DynamicSpread update for ZA-TS SectionControl means up to 128 sections

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07 October 2016

The Precision Farming Event takes place this year on October 18th at the Newark Showground and Amazone Ltd, who you can find there on Stand 10, will use the opportunity to launch their new DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control system. Of course, the ZA-TS and ZG-TS ISOBUS fertiliser spreaders from Amazone feature a multiple part-width Section Control as standard. This function can be actuated either manually or automatically via the Section Control software and, up until now, the maximum number of part-width sections has been 16 which are, when operated in combination with the AMAZONE GPS-Switch Section Control software, controlled automatically.

However, for those users who wish to spread even more precisely in wedge-shaped fields, in short work or around obstacles, AMAZONE has developed an innovative new DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control for the ZA-TS Hydro mounted and the ZG-TS Hydro trailed spreaders. The system is based around newly-developed software for the job computer on either model of fertiliser spreader. In combination with GPS-Switch through the AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD terminals from AMAZONE, the new software is able to switch 64 or 128 part-width sections, resulting in a dynamic matching of both the spread width and the spread rate to the field shape. With a choice of 64 or 128 part-width sections, DynamicSpread significantly exceeds the currently available ISOBUS standard, meaning that although this high number of part-width sections is always possible with AMAZONE terminals, some ISOBUS terminals from other manufacturers could, however, possibly only actuate much fewer part-width sections

The basic design of the ZA-TS Hydro and ZG-TS Hydro fertiliser spreaders has been already designed around the high accuracy of the dynamic part-width Section Control as the spreaders feature a combination of an electrically-adjustable delivery system and hydraulically-driven spreading discs that can be adjusted independently of each other to either the left or right hand side. In this way, the working width and spread rate can be adapted precisely and quickly to varying field shapes.
The most important benefit of DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control is the additional increase in precision meaning even greater savings on fertiliser. So, spreading fertiliser in wedge shaped fields and in short work, as well as around obstacles, is thus further enhanced; the benefits becoming bigger the larger the working width of the spreader is, the higher the operational speed is and the more variable the field shapes are.

To find out more then visit us on Stand 10 where there will be a complete layout of ISOBUS controlled drills, spreaders and sprayers and you can catch up with the experts and get those questioned answered on all Precision Farming matters.