LIMITER Edition: 100 years - 100 % discount

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04 October 2017

100 years - 100 days - 100 % discount off an Amazone border spreading system

In these days of increasing tramline widths, the area around the field boundary adds up to a fairly substantial strip and so maximising the yield on that first pass with the spreader can make a big difference when it comes to profitability. Amazone pioneered boundary spreading back in the 1980’s with the introduction of the TeleSet border spreading disc on their then revolutionary ZA-U twin disc spreaders. Of course, in those days, one had to get off the tractor to change the disc over and then back again; and it wouldn’t be the first time that a few people went up and down a few tramlines with the border disc still fitted in error before realising it and swopping it back! Then, in 2000, we saw the introduction of the Limiter M which offered a system of preventing the fertiliser going into the hedge bottom by use of a hydraulically-actuated lamella box fitted to the side of the spreader. This baffle system shot the fertiliser back around the corner thus curtailing the sideways throw. The huge benefit was that the Limiter could be lowered down into the spread fan remotely from the tractor cab and so offered additional comfort and convenience in relation to the old border disc solution. Modern electronics then gave us the ability to reduce the application rate on that side so as to prevent overdosing whilst spreading up against a water-course or roadway, the so-called “eco-settings” and thus conforming to EN13739. However, the new Limiter V+, as found on the ZA-V, has brought even more flexibility with its ability to electrically raise and lower from the seat a new open shape of lamella box in 100 steps and so again offering the ability to control the spread pattern from the tractor seat.

The use of hydraulically-driven spreading discs, which came with introduction of the ZA-M Profis Hydro and Ultra Profis Hydro, again in the noughties, meant that instead of mechanically preventing the spread of fertiliser sideways by limiting its throw by mechanical means, the disc could be slowed down from the cab and so the fertiliser was not thrown as far in the first place. The speed of each individual spreading disc could be altered separately so that the spread pattern up to the border could be fine-tuned on the move taking into account side winds and topography.

The border disc principle, which offered a shorter spreading vane spinning at a high speed, produced one of the most accurate cut-offs up against the hedge side and so, if the necessity to get off the tractor to change the disc could be avoided, the system had enormous advantages – hence the new ZA-TS spreader range. The ZA-TS, or its trailed big-brother, the ZG-TS, gave us just that; wide, flat, over-lapping spread patterns but then, at the press of a button, it can open up the main spreading vanes and let the fertiliser off a shortened border spreading vane early to give a sharp-flanked pattern right up to the field side – which is again fine-tuneable from the tractor seat – a win-win solution all round.

So 100 years after the first 2.5m wide, type Michel worm auger spreaders were being pulled by horses, we are now offering 54 metre wide spreading at 30 km/h, DynamicSpread 128 section automatic shut-off via GPS, automatic calibration via the twin 200 Hz weigh-cells with built-in tilt sensor, GPS site-specific spreading via VRA application maps, the ArgusTwin radar spread pattern monitoring system that maintains the spreader accuracy irrespective of changing fertiliser quality, topography or driving style, WindControl that senses the wind speed and direction and then automatically alters the spread pattern to compensate, etc., etc. - the technology is all there, well-tested and very practical.

To get the full lowdown on the 100 year history of the AMAZONE spreader then click here

To help get you started on this journey to ensure that you get the best return on your investment in fertiliser, we are giving away an in-cab border spreading system irrespective of the model and tramline width desired. With the ZA-X, ZA-M and ZA-V models, up until December 1st, all spreaders purchased with receive a LIMITER absolutely free or, if choosing a ZA-TS or ZG-TS, then the extra for AutoTS system will be included in the price, a saving of roughly £1,000 at retail on most models.

So talk to your dealer right now and find out which one of the extensive range of spreaders will suit your farming enterprise and then reap the benefits next harvest when you drive the combine round the field boundary. There won’t be an offer like this for another 100 years, so make the most of it!