Entam Prüfbericht

ENTAM - Test report
Amazone UF 1501 and UF 1801 
with Q-plus (15 m) and
Super-S (15, 18, 21, 24, 28 m) boom 
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AMAZONE UF mounted crop protection sprayer


Top features

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, Top-Argumente

+ Robust construction yet lightweight design
+ Light and smooth polyethylene spray agent tank with favourable centre of gravity
+ Sprayer boom in super light, super strong and super compact profile design
+ Outstanding boom suspension for an exceptional boom ride
+ Maintenance-friendly self-priming piston diaphragm pump which can run dry
+ Induction bowl with Power-Injector for quick, reliable and precise chemical fill
+ AmaSwitch individual nozzle switching – 50 cm part-width section control available as a special option
+ With the FT front tank, tank capacity can be increased up to 2,800 litres – for even higher work rates

ENTAM certification

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UF - Präzise, wirtschaftlich und umweltschonend!

AMAZONE field sprayers fulfil the demands of the crop protection regulations, the guide lines of the Julius Kühn Institute and the highest European test standards (ENTAM certification, D-1732). On request AMAZONE field sprayers are provided with an official certificate of inspection for field sprayers..


The benefits thanks to ISOBUS

Amazone - Ihre Vorteile durch ISOBUS

+ All AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers are certified to UT 2.0 in accordance with the AEF conformity test. This means that these AMAZONE machines can be operated via any terminal which is available on the market that has also been certified according to UT 2.0. In addition, with an ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence, AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be switched via a third-party ISOBUS terminal.

+ AMAZONE’s AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals and all AMAZONE ISOBUS machines support the AUX AEF functionality. This means, that, for instance, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be reprogrammed to suit an individual’s needs. So, any function is there, exactly where the operator wants it to be.

Just a few connections. Quick and safe.


With just a few hand clamps the UF is quickly and safely mounted onto the tractor. Sufficient space between tractor and sprayer ease the mounting.

Piston diaphragm pumps


The piston diaphragm pumps are able to run dry and are liquid fertiliser proof. Together with a high suction capacity the pump design ensures an evenly high delivery capacity and a smooth running of the pump even at high pressures. Available pumps with 160, 210 and 250 l/min. capacity. For the constant monitoring of the pump from the tractor cab the oil volume equaliser of the pump is within the view of the driver.



Quick and safe filling

Schnelles und sicheres Befüllen

The sprayer is filled via the 2" suction port with suction hose. The liquid delivery is carried out in such a way that - during the suction procedure - there is always clear water available on the induction bowl.

Fill level indicator


The fill level indicator can be read both via the pointer and also electronical via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal or the AMASPRAY+ on-board computer .

Clear and operator friendly

Amazone UF Bedienzentrale

All functions with just three operating elements: 
1) Vario-control pressure side for filling, inducting, spraying, internal cleaning and external cleaning
2) Quick emptying (option) for emptying the spray agent tanks with the aid of the pump
3) Agitator valve for the stepless adjustment of the agitator intensity via the self cleaning pressure filter. Integrated additional function: targeted emptying of the pressure filter
4) Vatio control suction side for sucking off the spray agent tank, the clear water tank or via the suction hose. Integrated additional function: Pressure free residual emptying and ventilation of the suction filter

Liquid circuit UF – logical and convenient

Flüssigkeitskreislauf Amazone UF

The liquid circuit of the UF-series has been optimised as to operator friendliness and minimal residual volumes. Cleaning of the partly filled tank is possible as well as the targeted emptying of the suction- and pressure filter prior to opening the filter housing.  

Induction bowl


The 55 litre induction bowl for quick and clean operation is easily accessible on the operater terminal front left. The power injector allows a high filling capacity. It is the same Profi induction bowl as on the UX trailed sprayer! Via the circuit ring line powdery agents and bigger amounts of urea are safely solved and at the same time inducted with big capacity. Three additional nozzles care for a splash free and effective induction.
Delivery and sucking off are infinitely variably settable.

Canister flushing

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UF: Kanisterspülung

For the problem free cleaning of spray agent canisters and for the full exploitation of the content the canister can be flushed with a rotation nozzle.With this nozzle the induction bowl itself can be cleaned when it is closed. A dead man's handle protects the user.

Infinitely variable, hydraulic agitation intensity

UF Hydraulisches Rührwerk

The intensiity of the agitation is infinitely adjustable in order to prevent foaming of the crop protection agent or to minimise residues.

