Hero FETF Grant

Eligibility for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 (FETF)

Amazone has a range of direct drills and hoes eligible under the new FETF government grant scheme. These include our Cayena, Primera DMC, Condor and Precea drills as well as our Schmotzer Venterra and Select hoes. Further details can be found on the government website.

Cayena 6001 and 6001-C

The Cayena trailed tined seed drill is designed for fast sowing with or without prior soil tillage. Thanks to the hard wearing narrow tine, only a small amount of soil is moved, retaining soil moisture and decreasing pulling requirement. The Cayena is also available with fertiliser placement, making it eligible for both FETF45 & FETF206, with grants of 60% up to £40,800.

Condor 12001-C

The Condor trailed tine seed drill is available in working widths of 12 and 15 metres. With a 7,800 litre multi-chamber hopper and ConTec pro sowing coulters, the Condor is a high output drill qualifying for the FETF206 grant of 60% up to £40,800.

Primera DMC 3000 and 6000-2

The Primera DMC is available in working widths of 3 and 6 metres and is a precision direct tine drill with tungsten-faced openers for minimal soil movement and high-clearance for working in cover crops. With the choice of fertiliser placement or not, the Primera is eligible for FETF45 & FETF206, with grants of 60% up to £40,800.


The Precea precision drill is characterised by its very precise seed placement, high output and comfortable operability. The first-class singling and fertiliser metering system is convincing even at forward speeds of up to 15 km/h. Now available in widths from 3 - 12 metres. With point accurate fertiliser placement with FertiSpot, the Precea range is eligible for FETF206, with grants of 60% up to £40,800.


The Schmotzer range of camera guided hoes include the Venterra and the Select. Available in widths up to 12 metres and compatibility with row spacings from 12.5 to 75 cm, the Schmotzer hoe is highly customisable to meet your every need. Eligible for FETF7, with grants of 60% up to £30,471.60.

FT-P 1502

The FT-P 1502 is a self-contained front tank for the application of liquid fertiliser or agrochemicals. With a hydraulically-driven, 180 l/min piston diaphragm pump and a volume of 1,660 litres, the FT-P is a compact powerhouse. Eligible for FETF212 liquid fertiliser applicator for seed drills/planters, with grants of 60% up to £11,031.

Further notable grants

The following grants may be eligible for a number of our retrofittable extras. Please talk to your local dealer for more information.

FETF50 - Variable rate controller for seed drills, sprayers and fertiliser spreaders (60%, up to £2917.80), must be retrofitted to an existing implement.

FETF420 - Closed transfer system for sprayers for containers under 20L (60%, up to £2,302.80)

FETF419 - Closed transfer system for sprayers for containers over 20L (60%, up to £756)

FETF418 - Automatic spray boom height control (60%, up to £6,297), must be able to be retrofitted to existing sprayer.

FETF207 - Air drill for establishing cover crops (60%, up to £1,890), must be designed to be mounted on existing drills or soil tillage equipment.