The AmaTron 3 - one for all


AmaTron 3

AMATRON 3 is AMAZONE’s new terminal that enables you to control and operate both AMAZONE implements, which are not yet ISOBUS capatible and also ISOBUS compatible machines of all makes. It combines the proven AMATRON+ characteristics and functionality in one clear housing with a new look. And the favourable price impresses! Thus AMATRON 3 is the ideal terminal for all those, who intend to supplement their current AMAZONE machinery range with some new ISOBUS equipped machinery in the future.

Due to its clear, simple  and logical handling and its back-lit keys, AMATRON 3 is especially operator-friendly. For monitoring the system, a high contrast and anti-glare display is utilised.The very compact dimensions of the computer mean little space is required in the tractor cab.

The functions GPS-Switch, GPS-Track and GPS-Maps are already pre-installed so that no additional software is needed. You can initially make use of these applications for 50 hours free of charge. Only then do you need decide if you wish any of them to be permanently activated.