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09 May 2016

Going ‘Hand-in-Hand’ with Amazone will save you £’s

Using a power harrow / drill combination to establish your cereal crops? Well you may be interested to know that it is fifty years ago this very year since Amazone put together the world’s first ever PTO-driven drill combination.

Based on the RE reciprocating harrow, a 420 mm tooth packer roller (also a first in the market) and a D4 seed drill, the new drill combination revolutionised crop establishment back in the late 1960’s. The benefit of the combination was the removal of the multiple wheelings created by both the cultivation tractor and the drilling tractor. Prior to putting together the drilling and cultivating operations, the width of the cultivator did not necessarily match up with the width of the drill and so this led to numerous sets of wheel marks across the field. The seedbed was notoriously left too loose as the simple depth gauge rollers - or no roller at all, just a depth wheel - found on the back of a cultivator struggled to give adequate consolidation prior to drilling which led to patchy germination, erosion, frost damage over winter and potential slug issues.

The 420mm tooth packer found on the back of the RE Typ 30 reciprocating harrow consolidated at the end of its teeth as well as some of weight being carried on the centre barrel and so gave a much deeper firmness that was ideal for drilling into. The RE harrow was very short-coupled allowing the relatively small tractors from that era to comfortably handle the weight of the drill combi. The D4 corn drill with suffolk coulters and following harrow was yet to be fitted with a tramline system; this did not materialise until the early 1970’s and which was yet again an Amazone first.

This drill combination was to take the arable farming world by storm with the system soon becoming the norm when it came to cereal crop establishment. Fifty years on, and although the drill combinations are somewhat more sophisticated, the principle lives on. These days we are using a rotary harrow or rotary cultivator to get better seedbeds on heavier soils than was possible with the RE, and the 420mm tooth packer roller has been replaced by strip-wise consolidating KW wedge ring rollers that target the firmness just to where the seed lies to get better seed soil/contact and better planting depth control. Over the years, the system has been fine-tuned to run in both clean, plough-based seedbeds as well as min-till scenarios with the introduction in the 1980’s of a roll disc coulter, the fore-runner to the RoTeC or RoTeC pro single disc coulter found on the current generation of drills. Gravity drills, such as the D4, have mainly given way to air due to the simplicity of calibration and ease of hopper emptying and drilling speeds have climbed exponentially with drill combinations comfortable these days working at 16 km/h. Hopper capacities go up to 2000 litres and control systems now feature in-cab push button calibration and on-the-move seed rate adjustment via GPS-controlled VRA maps.

To celebrate this golden jubilee of the drill combination, Amazone would like to introduce you to their ‘Hand in Hand’ promotion which is available throughout the summer and autumn seasons. ‘Hand in Hand’ means additional substantial savings across all the different formats of drill. Whether a D9 in combination with a KE Special rotary harrow on a piggy-back Liftpack system, or the state-of-the-art ISOBUS 4m AD-P Super pneumatic high-speed system behind a KG 4000 Super rotary cultivator utilising the new RoTeC pro coulter designed to plant straight into stubble without blinking. You can now save up to £750 per metre of working width depending on the model purchased.

To find out more about all of these exciting savings potentially on offer, then download the ‘Hand in Hand’ leaflet. If you are looking to upgrade to a new Amazone power harrow/packer roller/drill combination ready for this autumn then look no further and get the cream of the Amazone range for less.

* Team Bonus plus VAT is only applicable on the purchase of a new seed drill combination, consisting of AMAZONE soil tillage implement, packer roller and seed drill. This offer is available only to individual customers. For a binding quotation, please contact your AMAZONE dealer. This campaign is valid from 1st May, 2016 until 31st October, 2016 (delivery of the seed drill combination must be in 2016). The terms and conditions indicated in this offer are not binding and cannot be used in conjunction with any other campaign!