ZG-B bulk fertiliser spreaders


AMAZONE Limiter border spreading system – keeping it green!

ZG-B Limiter

Side and boundary spreading are among the most important aspects of fertiliser spreading. The AMAZONE Limiter enables precise application of fertiliser right up to the edge of the field. It ensures optimal distribution and excludes over-spreading in areas that are not used for agricultural purposes. This is not only particularly economical, but also provides active environmental protection. The hydraulically-actuated Limiter is controlled comfortably and directly from the tractor seat.

The Limiter can be moved on a fixed frame within a generously dimensioned swivel range. This enables easy adjustment according to the function required (working width, side or boundary spreading, type of fertiliser).

The benefits:
• Non-stop spreading
• No interruption of work
• No climbing down from the tractor

1) Limiter border spreading system in working position
2) Limiter border spreading system raised out of work

Limiter in action

Amazone ZG-B Limiter

The Limiter is swung down into the spread fan. The lamellar block creates a change of direction for part of the fertiliser fan.

The result:
An optimal spread fan along the boundary.

Swivel hopper cover

Amazone ZG-B Abdeckschwenkplane

The swivelable hopper cover protects the fertiliser against mud and rain.

Hydraulic shutters

ZG-B Hydraulikschieber

Hydraulic shutters enable you to switch off each side individually, e.g. base fertilising. For spreading earth moist lime, dried chicken manure, dehydrated sewage sludge, etc., you can simply wind up the shutter and if necessary, lower the chain rake.

Specialist equipment

ZG-B Knochenmehlstreuscheiben

Spreading disc for bone meal complete with chain rake for an even material flow.

Spacious hopper

ZG-B, Großvolumige Behälter

The large hopper capacity means that filling times are reduced to a minimum. This enables a significant increase in the area output per working hour.

Calibration kit

Amazone ZG-B Abdrehvorrichtung

With the calibration kit, the flow rate of the fertiliser is checked. This means that the application rate can be accurately determined.

Weighing equipment

ZG-B Wiegeeinrichtung

Via the weighing system, the hopper fill level of your and the application rate is always in view. For the ZG-B Drive, the spreader can also be calibrated while stationary.

40 km/h approved

ZG-B, 40 km/h-Zulassung

Large warning signs and robust mudguards.

Transport box

ZG-B Transportbox

Plastic transport box offers a convenient way to transport the mobile test rig.

Funnel chute

ZG-B Trichterrutsche

Robust funnel chute – for the use with granulated fertilisers in conjunction with the OM spreading discs (ZG-B Special, ZG-B Super, ZG-B Drive).

Reversing camera

Amazone ZG-B Rückfahrkamera

The reversing camera offers additional safety when manoeuvring about the yard or in the field. The camera also offers night vision and a heated lens for maximum visibility

Weighing display

Amazone ZG-B Wiegeanzeige

Weighing display without regulation for determination of the hopper contents (only for ZG-B Special and ZG-B Super). The max. Speed in conjunction with the weighing system is 40  km/h.

Protective sieves

ZG-B Siebroste

Large protective sieves – the spreading system is optimally protected from stones or other foreign objects.

EasyCheck – Precise spreading made easy!


Digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution

Instead of testing trays, such as those found in the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight test mats made from rubber and the EasyCheck App for Smartphones. The test mats are positioned in pre-determined distances away from the tramline. Then the relevant tramlines are spread and the mats with the fertiliser granules laying on them are photographed via Smartphone. The App now compares automatically how much fertiliser has been collected on each test mat and sets the results of the individual rows to an average. In cases where the spreading results are not the optimum, the App suggests readjustments for the setting of the relevant fertiliser spreader.

For further information please see the EasyCheck instruction manual. You can download the App here. Supplement: Preferred implements for photo analysis for EasyCheck.