Crop protection technology

UF mounted crop protection sprayer

Anbaufeldspritze UF

Tank capacities of 900 to 1,800 litres. Boom working widths from 12 to 30 metres.

UF mounted sprayer with integrated front tank

Fronttank-System für Anbaufeldspritzen UF

The combination with the FT 1001 front tank increases the capacity of the UF mounted field sprayers by 1,000 litres up to 2,800 litres.

UG trailed crop protection sprayer

Anhängefeldspritze UG Nova

Large tank capacities 2400 up to 3200 litres. Boom sizes 15 up to 28 metres.

UX trailed crop protection sprayer

Anhängefeldspritze UX

Tank sizes from 3,200 to 6,200 litres, booms in working widths from 15 to 40 metres.



UX 11200 trailed crop protection sprayer

UX 11200

With the UX 11200, AMAZONE now offers a 12,000 l sprayer with tandem axle where there is an especially high demand on increased work rates


Pantera 4502 self propelled crop protection sprayer

Pantera 4502

Tank size 4,500 litres. Boom working widths from 24 to 40 metres.

GPS-Switch - automated part width section switching


GPS-Switch in conjunction with a GPS receiver allows the instantenous switching (on/off, part width section switching) of AMAZONE crop protection sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, and pneumatic seed drills.

20 years Super-S boom

20 Jahre Super-S-Gestänge

The development of crop protection implements at AMAZONE and the interview in detail with the inventor.