Shallow soil tillage with the AMAZONE C-Mix duckfoot share

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Now also available in a highly wear-resistant, HD variant

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Due to increasing requirements for field hygiene and more attention to ground water conservation, shallow soil tillage is becoming increasingly important. Weed seeds and volunteer grains need to be kept near the soil surface , whilst germinated plants are completely cut off at the root. Full-surface, light soil movement not only fights weeds, but also disrupts negative water capillary action near the surface. This allows valuable ground water to be preserved for the subsequent crop. 

The AMAZONE C-Mix duckfoot share can be fitted to all Cenio and Cenius cultivators.

New soil tillage tools are constantly being developed to meet this need. When it comes to cultivators, the most suitable tool for shallow, full-surface soil tillage is the duckfoot share. Compared with a wing share, the duckfoot achieves significantly shallower working. For cultivators in the Cenio and Cenius product ranges, AMAZONE offers the C-Mix duckfoot share with a width of 320 mm. With a maximum tine spacing of 30 cm, there is a 2-cm overlap between the shares. This ensures uniform, full-surface movement, whatever the conditions. In addition, the C-Mix duckfoot share is extremely flat along its entire width, so that it remains parallel to the ground surface and ensures a uniform, shallow cut. Germinated weeds and volunteers are cleanly cut, so they can dry out.

The extensive AMAZONE C-Mix share range now includes a 320-mm-wide duckfoot share for shallow, full-surface soil tillage.

For optimal results, the wear condition of the share is extremely important. For a longer lifespan, AMAZONE now offers the duckfoot share in a highly wear-resistant HD variant. This features additional hard metal plates that are soldered into place and continually self-sharpen during the soil tillage process. This extends the service life of the share considerably and ensures consistent, clean results.