Plan for the future, act responsibly – the EnviroSafe concept

In order to maintain the natural capacity of the resources of soil, air and water for future generations, our customers in agriculture and municipal services not only aim to be efficient, they also wish to operate on a sustainable basis. We, as manufacturer of agricultural machinery, must also shoulder some of this responsibility by developing suitable equipment and “intelligent” agricultural methods. We are therefore already on the way towards making progress in this important area, e.g. with our ACTIVE program, as part of a dialogue with the scientific and practising agricultural establishments. We wish to position ourselves as an innovative and environmentally-aware company in accordance with the principles openness, transparency and on the basis of trustworthiness. However, our aim is not simply to produce machinery, we also wish to orient our activities within the company towards the general principles of sustainability. The only way we can ensure our long-term existence is by acting responsibly both ecologically and socially. Building on this, we at AMAZONE wish to create a sustainable basis when dealing with our customers, sales partners, suppliers and employees, and also with regard to the environment and our finances, and to act responsibly in accordance with this objective. All activities that are necessary to satisfy these expectations are summarised in our “EnviroSafe” concept.

The basic principles of the EnviroSafe concept form the various guidelines of our corporate philosophy. These include:

  1. Environment and efficiency – the objective in this case is to offer efficient and environmentally-clean products/services, and also promote environmentally-friendly techniques.
  2. Safety – to safeguard the health of the people that manufacture, sell or use AMAZONE products.
  3. Environmentally-sound production – to preserve nature and the environment for future generations.
  4. Social engagement – to be actively involved, as part of an international community, in the positive further development of this community.
  5. Financial security and independence – this means that all decisions must be always geared towards long-term financial security.