Cirrus now with Minimum TillDisc


With the Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment, the Cirrus gets a new special option in place of the cultivation discs. On a row spacing of 16.6 cm, the ground, the harvest residues and also any green material can be cut directly in front of the sowing coulters for a clean seed/soil contact. With the corrugated discs significantly less soil is moved than with the conventional 2-row cultivation disc segments. In problematic areas with increased chemical resistance and weed infestation (e.g. black grass or common silky bent), this disc segment can be an effective alternative as a means of “minimum disturbance” establishment.

Following on from the primary soil tillage and subsequent crop protection measures to promote and control the emergence of volunteer grain and weeds, the soil in between the intended seed rows is left uncultivated. The timing for sowing the following crop is pushed back in direction of the dormancy period and thus the germination rate of weeds is minimised. During the sowing operation with Minimum TillDisc, as little soil as possible is moved and loosened and is cut only in the area ahead of the sowing coulters to prevent any renewed germination of weeds.

After the establishment of a green bridge as an effective weed and erosion management tool, Minimum TillDisc also helps as a less aggressive operating technique. It is only in the area around pre-running discs that previous or living crop populations are cut ahead of sowing the seed with the following disc coulters. Also, in previously established feed mixtures, with this method, an additional crop can be reseeded or overwintered damage minimised.

In dry areas, the use of the Minimum TillDisc ensures a water saving cultivation as only the strip directly in front of the sowing coulter is worked. Under moist and sticky soil conditions, due to the Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment, less clods are transported to the surface than with the usual disc segment. In addition, with the operation of Minimum TillDisc the Cirrus is made easier to pull still resulting in a positive effect on fuel consumption.

So the Cirrus now offers, depending on the customer’s desire, a wide selection of pre-running tools. In addition to the standard disc segment with a 460 mm rough serrated or, alternatively, a fine serrated disc, the Cirrus can now feature the new Minimum TillDisc corrugated disc segment or can be delivered completely without a disc segment at all.