Clock ticks down to national Self-Propelled Sprayer Demo day


From an idea mooted within the industry the date of first national Self-Propelled Demo day draws nearer. Running between 10 am and 4 pm, the day will see 14 different self-propelled sprayers gathered together at Bramcote Hall Farm, Warton, Staffordshire, B79 0HH.

With three fields, and 300 acres of cover crop to run in, there should hopefully be enough room for all those booms to be out and about in one place. With the crop tramlined and with safety in mind, there will be just a couple of machines constantly in action per field at the same time. The bonus is a bit of rolling topography and so this should all add up to provide a perfect opportunity to try out the performance of the Pantera 4502 in the field for yourself.

The Pantera 4502 provides power to the four-wheel, hydrostatic drive from a Deutz 6-cylinder, 218 hp turbo-diesel engine via Linde pumps and motors. The final drive is geared through in-board hubs to provide a high-flow, low pressure, high torque drive. The slip of each individual wheel is sensed and the oil sent only to the wheels that can offer the best traction. The engine management system means that revs are provided on demand, whether on the road or in the field, to suit the speed and load thus keeping fuel consumption down to a minimum and enabling a quiet, fuss-free working environment. The hydraulically-driven spraying pumps are equally at home giving full capacity with the sprayer on tick over and so, again, noise is kept down for the operator when filling and mixing.

Steering is either two-wheel in road mode, in which case speeds of up to 50 km/h can be easily achieved where legally possible, or in two-, four-wheel and dog-leg steer in field mode. The dog-leg steer keeps the sprayer uphill when working across sidling ground. Steering angle in the field is automatically reduced with speed to prevent unnecessary boom movement being transmitted via the steering wheel. Full steering is automatically restored when a section is isolated.

The electro-hydraulically actuated suspension keeps the ride height the same, irrespective of the load in the tank or the topography, with oil being sent to the front or back axles to maintain a level machine under all circumstances. The weight distribution of a Pantera 4502 with a 36 m boom is as near to 50:50 as is possible as well as being easily under 11 tons loaded up with all but the tank water on board. The Pantera 4502-H offers another 50cm of clearance for working in tall crops such as sunflowers whereas the standard chassis leaves a clearance of 1.2m depending on tyre size. Track width is adjusted on the move from the cab with a variety of pre-set track widths or to a track width of your choice. The standard Pantera offers track widths from 1.8 to 2.4 metres whereas the Pantera 4502-W goes from 2.4m up to 3.0m for use in cotton, etc.

The Vista cab features an air seat, front and rear sun blinds, adjustable arm rest, buddy seat, climate control, heated and electrically-adjustable door mirrors, cool box, blue tooth telephone connection, auxiliary input for the radio/cd player and excellent 360° all-round vision. But more importantly from a safety aspect, a laminated front windscreen is standard giving the operator more protection in case of accident. Cat. IV filtration is also a cost-effective option to prevent the driver having to use additional PPE when spraying with some products.

The spray pack as such is based around a 4800 litre coated glass-reinforced polymer tank with multiple internal cleaning nozzles and a deep-slung sump which keeps the centre of gravity well down in the frame and also means as little sprayer residual volumes when empty. All told, a 36 m boom sprayer taking into account pumps, filters and spray lines comes out at a little over 25 litres overall, not a lot of wastage when it comes to switching products. The Comfort-Pack I means that the filling, emptying and washout processes are all controlled via the ISOBUS terminal in the cab with the washout automatically sequenced to ensure the maximum effective use of the 500 litres of fresh water on board.

The well-proven Super-L 2 boom offers widths from 21m through to 40 m and with many folding options to suit both farmers and contractors. There is a choice of single spray line or twin depending on liquid fertiliser usage and, of course, now the option of the new AmaSelect or AmaSwitch systems. Height control is carried out by DistanceControl plus with a collection of potentiometers and ultra-sound sensors giving the boom at the optimum nozzle height above target. The height can range from around 40cm through to 2.5m (or 70 cm higher with the optional lift hub if maize spraying is a possibility) depending on the nozzle spacing and the degree of angle of the nozzles selected.

