Amazone RoTeC coulters – in use more than 1.5 million times over

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An Amazone innovation enjoys a very special anniversary with 1.5 million RoTeC single disc coulters now in use. And, at a standard row spacing of between 12.5 cm and 16.6 cm, this would correspond to a total working width of over 200 kilometres! The RoTeC coulter shows its strengths particularly under difficult mulch sowing conditions – when, for example, dealing with large quantities of crop residues and on damp, heavy and sticky soils.

Further notable advantages: the RoTeC coulter operates with virtually no wear and, even where there are large amounts of straw and plant residues, the coulters run without blocking. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other creates the perfect seed furrow and allows optimum seed depth control. The elasticated, plastic disc prevents soil from sticking to the sowing disc in sticky soil conditions, helps shape the seed furrow, and precisely controls the coulter at the desired sowing depth.

The very even, precise depth control of the RoTeC Control coulter is achieved either with the Control 10 depth guidance disc, with its carrying area of 10 mm, or the Control 25 depth guidance roller and its carrying area of 25 mm. As the depth control system for the coulter is directly mounted on the side of the disc, the principle of holding the coulter at the optimum depth works extremely reliably and with the utmost of precision. The depth guidance discs or rollers enable the basic setting of the sowing depth to be carried out quickly, easily and comfortably using the coulter pressure. If soil conditions change, a notched quadrant on the sowing coulter allows any necessary adjustment to be made, without using tools, by choosing one of three setting steps.

The RoTeC coulter is available on the D9, AD and Cataya conventional gravity drills and on the AD-P Special pneumatic drills. The bigger diameter RoTeC pro coulter is available on the Cirrus and Citan trailed drills and the Centaya drill combinations.