Self cleaning pressure filter

Selbstreinigender Druckfilter

As standard the pressure filter is self cleaning. Via the agitator tap the targeted emptying of the pressure filter is also possible. In this way monitoring the filter without the escape of spray agent is possible, especially when the tank is filled.

Fresh water rinse tank


The 120 litre (901/1201) or 180 litre (1501/1801) fresh water rinse tank is located underneath the spray agent tank.  The good positioning seen in driving direction on the right hand side allows the simple filling at ground level. On request the fresh water rinse tank can also be filled via the filling port on the left hand side seen in direction of travel.

Internal and external cleaning

Amazone UF Behälterreinigung

The as standard available internal tank cleaning with one rotation nozzle allows a quick and effective cleaning. Smooth tank walls without nooks and crannies allow the safe function and simple monitoring.

Superbly strong yet at the same time superbly light

Gestänge in Flugzeugbauweise

Due to the special profile design AMAZONE sprayer booms are superbly strong yet at the same time superbly light. The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. For all application ranges and application rates the right nozzlesx are available, e.g. for the optimum coverage, for anti-drift or for liquid fertilising. 




3-fold shock absorbed suspension for the most arduous operational conditions

3-fach stoßgedämpfte Aufhängung Amazone UF

As standard all AMAZONE booms are equipped with
• springs and shock absorber pack for damping the vertical roll movements
• rubber buffer damping elements with ball suspension to damp down the horizontal yaw movements
• tension springs for the shock absorbed suspension of the entire boom

As standard also is hydraulic height adjustment and guide skids that results in the perfect boom guidance and thus, the accurate longitudinal and lateral distribution of the spray agent.

Boom design to perfection

Hydraulische Neigungsverstellung

In hilly terrain and with large working width electric tilt adjustment makes sense. The quick and precise tilting and return of the boom into the neutral position is possible via tractor control valves or the electro hydraulic function of the ISOBUS terminal. 
Both Q-plus and the Super-S series AMAZONE booms are JKI recognised and comply to the highest European demands on crop protection implements – compare that with others!

Maintenance-free and with a long service life


The decades of experience in boom design pay off: The conical hinge pin is the intelligent centre of a well thoughtout boom philosophy!
The boom pivots self-adjust against any play on the conical hinge pins and that ensures for the user an optimised boom function even after many years.
The standard use of stainless steel, the automotive-industry standard, cathodic dip painting process and the targeted use of plastics and aluminium are the perfect guarantee of a long service life. Exclusively from AMAZONE: All hydraulic connectors are always made from stainless steel!

Q-plus boom - 12 - 12.5 - 15 metres


The hydraulic folding is actuated via over-sized hydraulic rams. Included as standard: Hydraulic height adjustment, 3-fold shock absorbing suspension system and one sided, independent folding on the left hand side as viewed in direction of travel. 80 mm wide profiles provide excellent rigidity.
The Q-plus boom can immediately be folded out at half height. Folding in is possible in any desired height. Two control valves are required:
- One single acting control valve for height adjustment
- One double acting valve for folding in/out
- One double acting control valve for hydraulic tilt adjustment (option)

Q-plus boom with automatic locking and unlocking: The functions of boom folding and tilt adjustment can also be actuated via one tractor control valve with an optional electric changeover unit.
Also the manual folding out of the Q-plus boom is possible. The manual folding is actuated via powerful tensioning and pressure springs without locking catches. 


One-sided folding of the Q-Plus boom

Amazone: Einseitiges Einklappen des Q-Plus-Gestänges

As standard the Q-Plus boom can be independently folded in to the one side only which is the left hand side when viewed in direction of travel
As an option, the Q-Plus boom can be equipped with pre-select folding enabling the independent folding of both the left and right hand side individually. The pre-selection of these hydraulic functions is carried out electrically via AMASET+, AMASPRAY+ or the ISOBUS terminal.
When the boom is unfolded and in the working position, the boom that needs to stay folded out is then pre-selected on the control box. 

Super-S1 boom - 15 – 18 – 21 metres

Amazone, Anbaufeldspritze UF, Super-S1-Gestänge - 15 – 18 – 21 Meter

The highly-successful, vertically folding Super-S2 boom, in working widths from 15 to 30 m, is now supplemented by the new, more cost-effective Super-S1 boom. The new Super-S1 boom is available in working widths of 15 m, 18 m and 21 m.
The new boom section layout results in less hinge points allowing for a quicker folding process. Of course the usual robust profile design is maintained on these variants as well. Despite the individual sections of the Super-S1 boom being 50 cm longer in comparison to the usual Super-S2 boom, the transport height still is below 4 m. The compact transport width of 2.4 m is also maintained. Due to the new layout of the boom sections, the machine’s centre of gravity is closer to the tractor, allowing the use of smaller crop husbandry tractors. The Super-S1 boom in working widths of 18 and 21 m can be reduced to 15 m just by folding in the outer boom segment, thus providing more flexibility for farm overlapping applications and in regions with small fields.


Super-S2 boom - 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 21 - 24 - 27 - 28 metres


The Super-S2 boom folds fully automatically in and out via hydraulic rams. In the transport position, the boom sits compactly behind the tank with a transport width of only 2.40 m and a transport height of 2.95 m with a standard tractor. The multiple-folded steel profiles of up to 140 mm wide make the Super-S2 boom
simultaneously extremely robust and extremely light. The 3-fold shock absorbing boom suspension system, the hydraulic height adjustment and the elastic height skids ensure the perfect guidance of the Super-S2 boom with the right distance above the target surface.



Flexible thanks to hydraulic boom folding

Pre-select folding
The independent folding of each side utilising control valves on the tractor is possible via AMASET+, AMASPRAY+ and the ISOBUS terminal.

Profi fold is the electro-hydraulic actuation of the boom via an on-board oil circuit. The functions of height adjustment, folding in and out, independent one-sided folding, boom width reduction and tilt (Profi-fold I) can be, in this instance, easily actuated via the ISOBUS terminal or the multi-function joystick. Additionally, boom tip angling is also possible with Profi-fold II.

DistanceControl with 2 or 4 sensors:
For the Super-S booms in conjunction with Profi-fold I or II, fully automatic boom guidance using DistanceControl with 2 or 4 sensors is possible. Especially in heavily-differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it can happen that the boom, when equipped with 2 sensors, dips into the crop.
In this case the option to use four sensors will prevent this. The sensors are electrically connected in parallel and it is always the sensor that is closest to the target surface that is actuated.

More than just the solid core: Profiles made from high tensile steel

Mehr als nur ein harter Kern: Das Profil aus hochfestem Stahl

That what has been taken away from the boom’s weight is returned in efficiency. The clever lightweight design makes use of the material where it makes sense. For instance, aluminium for weight reduction at the outer boom sections of the Super-S2 boom, but not however, in the middle of the boom. There, high tensile steel is necessary so that the boom is kept rigid and in line and so spray errors due to vibration are prevented.

Less drift also at higher wind speeds

Weniger Abdrift auch bei höheren Windgeschwindigkeiten

With the air-assisted injector nozzles, crop protection agents can be applied with very little drift. They are
universally usable in all crops and all classifications. Because of the coarse droplet application, these nozzles can also be used in higher wind speeds. Nozzle protection tubes on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensure protection of the nozzles.
AMAZONE offers the agricultural sector a wide range of nozzles from agrotop, Lechler and TeeJet.

Single and multiple nozzle bodies

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX, Einfach- und Mehrfach-Düsenkörper

The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. The triple or quad  nozzle bodies are suited to frequent nozzle changes due to different applications and crops. Nozzle protection tubes, as standard on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensures protection for long injector nozzles and multiple nozzle bodies.

Injector nozzles (ID, TTI) have a relatively coarse droplet spectrum and are particularly versatile with regard to their field of application. A pressure range of 2 to 8 bar is possible.

If coverage quality is at the foreground of the application, the use of standard or anti-drift fine droplet nozzles, such as XR or AD, is recommended. Special care is required here due to the tendency to drift above 3 bar.

A good compromise is provided by the modern ID-K or Airmix compact injector nozzles. These have relatively little drift, but do not have too coarse a droplet spectrum and are operated at 2 to 4 bar.

When it comes to special coverage qualities the double flat fan nozzle is an interesting alternative. The AVI Twin from agrotop also produces droplets that are not too fine.

The split spray pattern ensures a more even deposit on the front and back of the plant and and is an interesting alternative in many applications.

For speeds greater than 10 km /h, the TD HiSpeed nozzle with its asymmetrical spraying angle is becoming a new industry trend.

Safe and compact

UF_0108 Straßentransport

Exemplary overview in road transport. Where the tractor can pass the Super-S boom can pass as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage. Thanks to the compact design the reduction of the front axle load is smaller than at a plough of the same weight.

Precise, economical and environmentally friendly

UX Feldspritze

AMAZONE crop protection sprayers fulfil the demands of the crop protection decree, the guide lines of the Julius Kühn Institute and the highest European test standards (ENTAM certification). On request AMAZONE crop protection sprayers are provided with an official certificate for crop protection Sprayers.