibly the most comfortable way of spreading fertiliser
+ Compact, tight-fitting and operator-friendly roll-over hopper cover or simple swivel hopper cover
+ FertiliserService, top-class quality, unique service with more than 25 years’ experience

Outstanding design: mounted spreader with 4500 kg payload.

Amazone Anbaustreuer ZA-TS, Herausragend: Anbaustreuer mit bis zu 4500 kg Nutzlast

The benefits
• lightweight frame design with excellent rigidity
• optimised centre of gravity and yet plenty of space for hitching up
• Super frame: 3,200 kg payload, Cat. II linkage dimensions and fixing pins.
• Ultra frame: 4,500 kg payload, Cat. III linkage dimensions and Cat. II/III fixing pins.

The deep-drawn hopper

ZA-TS Grundbehälter

The base hopper has a volume of 700 l.
It is deep-pressed without corners, edges and weld seams ensuring the continuous and the even flow of the fertiliser. Also the cleaning of the spreader is made easy thanks to
this design.

Benefits of the design
• No corners and edges
• Even and constant flow of the fertiliser
• Less danger of bridging
• Corrosion resistant
• Simple cleaning procedure

The extensions: In two widths and many sizes

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-TS: Die Aufsätze in zwei Breiten und vielen Größen

For a subsequent increase in hopper capacity for the ZA-TS, AMAZONE offers for both the S and L base machines a suitable
bolt-on extension.
The volume of the extension is 600 l for S hoppers and 800 l for L hoppers.

Tronic – mechanical spreading disc drive

ZA-TS, Mechanischer Antrieb mit Tronic-Paket

With the Tronic version, the spreading discs are driven via the PTO shaft, with the spreader being protected from overload, as standard, via a PTO shaft with friction clutch. The input speed from the tractor PTO is transmitted via the central gearbox resulting in an increased spreading disc speed. This allows fertilisation at low engine revs across the maximum working width.

With the mechanically driven spreaders, either 8 or 16 partwidth sections are switchable, depending on the operator terminal.

Hydro – hydraulic spreading disc drive

The Hydro version makes operation possible irrespective of the tractor’s engine revs and with different spreading disc speeds. In this way, fuel is saved and a particularly comfortable and precise spreading is ensured. Also when border spreading, the spreader operates with different spreading disc speeds so that, both in the overlap range and also at the field’s border, the best possible lateral distribution can be achieved.

With the hydraulically-driven spreaders, between 8 and 128 part-width sections are switchable, depending on the operator terminal.

Soft Ballistic System pro

ZA-TS Soft Ballistic System pro

Mineral fertilisers require an especially gentle treatment to ensure a precise distribution and accurate transport to the crop. Fertiliser which has been already damaged in the spreader can no longer be reliably distributed.

As a safety feature, AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro is integrated as standard. This means that the agitator, metering components and spreading discs are all optimally matched thus protecting the fertiliser and ensuring better yields.

1. Gentle guidance
The electrically driven star agitators in the hopper bottoms ensure an even fertiliser delivery onto the spreading discs. The slowly rotating, star shaped segments of the agitator evenly deliver the fertiliser to the relevant outlet opening. When the delivery system is adjusted, the agitator star rotates as well so that it is always perfectly positioned above the aperture. The agitator switches off automatically when the shutter slide is closed.

2. Gentle delivery
Due to the delivery system, adjustment to the throwing width and throwing direction can be regulated. In addition, the working width can be adjusted each side individually by changing the disc speed. The fertiliser is fed on centrally at a low peripheral speed resulting in little fertiliser damage. The concentric delivery system adjustment results always in a gentle treatment of the fertiliser.

3. Gentle acceleration
With a standard disc speed from 600 rpm up to 900 rpm, the AMAZONE‘s Soft Ballistic System pro gently accelerates the fertiliser. Even fertiliser types with minimal breaking strength maintain their spreading properties and provide a clean, even spread pattern.

4. Gentle ejection
With the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System pro, as little energy as possible is given to the fertiliser for an optimum trajectory and a precise spread pattern. So, the spreading vanes are optimally adjusted to a laid-back position.

