Cirrus trailed sowing combination


The top benefits

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Top Argumente

+ Precise metering and pneumatic seed distribution – for maximum effectiveness
+ Two different sowing coulters from choice: RoTeC pro single disc coulters or the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter
+ Large, central and slender seed hopper that offers good all-round vision
+ 2-row cultivation disc segment – seedbed preparation and seeding all in one pass
+ Optional Matrix tyres for 40 km/h im road transport and targeted, strip-wise  reconsolidation
+ Wide range of available specifications, for instance, such as different packer variants, 
+ Single-shoot fertiliser option, seed pipe monitoring or filling auger – for any farm the right solution
+ Up-to-date ISOBUS technology for even more flexibility and comfort, such as, for example, maximising any GPS applications
+ Optional TwinTerminal for a more comfortable calibration procedure

The benefits of ISOBUS

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03 Isobus

The Cirrus is certified according to the UT 2.0 AEF compliance test. In this way these AMAZONE seed drills can be operated via any terminals on the market that has been UT 2.0 certified. Needless to say, the Cirrus can also be controlled via an ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence from another ISOBUS terminal.

AMAZONE AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals alongside all AMAZONE ISOBUS equipped machinery support the AEF functionality AUX-N. This means, that, for example, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be individually assigned to a specific function. So, every function on the joystick is located exactly there, where the customer wants it to be.

Cirrus – the models

+ With 3,000 l seed hopper – so very quick and manoeuvrable
Cirrus 3003 Compact (rigid), 3.0 m working width
Cirrus 3503 Compact (rigid) 3.43 m/3.5 m working width

+ With 3,600 l seed hopper – for more output
Cirrus 4003 (rigid), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 4003-2 (folding), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 6003-2 (folding), 6.0 m working width

+ With 4,000 l twin outlet pressurised hopper – for seed and fertiliser
Cirrus 4003-C (rigid), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 4003-2C (folding), 4.0 m working width
Cirrus 6003-2C (folding), 6.0 m working width

Cirrus-C for seed and fertiliser

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

In addition to the single-tip, open hopper version of the Cirrus, the Cirrus-C version is available with a divided, twin-tip pressurised hopper. The sealed twin outlet pressurised hopper ensures accurate metering yet at a low power requirement of the blower fan.
The twin outlet pressurised hopper is divided in a ratio of 60 : 40. The Single-Shoot system of seed and fertiliser or seed only can be applied via the coulters according to the application or need. Thanks to the two metering units, which can also be individually calibrated with two different materials, the highest accuracy of application without any demixing effects is achieved.
With the twin hopper, safe filling of the hopper is ensured by the fold-down platform.

Reliable metering drive

Cirrus 03 Dosierung

The metering system is suitable for all seeds and sowing rates from 1.5 to 400 kg/ha. Over-sized metering cassettes produce a low peripheral speed protecting the seed from damage. Conversion from fine seeds to normal seeds is done in seconds by exchanging the metering cassettes. They can even be changed when the seed hopper is full. The Cirrus is supplied as standard with three metering cassettes that are suitable for up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

Segmented distributor head

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Segmentverteilerkopf

The segmented distributor head provides huge flexibility for the pneumatic seed drill. With immediate effect, asymmetrical tramlines can be carried out without an undesirable seed rate reduction on the other half of the machine. The segmented distributor head provides electric half-side shut-off and Section Control. The half-side control is located directly inside the distributor head.

The benefits:
+ Electric half-side shut-off
+ Reduction in overlap saves seed
+ Minimising dust creation inside the seed hopper because no seed is rerouted  

Twin-row compact disc harrow

Cirrus 03, Saatbettbereitung und Aussaat in einem Arbeitsgang

The twin-row compact disc harrow loosens, crumbles and levels the seedbed prior to sowing. In this way two operating passes can be combined. For conservation farming, additionally any surface straw is again distributed and incorporated. Plentiful clearance, even at high forward speeds, identifies the twin-row compact disc harrow element. No blockage from straw or crop residues. The increased angle of attack of the discs ensures an especially intensive mixing. The working depth of the disc section can be individually matched whilst driving. The setting possibilities of the outer discs via a series of holes ensures a neat transition between passes. The large distance between the second disc row and the Matrix tyres provides an easy pull and smooth running as the soil flow in front of the Matrix tyres has already settled.

