Cirrus trailed sowing combination


GPS-Switch with AutoPoint

Amazone Cirrus, GPS-Switch mit AutoPoint

GPS-Switch with AutoPoint for seed drills is the logical supplement to help relieve the stress on the driver and to optimise the results in the field. The new AutoPoint system determines automatically the delay time: that means the time between metering start and end and the delivery behaviour of the seed to the coulter. Via a sensor in the coulter, the seed flow at the coulter is recognised and so the system is able, in relation to the switching times of the metering device, to determine the conveying time of the seed through the machine.
This is monitored constantly at every headland turn and this value is taken as the basis for the automatic calculation of the switching points. So a response, even to changes in the conveying behaviour of the seed and to changes in driving behaviour, is possible. The automatic switching is rounded off with the driver assistance system in AMATRON 3, which indicates to the operator the optimum forward speed when driving into and out of the headlands.

AmaPilot+ multi-function joystick

Multifunktionsgriff AmaPilot+

The AmaPilot multi-function joystick makes operation even more convenient. All the functions in the operating menu can be actuated via AmaPilot or other ISOBUS joysticks (AUX-N).

CCI 100 operator terminal - The universal terminal

Terminal CCI 100

The CCI ISOBUS terminal from AMAZONE is the result of the cooperation with several other manufacturers of agricultural machinery who are joint participants in the Competence Centre ISOBUS e.V (CCI). With CCI, AMAZONE and its partners have laid the foundation to introduce ISOBUS into practice. The CCI is the basis to convert all AMAZONE machinery and implements successively to the ISOBUS standard.

The benefits
+ The bright 8.4" colour display with its high screen resolution and ambient light sensor matches the brightness automatically to the light conditions. This avoids the driver in twilight or at night being blinded by too bright a display.
+ The Input is carried out from choice via the operator-friendly touch screen or via the soft keys.
+ Fatigue-free operation at night is assisted by the back-lighting of the keys which are also connected with the light sensor.
+ The proven AMAZONE one-handed operation is still possible because the functional layout of the soft key area can be simply mirrored.
+ For intuitive menu guidance and the convenient input of values and text, the terminal is provided with a high-quality touch display.
+ For the direct, quick adjustment and readjustment of pre-set values, a scroll wheel with operating functions has been ergonomically integrated into the housing..

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Tractor ECU function (Interface for speed, PTO shaft and lower link position
job Management for documentation
+ CCI.Control job management for documentation
+ CCI.Command (optional): 
    Automatic part width section shut-off CCI.Command.SC 
    Parallel guidance aid CCI.Command.PT
+ Application maps supported in ISO-XML Format
+ USB interface for data exchange
+ Interface for the connection of a GSM modem
+ ASD- and LH5000 interfaces via RS232
   (nominal value transfer), e.g. for N-sensors
+ Camera function CCI.Cam
+ In conjunction with seed drills, the CCI terminal features the automatic tramline function. Here the tramline position is controlled via GPS with the aid of the parallel driving module of the CCI terminal.       



AMAPAD - an especially comfortable method of controlling agricultural machinery

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

With the AMAPAD operator terminal, AMAZONE offers an entirely new and high-class solution for GPS application such as automated GPS based part-width section control and Precision Farming applications.
AMAPAD features a large, especially ergonomic, 12.1" touch screen. With the unique “MiniView” concept, applications that do not need to be actuated but which, however, need to be monitored, are clearly shown at the side. If needs be, these can be enlarged by “fingertip” widening. The possibility also exists to customise the display, a feature which rounds off the exceptional layout of this operator terminal.
In addition to GPS-Switch pro part-width section control, a high-quality professional manual light bar guidance system is also installed as standard. GPS-Track pro can also be upgraded to an automated steering system.