TS spreading system – Perfection in every component, like clockwork

ZA-TS Streuwerk

Composition of the TS spreading system
1) electric agitator drive
2) electric setting motor for rotating the delivery systems
3) electric setting motor for the fertiliser metering
4) delivery vane
5) boundary spreading vane
6) normal spreading vane
7) AutoTS actuation
8) electric setting motor for AutoTS including function check

Characteristics of the TS spreading system:
• High throwing width, still double-overlapping even at 36 m
• Integrated boundary spreading system
• High application rates (up to 10.8 kg/sec or 650 kg/min)

The agitator – soft-handling and gentle


The basic function of the agitator is to convey the fertiliser flow actively towards the outlet aperture so that a constant rate of fertiliser can be applied. Fertiliser lumps, which manage to pass the sieve, are, especially at low application rates, actively broken up via the star agitator which runs in the hopper bottom. If foreign objects reach the hopper tip and the agitator is subject to an overload, the relevant electric motor automatically reverses in combination with the relevant shutter slide and remedies the disturbance autonomously. The perfect teamwork of agitator and shutter slides becomes obvious on headlands or when spreading in wedges. As soon as one metering aperture is completely closed, the agitator above stops automatically. In this way the valuable fertiliser is protected from being ground up.

The benefits of electric agitation
• two slow-running, fertiliser saving agitators; turning at just 60 rpm
• which switch off automatically as soon as the shutter slide is closed, also just to the one side and independently of each other
• that reverse automatically when blocked by a foreign object
• active delivery of the fertiliser flow to the outlet aperture

Concentric delivery system adjustment

Amazone ZA-TS Einleitsystemverstellung

Via the delivery system, the fertiliser is gently fed-on extremely close to the centre of the spreading disc. At this point, close to the centre of the disc; the peripheral speed is low resulting in a particularly gentle treatment of the fertiliser. For setting the spreading unit to different working widths and types of fertiliser, the delivery system is swivelled (concentrically) around the centre of the discs. The distance between the feed-on point of the fertiliser and the centre of the disc always remains the same.

The swivelling of the delivery system provides you with a wide range of possible working widths; just three sets of spreading vanes cover working widths from 15 m to 54 m.

Electric setting motors – Ultra quick and precise!

A spreader which, due to the high application rates and operational speeds possible, explores new dimensions in terms of work rates and which, of course, needs to perform extremely precisely at the same time, requires setting motors that function extremely quickly and exactly. Especially in applications, such as the automatic on/off switching at the headland or in wedges, spreading using application maps or with the continuous on-board monitoring (ArgusTwin and WindControl), the setting motors ensure the highest level demands are met.

The brush unit – Clean transfer

ZA-TS, Bürsteneinheit

The bristles of the brushes which are fitted directly to the outlet apertures reach to the upper edge of the spreading vanes so that the fertiliser is safely delivered onto the disc.

Quantity effect-free metering aperture


If it is intended to spread a constant application rate it is necessary to match the size of the metering aperture to the prevailing operational speed. Thanks to the shutter slide, this task is fulfilled very quickly and sensitively. Due to the kidney-shaped design of the metering aperture, the spread pattern remains unchanged and precise, even at varying operational speeds so that the position of the delivery system does not require any adjustment.

Stage 1: Hopper aperture slightly open
Stage 2: Hopper aperture half open
Stage 3: Hopper aperture wide open

TS spreading discs: Spreading system made from stainless steel – For a long service life

ZA-TS Edelstahl

On the TS spreaders the entire spreading system is made from stainless steel providing a long service life.

The vane change system enables the quick and easy change of just the spreading vane tips. The ideal solution, for example, for agricultural contractors.

Between normal spreading and border spreading, different spreading vanes are activated via the so-called AutoTS system without the necessity to change spreading disc settings.

Hard-coated spreading vane

The spreading vanes are coated with a special long-lasting anti-wear protection. This is made possible by an especially hard structure to the metal. This finish is produced through a high-speed flame heating process that develops an ultra-hard coating to protect the spreading vanes against abrasive wear. Consequently, the result is a three-fold increase in lifespan.

Spreading vane sets
TS 1 = 15 m – max. 24 m
TS 2 = 21 m – max. 36 m
TS 3 = 24 m – max. 54 m

Optimised spread pattern

ZA-TS Streubild

Normal spreading
Via the adjustment of the delivery system, the feed-on point of the spreading material on to the spreading disc is changed and thus the spreading width and the lateral distribution are controlled. In addition, the working width can be set even more individually by changing the disc speed.

Three-dimensional spread pattern
The spreading unit has been developed using three-dimensional spread patterns so that a perfect lateral distribution of up to 54 m working widths is achieved. The large overlap zones ensure a perfect spread pattern and are significantly more consistent with regard to any the external influences such as a side wind, change in topography, humidity and changing fertiliser qualities.