Rough serrations or fine serrated – the choice of the right disc

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Grob gezackt oder fein gezahnt – die Wahl der richtigen Scheibe

For the front cultivation discs, two disc options are available with a choice of rough serrated or fine serrated discs. The rough serrated disc is ideally suited to deeper seedbed preparation. Due to its profile, an especially aggressive incorporation, including the mulching of harvest residues, is achieved.
On the other hand, the fine serrated disc shows its strength rather in the shallow seedbed preparation. It provides more fine soil for an optimum seed embedment.


Perfect bearing sealing

Lagerung der Scheiben

The combination of felt ring and extremely high quality face seals perfectly protect the 2-row angular contact ball bearing races. So, with one oil fill as lifelong lubrication, grease nipples are avoided. Thus, the maintenance time of the compact disc harrow element is substantially reduced. Face seals have been used in the construction industry for decades for sealing rollers and the running gear of track-laying vehicles and they are proven to work reliably under the hardest of operational conditions.

(1) Face seal built in conical seats
(2) 2-row angular contact ball bearing
(3) 2 x O-rings
(4) 2 x cast rings with face seal
(5) SAE 90 gear oil filled (40 cm³)

Rubber suspension elements – reliable and maintenance-free

Cirrus 03, Gummifederelemente – sicher und wartungsfrei

The disc system combines two discs mounted on one arm which is suspended via sprung rubber blocks and which optimally follows the ground contours. In addition, the rubber sprung buffers act as an overload safety device on stony soils. In this way, a safe, maintenance-free operation of the compact disc harrow system is ensured - and at a constant, even working depth.   


Solo drilling at high work rates

As a particularly high work rate option, the Cirrus is available also without the cultivation discs. With all the technical benefits of the basic seed drill, the Cirrus without disc segment is a cost-effective alternative for solo sowing but still maintains the pre-drilling reconsolidation. In this specification as well, the optional Crushboard can be added.

Matrix principle

Cirrus 6003, Matrix-Reifen

At the heart of the machine, and the guarantee of a uniform, quick field emergence, are the new Matrix tyres. With dimensions of 400/55R17.5, these tyres feature a diameter of 880 mm and a width of 410 mm (wide enough for 4 seed rows at 12.5 cm spacing or 3 seed rows at 16.6 cm). The combination of the big diameter, together with the new profile, provides an easy rolling effect – and thus a reduced pulling power. This is a characteristic which is, above all, very important for trailed seed drills that are equipped with passive soil tillage tools and driven at fast forward speeds.       

Keeping to the principle that has been established for many years at AMAZONE, the Matrix tyres provide the reconsolidation in strips. The reconsolidated strips with small ridges of loose earth provide more than enough fine soil for the coverage of the seed. The heterogeneous soil structure, created by the tyres, provides the optimum plant growth under all conditions.

With the Matrix tyre, AMAZONE, for the first time, makes use of radial design tyres with steel inserts in the tread. Due to the radial design, with its higher deflection ability, the profile has a true soil contact across all the rows creating perfectly even growing conditions. In addition, radial tyres, thanks to their design, have the benefit that they offer very good self-cleaning, even at the standard 3.5 bar pressure. Ridge levellers in between the rows, which are available as an option, provide an even operational performance and make sense especially on light soils.


The alternative: AS-cross ply tyres

Cirrus 03, AS-Diagonalreifen

As an alternative for regions which are less sensitive to germination conditions, the Cirrus 03 can also be equipped with a simple AS cross-ply tyre of a similar dimension (15.0/55-17). The self-driving effect from its short cleats is very good and thus the machine is also easy to pull. This compromises however, the targeted reconsolidation, especially in dry years, as the AS tyres do not create the same seed/soil contact in comparison to the Matrix tyres.   

