Cirrus 4003-2C ISOBUS trailed drills come now with fertiliser option


The increasing trend towards applying fertiliser, particularly phosphate, down the spout when seeding has led to a demand for both trailed passive cultivator drills and tine seeders with a fertiliser option in England. These systems are working alongside the more traditional power harrow/drill combination approach seen north of the border for sowing spring barley together with a NPK fertiliser. In the ‘grain and fert’ world at Cereals 2016, the new 4 m folding Cirrus-C ISOBUS will sit on the Stand as well as the updated AD-P Super 3000 CC ISOBUS and the Cayena 6001-C ISOBUS tine seeder all of which are combined grain and fertiliser drills.

Pressurised seed distribution system
The 4m Cirrus ISOBUS features a 4,000 litre pressurised tank which is divided into two on a 60:40 split. The two halves of the tank can be calibrated to two separate application rates via push button calibration either from the tractor cab or down at the drill via the new TwinTerminal. This offers the option of having fertiliser in one half of the tank and grain in the other or maybe sowing two varieties of cover crop at once or under-sowing spring barley with grass seed depending on the application required.

New segmented distribution head
The seed is metered from the hopper into the sealed conveying system where the new, low power requirement fan transfers the seed to the all-new segmented distribution head. The segmented head means that one half of the head can be isolated from the tractor seat to able the drill to be set for half-side shut-off when starting on the headland or for short work in the field via SectionControl.

Perfect seed placement with Matrix tyres and RoTeC pro coulters
Targeted consolidation of the seedbed to the seed row is provided by the renowned 880 mm diameter Matrix tyre which with its radial construction and high-load carrying capacity means high-speed road transport yet low ground pressure and an easy pull in the field. A cheaper, more usual AS profile tyre can also be specified if necessary. Following the Matrix roller, seed placement continues to be via the RoTeC pro coulter as found on the 3.0m and 6.0m Cirrus models with seed embedment being provided by either the trailing Exact harrow or the Roller harrow, both of which are pressure adjustable to suit the conditions.

IN-Pack and S-Pack tyre roller options
Available now throughout the Cirrus range are the front tyre packer rollers options for added consolidation prior to the cultivation operation. Running ahead of the disc harrow segment, and taking the weight off the tractor linkage, is either a narrow ‘belly’ press roller either integrated into the drill frame (the IN-Pack) or as a three-point linkage mounted option in between the drawbar and the tractor (the U-Pack). The wings of the drill can also be pressed using the S-Pack wing packers if desired.

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