Non-sensitive spread pattern via the multi-sectional spread fan

ZA-TS Multi-Streufächer

The specific shape and angling of the spreading vanes result in a multi-spread fan from the TS spreader unit. This means that the long and short spreading vanes do not influence the spread pattern to either side and an optimum trajectory is maintained.

AutoTS – comfortable and precise: Lateral distribution right up to the field’s border


The disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system enables the activation of the different border spreading procedures – side, border or watercourse spreading – comfortably via the Terminal in the tractor cab, irrespective of which side.

AutoTS - the ingenious principle

ZA-TS: Funktionsprinzip AutoTS

A setting motor twists the delivery vane forwards by approximately 10 ° so that, when border or watercourse spreading, the fertiliser is delivered via the shorter border spreading vanes. Due to the combination of disc speed and shorter vane, the fertiliser is thrown over a significant shorter distance without affecting it mechanically.

1) AutoTS – adjustment for normal spreading
2) AutoTS – adjustment of the delivery vane for boundary spreading

Border spreading with ClickTS

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-TS, Grenzstreuen mit ClickTS

As an alternative to having the AutoTS system on both sides that can be controlled remotely from the tractor cab, there is now the option of AutoTS just on the one-side alongside the manually-adjusted ClickTS on the other. ClickTS is possible on both sides as well.

Increased yield on the border thanks to AutoTS and ClickTS

AutoTS und ClickTS

The AutoTS and ClickTS border spreading systems generate a steep border spread pattern and thus the ability to provide the optimum growth conditions close to the field‘s border. Compared to other border spreading systems, a significant increase in yield is possible.

The AutoTS spreading system makes use of an automated rate reduction when boundary spreading with the spread rate setting in freely-selectable percentage steps. As the two spreading discs can be operated independently from one another, the change to one or both sides can be adjusted.

AutoTS border spreading system (green line)
Due to the shorter spreading vane, the fertiliser is limited in its spreading width.

Conventional border spreading systems (red line)
The mechanical deflection of the fertiliser causes damage to the granules which then drop next to the tramline.

AutoTS border spreading system (green line)
The fertiliser is undamaged and optimally distributed right up to the field border.

Conventional border spreading systems (red line)
This amount of damaged fertiliser is then missing from the border area resulting in under-fertilisation.

AutoTS border spreading system (green line)
Due to the reduced throwing speed of the fertiliser, only a few granules fall beyond the field edge.

Conventional border spreading systems (red line)
Not all the fertiliser granules are mechanically deflected so that some are clearly spread beyond the field’s border.

SafetySet – Integrated as standard

ZA-TS Safety Set

The SafetySet, which is fitted as standard equipment ensures improved safety. The outer guard tube fulfils the accident prevention regulations. Large marker boards to the rear and the lighting equipment ensure more recognisability in road traffic.

Calibration kit

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-V Abdrehvorrichtung

For the comfortable spread rate check without removal of the spreading disc, the lateral calibration kit, left or right hand side, is available.

Ladders that ensure a safe access

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-TS, Leiter zum sicheren Aufstieg

For optimum access to the hopper from outside, even on the narrow extensions, a ladder is available which can be fitted to the left and/or right hand side. For the wide L extensions though, ladders are provided to both sides as standard.

ISOBUS – Machine actuation in the digital age

One language, many benefits!
With every ISOBUS-compatible machine, AMAZONE offers state-of-the-art technology from the digital future with virtually unlimited possibilities. To what extent you make use of that potential lies solely in your own hands. It doesn’t matter whether for this purpose you utilise an operator terminal from AMAZONE or use an existing ISOBUS terminal. ISOBUS is a worldwide recognised communication standard between, on the one hand, operator terminal, tractor and connected implements and, on the other hand, agricultural office software.

Operation with any ISOBUS terminal

Which means that ISOBUS enables you to take control of all your ISOBUS compatible equipment. You just connect the machine with the relevant ISOBUS terminal and immediately the normal operator interface is displayed on the monitor screen in your tractor cab.

Benefits of ISOBUS:
• This worldwide standard provides a uniform interface and data exchange formats that ensure the compatibility even with third party manufacturers
• Plug and Play between machine, tractor and additional ISOBUS implements

Easy and comfortable!

Variable Mengenausbringung

Especially in operation, no matter whether via an operator terminal from AMAZONE or with your tractor terminal, one can experience how practically-oriented the machine software has been developed. In this way, for instance, a simple and clear division of the field menu and the setting menu provides a very easy and intuitive operation. Understandable operational symbols ensure clearness and a safe functionality.

