Cayron 200VS - 100: the new stone release plough


Following on from the successful introduction of the Cayron shear bolt ploughs at Cereals 2014, the new hydraulic auto-reset plough will make its debut this year at Chrishall Grange. The 240 hp headstock, 100 cm point to point and 83 cm under-beam clearance are brought over from the standard plough to maintain its ability to cope with excessive amounts of surface trash, as is its unique feature of pulling true at any furrow width. Still available in both 5 & 6 furrows, the auto-reset system is based on a hydraulic system that enables the central release force to be adjusted from the tractor cab. In this way the plough is operated at the lowest possible release force relevant for that location, resulting in the maximum structural protection and effectively preventing the ploughing up of stones.

Optimised release force curve
The system is designed in such a way that, in order to protect the entire plough, the release force is progressively reduced as the lift height increases when negotiating obstacles. When the obstacle is passed the release force again is increased, ensuring the quick and reliable pulling of the plough body back into the soil. The shock-free and elastic release of the stone protection system protects both the plough and the tractor.

Large lift clearance for trouble-free operation
The release force value, measured at the share tip, can be varied from 800 to 2,000 kg allowing the flexible response to differing soil conditions and on lighter sites operation with a lower release force is possible than on heavier sites. The release force of up to 2,000 kg ensures the firm seating of the furrow body in the soil, even under very hard and dry conditions.
A larger ram diameter on the first body automatically provides a release force 18 % higher than the subsequent bodies for better penetration on the headland or due to furrow wall consolidation caused by the tractor tyres running in the furrow.
The hydraulic stone protection can give way up to a lift height of up to 45 cm. So the body, even when working deeper, has sufficient room to give way. This ensures a trouble-free ploughing performance. Beyond this height the standard shear bolt can still come into play.

Good lateral deflection
The 20 cm lateral deflection allows the plough body to give way to the side when a stone hits the plough body on the edge. In this way, work is not negatively affected as the pre-set working depth is maintained.
New plough bodies for the Cayron 200
Since the launch of the Cayron 200 in 2014, AMAZONE has had in its programme the U 40 C-blade, a universal mouldboard that is ideal for light to medium-heavy soils. The mouldboard is characterised by an especially wide furrow clearing and for a good crumbling effect. In addition, the U 40 C-blade is very easy to pull. A peculi-arity of the U 40 C-blade is the enlarged front shin on the mouldboard which covers the entire wear area. Wearing costs are kept low because this enlarged front shin offers a cost-effective replacement of the main wearing area. An additional peculiarity is the joint between the wing and the wing point. The wing point covers the wing, thus preventing baler twine, wires or root residues from becoming trapped. Now, at Cereals 2016, AMAZONE will show two new bodies for use in heavy soil conditions:

W 35 C-blade helical mouldboard
The W 35 C-blade spiral mould board has been developed for operation on medium-heavy loamy and clayey soils. The spiral shape allows a clean turning of the soil furrow at simultaneously low pulling power requirement. In addition, the characteristic wide furrow clearing is maintained also on the W 35 C-blade helical mouldboard.

S 35 C-Blade scrolled mouldboard
Ploughing under the most arduous of soil conditions in heavily sticking soil types is the reason behind the S 35 C-blade scrolled mouldboard. The long mouldboard holds the soil for longer ensuring a reliable inversion of the soil furrow yet simultaneously with a low pulling power requirement. The long design of the mouldboard effectively prevents the ploughed earth from falling back into the furrow. Again the S 35 C-blade is characterised by an especially wide furrow clearing.
The W 35 C-Blade helical mouldboard and the S 35 C-blade scrolled mouldboard work across a range of working depths from 18 to 30 cm and 30 to 50 cm furrow widths. The enlarged front shin and the wing point covering the wing are features that are kept also on both these two new mouldboard profiles.
Trashboards are also an option on both the W35 and S35 mouldboards.