ZA-XS H mounted spreader for road construction


The benefits at a glance


+ Even grit distribution especially thanks to the precise twin disc spreading unit
+ Easy, tool-less change of the machine settings
+ Easily-adjustable spread width limiter
+ Strong frame design with steep twin hopper for a continuous flow of the spreading material
+ Robust and strong design with high grade components
+ Easy filling thanks to the low design and a wide filling opening
+ Slowly rotating, maintenance-free oilbath gearbox

For road construction – simple and safe

Amazone Anbaustreuer ZA-XS H

The demands on the surface quality of the upper layer and the wearing layer of asphalt roads has increased. As a matter of principle, for instance, the tarmacadam layers have to be gritted to increase the initial grip of the new road surface. This grit measure provides the traffic safety and so here it is essential to evenly distribute the grit.
The AMAZONE ZA-XS H twin disc spreader is especially well suited for gritting road surfaces. When mounted to a road roller the grit is spread into the upper zone of the still sufficiently hot top layer and is then immediately rolled. This process is carried out either directly behind the finisher or, at the latest, after the first roller process.

No compromise!

Amazone Anbaustreuer ZA-XS H

- The important parts such as the hopper bottom, deflector plate, spreading vanes and the spread width limiter are all made from steinless steel
- Extremely corrosion-resistant cathodic dip painting process. 
- Also available in any RAL colours, for instance painted in corporate colours.