Super-L3 boom from 39 m to 42 m

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Ultra-robust and smooth boom ride with large working widths

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AMAZONE has designed the Super-L3 boom for high demands and large working widths together with an absolutely smooth boom ride. In doing so, AMAZONE remained true to its usual boom construction philosophy: A clever aircraft wing design makes the construction super-light yet super-strong.

Boom widths up to 42 m working width

In addition to the familiar Super-L3 booms up to 36 m, wider versions for 39 m, 40 m and 42 m working widths are now also available. The boom can also work with a reduced width with pivot points at 12 m, 24 m and 33 m. The 42 m boom can also be folded to 40 m or 39 m with an optional reduction joint on the boom end sections. The 39 m boom can be reduced e.g. to 36 m by means of this optional equipment. One-sided independent folding up to the inner boom section for negotiating obstacles is also possible. A flexibility of working widths and one-sided independent boom folding which is only available from AMAZONE.

Hydraulically-pressurised break back on the 42 m Super-L3 boom
Hydraulic pre-tensioning of the boom end

Working widths of the Super-L3 boom

Extensive optional equipment

The wide structural design of the carriers and profiles ensures a high rigidity and load-bearing capacity of the boom. The hydraulically-pressurised break back joints always keep the boom end steady but release safely in the event of collision with obstacles and then bring the boom quickly back into position. All in all, an absolutely smooth boom ride is obtained under all conditions. The special feature: thanks to the special folding system integrated in the implement, the boom is extremely compact when it is in the transport position and does not protrude forwards beyond the sprayer. In addition, the new Super-L3 boom variants in working widths of 39 m to 42 m are equipped with the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system as standard. 


42 m working width compactly folded for safe road transport

The advantages at a glance:

  • Ultra-robust to cope with the stress caused by operating at high speeds and at maximum work rates 
  • Very smooth boom ride even under extreme conditions 
  • One-sided independent folding 
  • Hydraulically-pressurised break back joints for safe release in the event of encountering any obstacles 
  • Equipped with the ContourControl active boom guidance system and the SwingStop active vibration damping system as standard 
  • Precise maintenance of the distance to the target surface for a perfect application result