D9 6000 TC Combi trailed seed drill


The benefits at a glance

D9 6000 TC Top Argumente

Easy pulling and compact design and thus ideal for linking behind comparatively small tractors with little lift capacity
Large hopper, divisible for seed and fertiliser, ensures high acreage outputs
Separate Vario gearboxes for seed and fertiliser allow a quick and stepless adjustment
Lengthways transport system with 2.75 m transport width for more safety on the road
Safe and comfortable conditions when filling thanks to the wide loading board
Comfortable operation via hydraulic track markers and electric switch over of the tramline rhythms
Can be combined with GreenDrill 200 seeder box for sowing catch crops and for reseeding grass

Metering system

Amazone D9 6000-TC

The metering system for the D9 "Combi" has been further optimised with regard to delivery performance and lateral distribution. This is achieved by a combination of the 80 mm diameter Control seed wheel working in conjunction with the newly designed bottom flap and metering housing.

Because of the larger diameter of the toothed seed wheels, the seed is singled within the metering system over a longer period. An even drive to the seed wheel is ensured by the stepless Vario gearbox.

With the AMAZONE metering system, the seed wheels are filled mainly from above, similar to a cell wheel. This prevents any deviations between the calibration test and seed rate due to variations in the filling of the seed wheel.



Control seed wheels

Amazone D9 6000-TC

The combination of fine seed wheel (orange) and normal seed wheel (green) allows the application of seed rates from 3 to 400 kg/ha without changing the seed wheel. The conversion is done with a few hand grips. 

Vario-Control: Metering and calibration with the highest precision

Amazone d9 6000-TC

Via the infinitely variable, smoothly-running Vario gearbox, seed rates from 400 kg down to just 3 kg per hectare can be metered with the highest of precision. Needless to say that any seed type, such as rape, grass, cereals right through to peas and beans are also metered with that same degree of accuracy.
The stepless, smooth Vario gearbox is maintenance-free and easy to handle. For sowing rape the agitator shaft can be taken out of work by simply pulling out a lynch pin. With just a few quick-release handles the machine is ready for the calibration test.

Simultaneously applying fertiliser with D9 Combi

Amazone D9 6000-TC

An important innovation for many farms is the possibility to simultaneously apply fertiliser at the same time as the seed with the D9 "Combi". For this, the hopper is divided into two sections. 60 % of the hopper then can be filled with seed and 40 % with fertiliser. With this combination of seed and fertiliser, the metering is carried out via two Vario gearboxes. When turning at the headland the seed and fertiliser systems are automatically switched off via hydraulic clutches.
The divided hopper features mechanical fill level indication for seed and fertiliser and is comfortably covered against water and dust ingress with the aid of a roll-over cover

Electronics for more precision!

Sämaschine Amazone D9 6000-TC

The AMALOG+ operator terminal enables you to control the tramline switching and the tramline marking. The creation of tramlines is controlled via a sensor and the reprogramming to other tramline rhythms is easily done. The display shows you the working positions of track markers and tramline switching and in addition the area sown and the fill level of the seed- or fertiliser hopper.

Track marker for D9 Combi

Sämaschine Amazone D9 6000-TC

Hydraulic rams switch over the track markers of the D9 "Combi" from its operational position up to the normal vertical position, allowing the drill to sow up to the field's edge or for when negotiating obstacles. When switching over the track markers, the tramlining switchover goes on counting so that any tramlines are created in the desired rhythm. The track markers are protected by shear bolts against damage.

Seed embedment with the RoTeC Controll disc coulter


RoTeC Control coulters operate virtually wear-free.  Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won't block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.


RoTeC+ Control for the most ardous of operations

RoTeC Scheiben

For sowing operations on particularly large areas and in the most arduous of operational conditions, AMAZONE offers the RoTeC+ Control coulter. The disc diameter has been enlarged to 400 mm and is made from 4 mm thick, hardened boron steel. In this way, the wear is kept to a minimum and an already long service life is further extended.  For trouble-free sowing at high forward speeds and in heavy soils where there is plenty of straw, the coulter pressure has been increased to a maximum of 55 kg.
The row spacing is 12.5 cm or 16.6 cm.

RoTeC Control coulters: Proven by over 1,500,000 units!


The very even and exactly controlled depth guidance of the RoTeC Control coulter is achieved via the Control 10 depth guidance disc, with a contact surface of 10 mm, or the Control 25 depth guidance option with a contact surface of 25 mm. As this depth guidance is fitted on the side of the coulter, this principle operates with more accuracy than coulter systems with a following, rigidly attached separate depth guidance roller. The depth guidance discs or rollers provide the basic setting of the sowing depth easily and comfortably via the coulter pressure. If necessary a notched quadrant allows for the readjustment of the sowing coulter in 3 steps.

RoTeC Control coulters operate at a coulter pressure of up to 35 kg. In this case the actual effective coulter pressure is comparatively higher with AMAZONE, because the pressure is not distributed between the coulter and the following press roller, but acts solely on the coulter. When sowing rape, or early sowing in dry conditions, working with less coulter pressure is possible without any problem.

Row spacings of 12.5 cm and 15 cm can be chosen.

Quality and reliability

Amazone pneumatische Sämaschinen AD-P Special und AD-P Super, Rotec-Control

• A seed disc made from high grade, Boron steel
• Less aggressive angling for reduced soil movement
• Wear resistant, height adjustable polyurethane disc for depth limiting and cleaning
The large stagger between the rear and front coulter rows ensures blockage-free sowing even where large amounts of straw prevail. With only one cutting disc per coulter AMAZONE ensures – even at a 12.5 cm row spacing and mulch sowing at high speeds – a blockage-free material passage in between the coulters.

Seed coverage with the Exact harrow or with the Exact harrow S


The Exact harrow covers and levels the open seed furrow without blockage even with large amounts of straw present. With its individually pivoting harrow elements, the Exact harrow follows the undulations of the soil perfectly, ensuring an even seed coverage on soils either with or without straw.

The harrow pressure is centrally adjusted mechanically via two spindles. On the hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a pair of locating pins predetermines the minimum and maximum settings. This way both the harrow and the coulter pressure are linked together and so can, during operation, be adapted to changing soil conditions by the use of just one tractor control valve.

In conjunction with the RoTeC+ coulter, the 15 mm strong Exact S following harrow can be used. It gives little wear and provides good seed coverage even in most difficult of operational conditions.

Additional pressure with the roller bar

Sämaschine D9 6000-TC

The Roller harrow additionally consolidates the soil above the seed furrow resulting in the optimum germination conditions. This is recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. An undulating surface profile that reduces erosion is the result. The special advantage on offer is that the adjustment of the roller harrow pressure, completely independent from the coulter pressure.