Get a ZA-M ecoSPECIAL for just £4,950

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01 January 2019


Irrespective of the amount of fertiliser being spread on a farm, it is an expensive commodity that needs to be accurately applied. The ZA-M range of spreaders has been at the forefront of fertiliser spreading on British farms for decades and the simple mix of gentle fertiliser handling with the SBS – Soft ballistic System – and the high quality components made from stainless steel and plastic make it both easy on the fertiliser and easy on the pocket.
For those growers looking at 36m plus tramlines, maybe automatic SectionControl on headlands, plus 3 or 4 tonne hopper capacities, then the new ZA-V and ZA-TS spreader ranges offer the higher levels of technology. However, with a payload of 1800 kgs and for those just wishing to carry 3 x 600 kg bags and calibrate either manually or via an on-line weighing system then the ‘Best Buy’ currently is either the limited edition ZA-M ecoSPECIAL or ZA-M Profis ecoSPECIAL.

Offer 1
ZA-M ecoSPECIAL: the deal includes road lights, guard rail, calibration kit, OM 10-16 spreading discs, half-side hydraulic shut-off, TS 5-9 left hand border spreading disc, two S500 hopper extensions and a folding hopper cover.
This spreader comes at an exceptional ‘on farm’ price of £4,950 + VAT and still enjoys interest free finance*

Offer 2
ZA-M Profis ecoSPECIAL: here the deal also includes road lights, guard rail, calibration kit, OM10-16 spreading discs, hydraulic half-side shut-off, two S500 hopper extensions and a folding hopper cover. Plus, on the weigh-cell offer, a Limiter MR in-cab actuated border spreading device and the Profis weighing system, which comes with an AMATRON 3 in-cab terminal, tractor base equipment and a 7 pin speed signal cable included. The AMATRON 3 can be used with other AMAZNE equipment.

This spreader is available at just £9,950 + VAT ‘on farm’ and again with interest-free finance*

To make the most of these special offers, then please ring the ecoSPECIAL hotline on 01302 755725 or contact your dealer for more information.Offer ends June 30th 2019


*Interest-free finance subject to terms and conditions, go to the Amazone Finance web page for more details