Press archive of the year 2016

Amazone introduces the new Cayros mounted reversible ploughs

Amazone stellt neue Cayros Anbaudrehpflüge vor

With the takeover of the plough factory from Vogel & Noot, Amazone has further expanded its range of ploughs. The new Cayros mounted reversible ploughs, in their green-orange colour, are now being shown for the first time at various international exhibitions.    

DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control for Amazone fertiliser spreaders

Dynamische Teilbreitenschaltung DynamicSpread für Amazone-Düngerstreuer

For users who wish to spread their fertiliser even more precisely in wedge-shaped fields, in short work or around obstacles than with 16 part width sections, AMAZONE has the DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control.   

Christian Dreyer elected as new Chairman of the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association

Amazone: Christian Dreyer einstimmig zum neuen Vorsitzenden des VDMA Landtechnik gewählt

The manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors organized in the VDMA unanimously elected the 52-year old CEO of Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG as the successor of Dr. Hermann Garbers.

Amazone purchases Vogel & Noot plough production

Amazone kauft Pflugproduktion von Vogel & Noot

The Amazone Group has purchased the plough production facility of the company Vogel & Noot based in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary.   

Hydraulically-actuated offset slide for Catros compact disc harrows

Amazone: Hydraulische Verschiebeeinheit für Kompaktscheibenegge Catros

To further simplify the setting of the disc offset on the Catros/Catros+ 3001 and 3501 non-folding compact disc harrows, Amazone now also offers the option of a hydraulic actuation for this slide system

New: Disc roller added to roller options on passive soil tillage equipment

Amazone Disc-Walze als Nachläufer für die passive Bodenbearbeitung

The new roller has been designed in particular for operation on heavy, moist soils. The basic design of this roller consists of enclosed welded steel dishes with serrated outer rims mounted in pairs.   

Cirrus 6003-2 now with the option of TwinTeC+double disc coulters

Amazone Säkombination Cirrus 6003-2 jetzt auch mit TwinTeC+-Doppelscheibenscharen

Cirrus 6003-2 is the first seed drill from Amazone, which can be equipped on choice with either the renowned RoTeC single disc coulter or with the new TwinTeC+double disc coulter system.


Amatechnica 2016: 6,000 professional visitors have been guests of Amazone

Amazone Feldtag Amatechnica 2016

It has now become the tradition for Amazonen-Werke to hold their "Amatechnica" field day roughly six months after Agritechnica.

increased flexibility with the XTender rear tank

Amazone Heckbehälter XTender: Mehr Flexibilität für Bodenbearbeitung, Düngung und Saat

With the new XTender, AMAZONE introduces a flexible tank system for use with its passive soil tillage range. The rear tank offers the possibility to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed in combination with the soil tillage implement.

New at Amazone: 4 m Cirrus folding trailed cultivator drills

Neu bei Amazone: Geklappte 4 m-Säkombination Cirrus

With the new models Cirrus 4003-2 and Cirrus 4003-2C, Amazone has supplemented its series of Cirrus trailed cultivator drills with addition of two further models. Both machines are ISOBUS compatible and are fully AEF certified   

Amatechnica: big field day at Amazone

Großer Feldtag Amatechnica bei Amazone

Amazonen-Werke invites you to Amatechnica 2016 on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016. This international field day will again take place in the area surrounding the Amazone factory in Hasbergen-Gaste.

2015: Amazone - strong despite the weak market situation

Amazone - Luftbild Hude-Altmoorhausen

In the 2015 financial year the Amazone Group achieved a turnover of 402 million € (excluding trading turnover), meaning that Amazone has performed well despite of the declining markets   

UF mounted sprayer: now also in a 30 m boom width

QAmazone:UF-Anbauspritze jetzt auch mit 30 m Arbeitsbreite

As a further expansion to the UF mounted sprayer range, Amazone now also offers the Super-S2 boom in a 30 m boom width.

Amazone Group donates 35,000 Euros towards the World Hunger Aid ('Welthungerhilfe') Project.

Amazone-Gruppe spendet 35.000 Euro für Welthungerhilfe-Projekt.

This donation means that further measures towards the realisation of the project "Sustainable integrated agriculture" in the Indian federal states Jharkhand and West Bengal can be implemented.

AmaSelect: 50 cm part-width sections help reduce chemical usage in crop protection

Amazone, AmaSelect: Pflanzenschutzmittel sparen mit 50 cm-Teilbreiten

On offer now from Amazone is the electric AmaSelect individual nozzle control with 50 cm part-width sections and which is available for the UX trailed sprayer and the Pantera self-propelled sprayer.   

DistanceControl plus: Automatic boom guidance with 4 sensors

Amazone DistanceControl plus: Automatische Gestängeführung mit 4 Sensoren

DistanceControl plus is equipped with  two sensors on each half of the boom, resulting in an improved and reliable boom guidance   under more difficult conditions.