RoTeC pro coulter - the universally-usable single disc coulter

Cirrus 03, Optimale Saatgutablage mit dem RoTeC pro-Schar

With the RoTeC pro single disc coulter, the Cirrus shows ist strength especially on sticky soils, no matter whether early or late in the year. Thanks to the depth guidance directly on the sowing disc, the coulter depth guidance and the reconsolidation via the harrow are completely decoupled from each other. The depth guidance disc and the depth guidance roller achieve in addition an excellent self-cleaning of the coulter. Thanks to these two benefits, a very flexible and precise application in virtually all weather conditions is possible.
The slender design of concave disc, furrow former and cleaning disc ensures a good passage of harvest residues and soil even on narrow row spacings.
Row spacings of 12.5 and 16.6 cm can be chosen.


Sowing disc

Amazone Cirrus RoTeC pro-Schar

The sowing disc is made from highly wear-resistant Boron steel and features a diameter of 400 mm. Thanks to the robust design, the wear is reduced to a minimum. Due to the large diameter of the sowing disc, the coulter runs very smoothly resulting in an excellent placement accuracy of the coulter system.

Furrow former

With the aid of the furrow former, the seed furrow is kept cleared out ensuring an optimum soil contact for the seed. Due to its flexible mounting, the furrow former rids itself of earth and trapped harvest residues. The hard metal coating of the furrow former also ensures a long service life.

Depth guidance

One of the unbeatable benefits of the RoTeC pro single disc coulter is the splitting of the sowing depth and the reconsolidation. In this way, when a stone is passed, the coulter is raised just once. Furthermore, the coulter and roller pressure can be adjusted independently to each other so that, under dry conditions then less coulter pressure and more roller pressure can be applied. Whereas under moist conditions, however, more coulter pressure and less roller pressure is the better solution.

This very even and exactly-controlled coulter guidance of the RoTeC pro single disc coulter is ensured by the Control 10 depth guidance disc with its 10 mm contact area or the Control 25 depth guidance roller with its 25 mm contact area which are mounted directly on the coulter. The plastic discs, fixed on the coulter, keep the placement zone behind the furrow former clear from blockages and ensure an accurate seed placement. The basic adjustment of the sowing depth range is done without tools and in 4 steps directly on the coulter.

Coulter pressure adjustment

Cirrus 03. bis zu 55 kg Schardruck

The coulter pressure is infinitely-variable with the adjustment being carried out hydraulically from the tractor cab and this serves to maintain an easy matching of the sowing depth and allows the quick adaptation to the prevailing soil conditions. RoTeC pro coulters can be operated with a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg.  Here the coulter pressure is applied 100 % to the sowing disc though.

Quality and reliability throughout:

+ Coulter discs made from high grade Boron steel for an even more prolonged service life
+ Wear-resistant and self-cleaning Control 10 depth guidance discs and Control 25 depth guidance rollers for the exact adjustment of the placement depth
+ Decoupling coulter guidance and reconsolidation for a smoother coulter run and a universal response to the weather conditions

TwinTeC+ coulter - the high output double disc coulter

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, TwinTeC+-Schar - das leistungsfähige Doppelscheibenschar

Using the high output TwinTeC+ coulter, AMAZONE equips the Cirrus with one of the most robust and most precise double disc coulter around. Thanks to its coulter pressure of up to 100 kg and its very good cutting performance, the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter also manages very well in hard and cloddy seedbed conditions. The basic body and the coulter bearing shell, made from forged steel, are equipped with sufficient reserves even under the most arduous of operating conditions. Due to the high coulter pressure of the TwinTeC+ double disc coulter, the sowing performance is very precise even under mulch sowing conditions with a very high proportion of organic matter in the seedbed. Thanks to the innovative coulter pressure adjustment via an oil circuit, the coulter pressure is maintained even in very hilly terrain so that the pre-set sowing depth is safely maintained.

The double discs

The sharpened, pre-tensioned discs with a 10° angle of attack ensure a good cutting performance of the coulter. The large 380 mm diameter discs ensure a smooth run. Thanks to the large coulter clearance of 190 mm and the connection to the depth guidance roller via the top-mounted coulter carrier, there remains sufficient space so that a blockagefree operation is possible.

