Clean up with the Profihopper iDrive eco for just £24,850

Why buy an ordinary out-front rotary mower when you can buy the new Profihopper iDrive SmartLine?  

Profihopper iDrive

Cut, Mulch, Collect, Scarify, Rolls
The all-new PH1250 iDrive SmartLIne eco is fitted with the unique SmartCut horizontal flail fine cut rotor. The winning combination of this cutting rotor, with its 36 pairs of free-hanging flails which can be easily exchanged without tools to suit the job of work in  hand, and the auger-based PowerCompactor system behind it, means that the iDrive eco offers the ‘5 machines in 1’ unique Profihopper flexibility to either cut and drop with the mulch flap in or cut and collect into the cross auger. It can also be used just used for collecting such as on leaves or to scarify as well. The rear roller offers that superb ‘cylinder mower’ finish. The advantages offered by the PowerCompactor collection system are second to none with a clean, guaranteed collection in both wet and dry conditions and the maximum use of the collection hopper capacity which can then be easily tipped into a waiting trailer, skip, or, alternatively, into big bags using the unique clip system.

Get a PH1250 iDrive SmartLIne eco at a special ‘take-home’ price
We know that sometimes you assume you can’t afford something and then perhaps you don’t even get a quote, even though the product is exactly what you need to fulfil the job. And so the new iDrive eco, with its ‘take home’ price of £24,850 + VAT, will hopefully convince you that the machine makes sense financially. 0% finance is available on request also. Offer closes 31st October 2019

With a normal retail price of £30,385 including beacon, then this offer is considerably better than the normal dealer selling price, so contact your dealer today for more information on the iDrive eco and take one home today, you know it makes sense!

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