SmartForce automatic coulter force regulation for Precea Super precision air seeders

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Automatic coulter pressure regulation for very consistent placement depths

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Maintaining a consistent placement depth on varying soils or with uneven reconsolidation is a particular challenge for the technology and the user. 

AMAZONE offers the SmartForce automatic coulter pressure regulation system for the Precea Super precision air seeder as an add-on to the hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.

Hydraulic coulter pressure with automatic system for consistent placement depth
Hydraulic coulter pressure without automatic system gives inconsistent placement depth

The particular feature with this system is that the driver does not stipulate the coulter pressure, but rather sets the contact force in the terminal. This contact force is checked by measuring pins in the field. This contact force will vary according to the different soil conditions.

The coulter pressure is adjusted automatically via the hydraulic cylinder on the Precea Super

On the basis of the measured contact force on the PreTeC coulter, SmartForce regulates the required coulter pressure in order to keep the placement depth consistent. This means that the coulter pressure will be automatically adapted to suit the various different soil conditions on the move. This ensures that the intended contact force and the placement depth are maintained under all soil conditions.

Simultaneous maintenance of a consistent placement depth and optimum pressure relieves the driver, ensures high field emergence and provides the basis for good yields.