AMAZONE – more than just ISOBUS: Improved control, more yield! Precision Farming 4.0

ISOBUS Terminals

Our competence in electronics:
To increase the operational comfort, AMAZONE implements and operator terminals feature a function scope beyond ISOBUS standards.

The benefits of more than just ISOBUS:
• Highest compatibility and safety functionality of your ISOBUS equipment
• No additional modules on the machine side. All ISOBUS machinery from AMAZONE is already equipped as standard with the necessary ISOBUS functions
• MiniView display with all AMAZONE terminals and additional ISOBUS terminals. See, for instance, the machine data in the GPS view
• The possibility using the tractor terminal or in a twin terminal solution to separate the functionalities of tractor and connected implement
• Unique operation concept. Freely-configurable displays and individual user interfaces in the operator terminal
• Up to 3 user profiles are possible. Establish for every driver or operation an individual user profile!
• Freely-configurable machine operation as, for instance, the folding procedure of the booms of your AMAZONE crop protection sprayer
• Intelligent tractor-ECU function evaluation. Automatic motion sequence detection depending on the ISOBUS tractor, such as, for example the automatic switching on of the work lights or the locking of a steering axle when reversing.
• Integrated TaskController data logger. As a matter of principle, every ISOBUS telemetry solution is possible (for example, TONI telemetry from CLAAS).
• Freely-configurable part-width sections

Spreader Application Centre: Exemplary advice – for more than 25 years

ZA-TS Streuhalle

With the Spreader Application Centre, AMAZONE offer even better customer service. In addition to the already well-established fertiliser laboratory and spreading hall, the Spreader Application Centre now also includes the areas of “Test and Training”, “Data management” and the relevant “Knowledge transfer”.

The two last areas are accompanied by a reorganisation that caters for the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture. The aim of the Spreader Application Centre is to offer to the customer an even better service with regard to fertiliser application.

FertiliserService – Only when properly spread is your fertiliser worth its weight in gold

ZA-TS Duengeservice

The AMAZONE FertiliserService closely cooperates with well-known manufacturers of spreading material – worldwide to be able to make available to you the best setting values as quickly as possible. AMAZONE is the name for precise spreading charts, worldwide.

The FertiliserService works beyond limits. Because no matter whether your fertiliser spreader is 5 or 50 years old, we are always by your side with competent and reliable assistance.

You can contact us via:
- Internet:
- E-Mail:
- Telefon: +49 (0)5405 501-111
- WhatsApp: +49 (0)175-488 9573

FertiliserService - also as App for iPhone and other Smartphones

Amazone DüngeService App für Android Smartphones oder iOS-Geräte

Our FertiliserService App has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

AMAZONE "SmartLearning" – the new way of driver training via a PC

AMAZONE „E-Learning“ – Das neue Fahrertraining

Via the Internet "SmartLearning" portal, AMAZONE has extended its service offering on its homepage with a very useful function. "SmartLearning" offers interactive driver training, which enables the driver to practice the operation of complex machinery on his own, both online and offline, via a PC or tablet. The new service offers drivers the possibility to get acquainted with a new machine prior to its initial operation. However, experienced drivers can also refresh their knowledge enabling them to utilise better still the full potential of their machinery.

Mechanical delivery system adjustment

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-TS, Mechanische Einleitsystemverstellung

Due to the quantity effect-free aperture, the ability to mechanically adjust the delivery system for the ZA-TS often is sufficient as the delivery system only requires moving when either the working width or the fertiliser type is changed. When varying spread rates and forward speeds no adjustment is necessary.

Optimum plant growth thanks to the correct nitrogen supply

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-TS, N-Sensor

Actually on-line sensors are the ideal tool for supplying the appropriate amount of Nitrogen. During fertiliser application, they measure the supply available at the plant. Within the restraints of the pre-determined values, the required amount of fertiliser for an optimum plant growth is then calculated.
Via the serial interface (RS 232) all ZA-TS spreaders with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and other compatible ISOBUS terminals offer an optimum access to all on-line sensors available in the market (e.g. YARA N-Sensor, FRITZMEIER ISARIA, CLAAS CropSensor, CropCircle, OptRx, GreenSeeker). Via the AMAZONE on-board computer, the calculated amount of fertiliser is directly entered in to control the machine. For documentation purposes, the actual applied amount of fertiliser applied is recorded.