Max-Eyth commemorative medal for Dr. Eng. Rainer Resch

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In November, 2017, on the occasion of the 75th international Land.Technik AgEng conference in Hanover, Dr. Eng. Rainer Resch, from Amazonen-Werke, enjoyed a very special award. The chairman of the VDI faculty, Max-Eyth Society for Agricultural Engineering (VDI-MEG), Professor Peter Pickel, awarded Dr. Resch with the Max-Eyth commemorative medal from the VDI along with a certificate of honour.

At AMAZONE, Dr. Resch, as member of the board of general management, is responsible for research and development and the Max-Eyth commemorative medal was awarded to him in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the development and introduction of innovative products for fertilisation and crop protection and his commitment to the realignment of seeding technology and soil tillage, especially in the field of plough development. His skills in the introduction of new methods of Precision Farming as well as in the optimisation of research and development processes within the Amazone group were further appreciated.

The Max-Eyth commemorative medal
The Max-Eyth commemorative medal was donated in 1950 by the Max-Eyth Society for Agricultural Engineering. It recognises outstanding individual achievements, which are a historical component of agricultural machinery development. In 1995, the Max Eyth commemorative medal was transferred over to become a VDI award as part of the merger between the Max Eyth Society for Agricultural Engineering and the VDI Society for Agricultural Engineering.