Seed guidance

The guide extension and the seed catcher safely deliver the seed to the bottom of the furrow and prevent any bouncing out of the individual grains. The standard inner scraper, as an option also with hard metal plates, ensures the accurate operation even on sticky soils and noticeably increases the operational reliability.

Depth guidance

The parallel-guided depth control rollers provide the safe maintenance of the sowing depth on each individual coulter. Control+ depth control rollers are available in widths of 50 mm, 65 mm and 75 mm. This means that the working performance of the machine is ensured on any soils from the lightest, sand with poor carrying ability up to heaviest clay. Optional scrapers on the depth guidance roller ensure the even guidance of the coulter even under moist conditions.

TwinTeC+ coulter pressure

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Schardruck TwinTeC+

The coulter pressure is set via a pressure relief valve which is integrated into the oil circuit of the hydraulic blower fan. In this way, the coulter safely maintains the pre-set pressure. This is of special benefit when sowing shallow in very hilly terrain.

Hollow: When passing through a hollow, the coulters are additionally pushed against the ground. This causes an overpressure in the coulter pressure cylinder which is directly returned to the oil circuit. The coulter pressure is maintained.

Hill: When passing a hilltop the coulters are lowered resulting in an underpressure in the coulter pressure cylinder which is immediately compensated with additional oil from the circuit. The coulter pressure remains constant. 

Exact S following harrow in combination with RoTeC pro

Cirrus 03, Saat bedecken mit dem Exaktstriegel S

The 15 mm thick Exact S following harrow is used in conjunction with the RoTeC pro coulter system. It features little wear and provides good seed coverage, even under the most arduous of operating conditions. The Exact S following harrow covers and levels the open seed furrows without blockage, even with large amounts of straw present. With its individually pivoting harrow elements, it adapts to the prevailing soil undulations and provides an even seed coverage both on fields without straw and also on areas where plenty of straw prevails. When sowing under less than the optimum conditions, e.g. on moist and heavy soils, the Exact following harrow pays off.
The harrow pressure is adjusted mechanically by pretensioning the harrow springs. When equipped with the optional hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, locating pins predetermine the minimum and maximum settings. So, the harrow pressure and the coulter pressure can be simultaneously matched to changing soils via just one tractor control valve whilst on the move.

HD Roller harrow in combination with RoTeC pro

Saat andrücken mit dem Rollenstriegel

After the seed row has been closed by the HD Roller harrow, the soil above the seed furrow is additionally pressed resulting in optimum germination conditions. This is recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or rape. An undulating surface profile that reduces erosion is the result. Thanks to the hardening process of the harrow tines, these feature a particularly high longevity. The special advantage on offer is that the adjustment of the Roller harrow pressure, from nothing up to 20 kg per roller, is completely independent from the coulter pressure.

Coulter harrow on the TwinTeC+ coulter

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Scharstriegel am TwinTeC+-Schar

The optionally available coulter harrow provides additional loose soil above the furrow. This is especially helpful on heavy soils in sloping terrain to prevent capping and the formation of water run-off channels. In addition, any prevailing straw is distributed. The aggressiveness of the coulter harrow can be set in three different positions without tools. In cases where the harrow is not required, then it can be swung up into ist parking position.

The highly-manoeuvrable, trailed cultivator drills: Cirrus 3003 and 3503 Compact

Cirrus 3003 Compact

For smaller fields the Cirrus Compact models offer an attractive option. With a 550 mm shorter axle position than on the wider Cirrus drills and in conjunction with its lower link mounting, tremendous manoeuvrability is achieved. So, even on tight headlands excellent work rates are possible. With its 3,000 l tank capacity and the maximum speed of 40 km/h, the Cirrus Compact is ideal for farms which do not have any facility for in-field filling. In accordance with the relevant national traffic road regulations, the Cirrus is available with an unbraked axle, with dual-circuit air braking or with a hydraulic braking system.

Working widths of 3.43 and 3.5 m

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

This seed drill, with a working width of 3.5 m, has been developed for countries or regions where a transport width of 3.5 m on the road is permissible. Of course, this machine also is a very interesting alternative for farms in a ring because this trailed sowing combination matches very well with 21 m and 28 m tramline systems. In addition, a working width of 3.43 m is available, so that, for example, a 7-bout tramline rhythm for 24 m can be achieved.

Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2, the 4 m trailed sowing combinations – for higher workrates

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

The trailed Cirrus sowing combination, with a working width of 4 m, is available in both a rigid or a folding version. The folding version folds for road transport down to a transport width of 3 m. These 4 m versions are particularly suitable for medium sized farms that require a large seed capacity and thus high work rates, and who already have on the farm as standard, tractors with a power rating of between 170 and 200 HP. This size of tractor is optimally suited for the Cirrus 4003 and 4003-2.   

Cirrus 6003-2, the 6 m trailed cultivator drill – for the highest of workrates

Cirrus 6003

For higher field outputs and on larger farms, AMAZONE offers the folding Cirrus 6003-2 in 6 m working width and with a hopper capacity of 3,600 l.
Apart from the single outlet tank version of the Cirrus 6003-2, the Cirrus 6003-2C is available with a twin outlet 4,000 l pressurised tank for the simultaneous application of fertilliser and seed.   


Comfortable filling

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

Steps ease climbing up and the safe loading platform with railing eases access to the seed hopper. The tank can be simply filled from small bags, big bags, via a filling auger on a trailer or a loading shovel. The simple to handle folding lid ensures the airtight closing of the hopper.   

Quick emptying

Amazone Sämaschine Cirrus 03

The emptying of the seed and fertiliser tanks is done quickly and easily via the optionally available quick emptying device which is attached to the tank well accessible. As an extension, HT- or drainage pipes can be fitted.

The benefits of ISOBUS

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Ihre Vorteile durch ISOBUS:

+ AMAZONE ISOBUS machines are UT 2.0 certified and thus can be operated with any
ISOBUS terminal with UT 2.0.
+ All AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals and machine job computers comply with the AUX-N
standard and can assign the soft key coverage to an AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick.
+ AMAZONE ISOBUS machines can be actuated via any ISOBUS compatible Section Control licence.
+ Special features of AMAZONE ISOBUS machinery:
+ Up to three user profiles and individual user interfaces can be set up for different drivers.
+ The operator menu can be optimally matched with ISOBUS terminals that have differing
numbers of soft keys.
+ Each machine function can be freely allocated in the menu layout.
+ Complete documentation via Task Controller (ISO-XML). As an alternative to documentation via Task Controller, a simple job record of total values (worked area, required time, applied rate) is possible. The recorded total values can then be exported as a screenshot to an USB stick.


Further ISOBUS terminals

Amazone Anhängesämaschine Cirrus, Weitere ISOBUS-Terminals

Important information
Please note that when working with other ISOBUS terminals, additional section control software, for example, from the tractor manufacturer, is normally necessary. This is not usually included in the Standard version of other ISOBUS terminals.

2-terminal solution
A twin-terminal solution with the simultaneous use of a tractor ISOBUS terminal and AMATRON 3 or CCI 100 is recommended if the tractor terminal does not support the Section Control function or if you intend to  use the Cirrus drill via AMATRON 3 or CCI 100 and a separate screen.


Machine overlapping operation: AMATRON 3

Cirrus 03: Maschinenübergreifend einsetzbar: AMATRON 3

Control of all the important functions on the Cirrus can be achieved via the AMATRON 3 ISOBUS terminal, including both operational functions and functions for the adjustment of the machine, such as calibration. AMATRON 3 is an ISOBUS terminal that can be used from seed drills to fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers enabling the optimum application rate control and operation.

As standard, the Cirrus is equipped with full electric metering drive. This simplifies the calibration routine and any in-cab changes in seed rate. The comprehensive electro-hydraulic operation via the AMATRON 3 allows the control of all functions such as headland management or working depth of the disc harrow segment from the tractor cab.
The operator terminal controls the drill as well as monitoring the tramline functions. This also includes a sensible obstacle solution for the track markers. With the new Task Controller, the jobs can be prepared comfortably on the farm PC and then transferred via a USB stick to the terminal in an ISO-XML format and then loaded. By means of the AMATRON 3 and the Cirrus, via ISO-XML or Shape files, part-area, site specific maps can be processed.