AmaSelect gives the driver the chance to switch between nozzle sizes on the go so that spray quality is maintained irrespective of speed or rate and also a switch can be made between air inclusion, flat fan or fert nozzles depending on the application. In all, a total of 7 switching possibilities per nozzle body can be carried out from the seat. Individual nozzle shut-off via GPS SectionControl and LED boom nozzle lighting is, of course, standard. AmaSelect offers additional savings of around 5% of your chemical bill, over and above what GPS section shut-off already gives through reducing overlap.

We are grateful to the host, Colin Bridgeman, for the use of the land and his facilities and we look forward to seeing you there on the day. There will be catering and facilities available on site all day. Your carriage awaits, but this time its in the form of a Pantera!

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Cereals 2022 – the place to see what’s new in the Amazone world

Coming along to The Cereals Event, then Amazone Ltd cordially invite you along to Stand 848 next to the Sprays & Sprayers arena to see what's new in the Amazone world

See the new Pantera 4504 at Cereals

Cereals will see the public unveiling of the new Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer which is designed to set new standards in precision plant protection application and ease of operation This new generation, the Pantera 4504, focuses on increased work rates and reducing the work load on the driver. The new in-house operating system, modified spray agent liquid circuit and changes to the operator station offer significant added value.

AMAZONE's virtual presence at Cereals-LIVE 2020

With Cereals 2020 unable to be held due to the Covid-19 crisis, then AMAZONE is making its presence felt in the virtual world. With new drills, cultivators and updates to spreaders and sprayers planned to be shown at Chrishall Grange in June, then details of these we will try and bring you on-line instead.

A warm welcome awaits at Agritechnica 2019

Amongst over 60 pieces of machinery or systems on the Stand, Agritechnica 2019 next week sees the launch of 30 innovations including the 3 Silver medal, award-winning innovations: AmaSense Weather, AmaSelect Row and the EasyMix App for blended fertilisers.

The new-look Cereals 2019 is on track for Boothby Graffoe, Lincs

Cereals 2019 sees further expansion of the Cirrus trailed seeder range. Designated the Cirrus 03-2CC Double-Shoot, these hydraulic folding 4 & 6 metre trailed drills now feature a second distribution head and coulter system that can be used for either sowing a second seed type or applying fertiliser directly into the seedbed without coming into direct seed contact.

Register for AMATECHNICA 2019

Visit the Amatechnica2019 page to find out more about what's happening at our Technical Field day on May 22nd at Orchard Farm, Amazone's Training, Education & Research Centre at Auckley, Doncaster, DN9 3NW.

IOG Saltex sees the launch of the PH1500 SmartLine

This year's Show sees the launch of the all-new Profihopper PH1500. Based loosely on the concept of its kid sister, the PH1250 SmartLine the PH1500 is bigger and bolder with a new engine management and drive concept designed to keep fuel economy and noise levels to an absolute minimum.

Hektor to makes its debut at Cereals 2018

Amazone will also now use Cereals 2018 to showcase a new range of semi-mounted reversible ploughs. Designated the Hektor, the new plough range is available in 6 to 8 furrows and for tractors up to 350 HP/257 KW. The option of a 6+1 or 7+1 beam can also be specified for added flexibility.

Cereals 2018 returns to Chrishall Grange, Duxford

With having both the Sprays & Sprayers ring and static stands, it makes Cereals 2018 the ideal venue to show off some Amazing new kit that will be both working and on Stand S705, which is alongside the main ring. This new kit includes new drills, drill combis, trailed and mounted sprayers, spreaders, ploughs ..... the list goes on and on, plus an exciting new product which is still under wraps and in-waiting for the big day!

LAMMA 2018 hosts the launch of the UF2002

After its introduction to the farming world at Agritechnica last month, the new UF 2002 mounted sprayer will debut to British farmers on January 17th - 18th at LAMMA 2018 in Peterborough.
The trend towards increasing tank sizes for minimising refill times, and wider booms to improve work rates, has led to a complete new design for the model.

The new Avant grain and fert front tank to make its debut at AgriScot

6000-2C Grain & Fert front tank-based, power harrow seed drill combination has proved to be a huge success. The new four-way split tank is carried, out-front, on the well-known steering tyre packer system off the FPS 204 and so provides complete consolidation over the full width of the tractor thus increasing output and reducing ground pressure.