The terminal includes the following functions:

+ ISOBUS implement operation
+ Job management for documentation
+ Automated GPS-Switch pro part width section control
+ Integrated light bar for GPS Track pro parallel guidance system
+ As an option: upgradable to automatic steering
+ GPS Maps pro application map module
+ RS232 Interface via SCU adapter (for data exchange)
+ Two USB ports for data exchange
+ WLAN module (via USB adapter)
+ GPS output  

The characteristics of AMAPAD:
+ Screen made from toughened glass
+ Housing made from impact proof plastic
+ Extra narrow rim for maximum visibility
+ Flush finish, no penetration of dust/humidity

Comfort Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

To further simplify the pre-metering, calibration and residue emptying, AMAZONE offers for the Cirrus, in conjunction with AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD operator terminals, Comfort Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0. 
The TwinTerminal is mounted directly on the seed drill next to the metering unit. This position offers a decisive benefit: The driver now can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration procedure directly at the machine and thus the repeated climbing up and down into the tractor is no longer necessary.
The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dustproof housing with a 3.2 inch display and four large operation keys.

T-Pack U

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

The front T-Pack U intermediate axle packer rolls the area in the centre of the cultivation disc segment. In this way, the soil in front of the machine is again additionally reconsolidated which is of benefit on light soils.
The passively-steered T-Pack U can be utilised as an intermediate axle packer in the rear of the tractor or also, in solo operation, as a front packer.


T-Pack S packer

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

With the T-Pack S side packer, when using the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C under light to medium conditions or following the plough, the soil can be pre-rolled ahead of the disc segment, providing additional reconsolidation.

T-Pack IN packer

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

The pre-running packer concept on the Cirrus 4003-2/2C and 6003-2/2C can be supplemented by the T-Pack IN. This is mounted in the centre of the machine underneath the drawbar and in this way presses the area between the tractor wheels.

LED work lights

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03, LED-Arbeitsbeleuchtung

On the Cirrus the optional LED work lights light up the working area and thus provide a clear view of the working environment to ensure the safe operation, even in the evening and during the night. Also the area around the sowing coulters is excellently lit. The work lights are controlled via the operator terminal.

Speed signal

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

For the regulation and drive of the metering unit, the forward speed of the Cirrus can be registered via a radar sensor or via a GPS sensor signal. As an alternative, the tractor speed can also serve as a speed source via a signal cable.


Catch crop sowing with GreenDrill 500

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

The GreenDrill seeder box is the ideal solution for sowing catch crops or the under-sowing of a secondary crop in just one operational pass. The GreenDrill seed hopper, which is safely accessed via steps has a capacity of 500 l. The full area distribution of the seed is carried out via baffle plates in front of the following harrow.
For the control of the machine AMAZONE offers in addition to the basic equipment an on-board computer for the GreenDrill which controls the metering unit. In addition, this optional Comfort specification offers the possibility of indicating the forward speed, the worked area, the worked hours and also assists during the calibration procedure.

Filling auger

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

With the hydraulically swivelable filling auger, a comfortable solution for the quick filling of Cirrus is available. In addition to the single-tip hopper, the twin outlet pressurised hopper can also be comfortably loaded from a trailer via the simple swivelling round of the filling auger.
The filling auger can be combined with all other optional equipment and offers a good view when manoeuvring due to the mounting arrangement to the left hand side of the auger and is supported on the side frame.


Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Crushboard

From choice, the Cirrus can be equipped with a Crushboard in front or behind the disc segment. If it is undulations that require levelling or hard clods that have to be broken, the Crushboard is in the right position in front of the discs. Under very light conditions the Crushboard, positioned behind the discs, can, in addition, help settle the earth flow. The reconsolidation will be even more uniform. For the Cirrus with Crushboard, the front tyre packer can also be specified.

Tractor wheel mark eradicators

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Traktorspurlockerer

When operating on compaction sensitive soils, and at a reduced working depth, the optional tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tractor tyres. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be set horizontally and vertically. The Special kinematics of the eradicator provides a constant spring force across the entire area of deflection. The wedge shares safely loosen yet, however, do not bring stones to the surface.