Crushboard or eradicators, the choice is yours

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14 February 2019

For the Catros Special and CatrosXL compact disc harrows in working widths of 3 m, 3.50 m and 4.00 m, AMAZONE now optionally offers a front mounted frame with Crushboard. This option makes these compact disc harrows ideally suited to seedbed preparation as the Crushboard achieves a strong crumbling and levelling effect. However, also during stubble cultivation, this version offers certain advantages, such as, for instance, where the Crushboard knocks out the rape pods thus strongly stimulating the volunteer rape seeds to germinate. Also rape, sunflower and maize stubbles are pushed over so that subsequent straw rotting is promoted.
The front mounted frame is mounted in front of the discs and so the Crushboard can be adjusted irrespective of the working depth. The adjustment of the working depth – and thus also the aggressiveness of the Crushboard – can be carried out, from choice, either mechanically or hydraulically on the move. With the hydraulic adjustment option, the driver can match the setting to the relevant conditions, conveniently from the tractor seat and is assisted by the easily-visible scale. As an alternative to the Crushboard, the front mounted frame can be also equipped with wheel mark eradicators, which can, on pressure sensitive soils, help to alleviate the tractor wheel tracks once more.