This year's IOG Saltex sees the release of the new E+S Hydro salt spreaders

AMAZONE Groundcare will take the opportunity to show off its new hydraulically-driven, speed-related sand and salt spreader, the E+S 01 series at IOG Saltex in the NEC from November 1st – 2nd 2017.
Exhibiting their full range of turfcare and amenity equipment for mowing, seeding and top dressing, AMAZONE Groundcare can be found this year at Saltex on Stand H055 (which is in Hall 8 on the way through from Hall 7), so come along and talk to the specialists in green...

3C Demo Tour 2017

It doesn’t matter how impressive that new bit of kit looks when it’s polished and sitting on a Cereals or LAMMA Show stand, there is nothing quite like seeing it in the flesh out in the field where it belongs, doing what it does best - working . So 8 tractors – and 8 machines - are out on tour around the country this summer doing just that and they are coming to a field near you on:

Cataya comes to Cereals 2017

The trend latterly when it comes to drill combinations has been very much in favour of pneumatic metering systems. Larger hopper capacities and the introduction of electrically-driven metering systems with push-button calibration and automatic GPS-based headland shut-off systems have been the main driving factors. However, the simplicity of a conventional seed drill with its lack of fan and improved rearward visibility still holds some appeal to many end-users. The new 3...

SIMA 2017

Officially on Stands B 035 and C 032, but basically across a big chunk of Hall 5A, Amazone will be using this year’s SIMA Show in Paris to showcase a host of new products and innovations and so, to help you get to grips with the new technology on offer, Amazone Ltd staff will be present on the stand from Sunday through to Tuesday evening.

Tillage-Live 2016 comes to the Midlands

Amazone will use this year’s Tillage-Live event at Monks Kirby, Lutterworth to get a ruck of new kit dirty. There will be a mixture of brand-new drilling, cultivation and spraying equipment working in the field for the first time in public.

National Show season continues down at Builth Wells

Hot on the heels of the Royal Highland comes the Royal Welsh Show starting on Monday July 18th and running through until Thursday July 21st. So although Big Pete and the Grim Reaper Truck Show will be appearing alongside the Ukrainian Cossacks in the Grandstand ring, the main star of the show will be, of course, Amazone!

National show bandwagon rolls on up to Ingliston

With never a dull day in the agricultural show calendar, Ingliston Showground in Edinburgh hosts the next round with the Royal Highland Show opening its doors to the public on Thursday 23rd June this year. Running for four days until the Sunday, the show retains its strong agricultural feel and machinery manufacturers from across the globe support the RHASS with Amazone Ltd being no exception.

Clock ticks down to national Self-Propelled Sprayer Demo day

From an idea mooted within the industry the date of first national Self-Propelled Demo day draws nearer. Running between 10 am and 4 pm, the day will see 14 different self-propelled sprayers gathered together at Bramcote Hall Farm, Warton, Staffordshire, B79 0HH.

Tillage-Live 2015 returns to the North-East

After a year or two’s absence down South, the national cultivations event, Tillage-Live will be back in the North-East this year courtesy of Croft Farms, Croft-on-Tees, Darlington.
With a constant stream of new cultivation kit coming out of the Amazone stable, this year’s event will see yet another launch with the first public working demonstration of the new 5.0 metre Certos 5001-2TX heavy compact disc harrow. Shown as a static machine on the stand at Cereals 2105...

New generation ED launched at Grassland UK

After more than 25 years of the ED success story, Grassland UK will see the launch of the third generation of the ED precision seeder. The new ED includes numerous innovations; from the drive to the singling system and fertiliser metering via the electronics up to the design. The proven system of vacuum singling has been adopted from the previous generation.

Cereals 2015 looms large

Amazone will use Cereals 2015 at Boothby Graffoe as the launch pad for some major new bits of kit in June. The new products on show will encompass the worlds of fertilisation, drilling and soil tillage.

Precision Farming 2015

This year’s Precision Farming Event, which takes place on March 4th , will be held this time at Newark Show-ground. With a wide ranging seminar programme on a variety of topics from UAV’s to the use of robotics in the dairy industry, the day gives you the chance to catch up on what the experts are saying as well as to find out what’s new in the world of precision farming equipment.

On Stand 10, Amazone will be showing off the latest in-cab terminals and software...

LAMMA 2015

With two stands at LAMMA 2015, Amazone will exhibit both Groundcare as well as agricultural machinery at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.
Inside in the warm, the Amazone Groundcare Stand, to be found in Hall 5, Stand 501, will feature all the 2105 upgrades to the Groundkeeper and Profihopper SmartCut ranges: