Archive of the year 2012

FertiliserService App already has more than 10,000 users

DüngeService App für Smartphones

Up until now, Amazone is the only fertiliser spreader manufacturer who offers a FertilierService App for Smartphones. In the meantime, more than 10,000 users have already downloaded this App onto their Smartphone.

Catros Pro-Pack for slurry incorporation

Das Catros „pro-Paket“ - neue Sonderausstattung für den Gülleeinsatz

This pack is now offered as a special option for the  models - Catros 5001-2 and Catros 6001-2.

Cenius mulch cultivator: new models and new specifications

Mulchgrubber Cenius: Neue Varianten, neue Ausrüstung

Amazone has extended its range of three row Cenius mulch cultivators with the new, trailed Cenius-T model.

More than 5,000 professional visitors as guests of Amazone

Amatechnica 2012

During the international “Amatechnica 2012“ field day the visitors made the best use of a wide ranging and informative programme.

Amazone now officially is a Selected Location 2012

Amazone ist ein „Ausgewählter Ort 2012“

BoniRob autonomous field robot project awarded for its contribution towards the future capability of Germany

Remembering the 150th birthday of Heinrich Dreyer

Heinrich Dreyer 150 Jahre

25th March, 2012 was the 150th anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Dreyer, founder of Amazonen-Werke. Please read the information on his lifework.

FertiliserService App now also for Android Smartphones

DüngeService App jetzt auch für Android Smartphones

The FertiliserService App from Amazone is now also available for the Android operating system and can be downloaded free of charge via the Android marketplace.

Prof. h.c. Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinz Dreyer celebrated his 80th birthday

Prof. h.c. Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinz Dreyer

On the 19th February 2012, Prof. h. c. (SAA Samara) Dr. Dr. h. c. Heinz Dreyer celebrated his 80th birthday.

Improving visibility with the aid of cameras and monitors

Die Kamera BE-800C wird durch eine aktive Infrarot-LED unterstützt, ist wasser- und staubdicht ausgeführt (IP68) und beheizt.

To ease operation with front and rear mounted implements on tractors, Amazone offers as special optional equipment the Brigade camera system.

'New Amazons' for the country

„Neue Amazonen“ für das Land

Now they are omnipresent – the new „Amazones from Amazone“. Very charmingly they represent the still young Amazone traditional branch.