When selecting suppliers, the AMAZONE Global Sourcing Team takes great care to ensure that our suppliers always comply with the applicable environmental and safety regulations as well as social standards and continuously monitors the supply process.

We also use almost every production technology in the manufacture of our machines in our production process, in order to produce as efficiently and economically as possible and therefore in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. This maintains the availability of resources for future generations. In doing so, we aim for steady progress. Automation of manufacturing technologies ensures stable production processes at a high level of quality. We consistently rely on digitalisation here. This begins with CAD design and continues in all areas of production.

Use of materials

We reduce material consumption by paying attention to the optimum use of materials at the design stage and later in production and painting.

Transport distances

We are also reducing transport distances in internal production logistics. The material is stored close to the production area and transported to the installation site by the shortest route.

Energy use

Amazone operates two combined heat and power plants in Gaste and Altmoorhausen which produce both electricity and heat.

Solar power systems

Our solar power systems enable us to use large roof areas to generate electricity for our own consumption.

System audit

All environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations are reviewed in an annual “system audit".