New electronic controls for E+S salt spreaders

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08 November 2016

As air temperatures drop and the first frosts and snow of the year arrive then grit spreading begins in earnest with the sight of spreaders becoming commonplace in towns and cities across the country. The vast areas of car parks, rights of way, parks, shopping centres and pedestrianised town centres are all in need of treatment to help the inhabitants go about their daily business with safety and here salt and grit spreading with compact tractors or specialist vehicles is the only solution.

The E+S range of salt and grit spreaders has always offered impressive serviceability with its stainless steel hopper tip and the patented spreading assembly that can be removed for maintenance in seconds. Drive to the spreading disc is via the tractor PTO or hydraulic drive. The steep hopper walls ensure that any type of spreading material will flow out onto the spreading disc and the spreading mechanism can be set without tools to spread to the left, right or centrally across the back of the tractor. This means that the spreading material can be thrown out across the pavement whilst running along the kerbside in either direction.

The E+S, up to now, is controlled for application rate by means of a mechanical stop and the on/off for the spreading operation via a tractor spool valve; the width of throw being set via the manual adjustment of the stainless steel spread width limiter. The limitations of this system is that if more material is needed just for a few yards then the operator has to dismount and make the adjustment. Now for the 2016 winter season the E+S is offered with three levels of electric control:

EasySetE+S Special
The new in-cab EasySetE+S terminal can be used to switch on the spreading operation as well as being able to adjust the spread rate including a ‘+100%’ button that gives an immediate boost to the output for those badly affected areas of ice and snow. The optional hopper-mounted LED work lights can also be switched on and off via the in-cab control box.

The full EasySetE+S system offers all of the above plus the ability to alter the spreading width electrically also from the tractor seat via a second electric actuator for added convenience and flexibility. The driver, by being in control of the spreading width, gets maximum impact of the spread material by concentrating it on the paved areas and not putting it in the flowerbeds!

The other advantage of the system is the simplified mounting of the machine to the tractor; just one cable connected into the cab is required for all the functions on the spreader with no need for messy hydraulic connections, etc.

AmadosE+S speed-related spread rate control
Where a more exact regulation of spread rate is important then the state-of-the-art AmadosE+S not only relieves the stress on the operator by making the use of the machine more comfortable but also gives improved flexibility. The desired application rate is entered into the control box in the cab and this is maintained irrespective of forward speed by the electronic actuation of the shutter slide enabling the tractor speed to be optimally matched to the conditions and thus a safer environment when working in built-up areas.

This is where the electronic regulation system really comes into its own; if road conditions open out to the level where it is possible to travel faster then, no problem, the driver just changes gear. When the working width of the spreader is reduced to suit the street width then the electronics recognise that fact and reduce the aperture size accordingly, thus ensuring that the application rate stays the same; in other words the system is ’clever’.

With this degree of functionality, the new electronically regulated AmadosE+S takes the exact application of salt and grit to a new level and, at the same time, also minimises waste and so cuts the cost of application, important in these days of restricted budg-ets. Savings of up to 30% are possible by better control of where and when the material is being spread.

Importantly though, the E+S is not just a tool for winter application but can also be used year-round for other duties, whether, for example, mineral fertiliser application, top dressing or the spreading of sand on sports pitches.