31 May 2022, Amazone Ltd

Cereals 2022 – the place to see what’s new in the Amazone world

Crop establishment techniques have evolved immensely over the last few years with a huge emphasis now on seed nutrition at drilling time and a change in cultivation intensity to either much less or nothing at all. In light of these trends, Amazone Ltd will be keeping traditional alive by using this year’s Cereals event as the spring-board for all things new in regard to crop establishment. On show at Chrishall Grange on June 8th & 9th will be new additions to the drill combination range in the shape of the Centaya-C 3000 Super and Avant 6002-2C along with the new shallow tine cultivator, the Cobra 6000-2TX and the new Catros 6002-2TS X-Cutter ultra-shallow disc harrow. In the Sprays & Sprayer arena will be the big capacity UX 7601 Super trailed sprayer along with the recently introduced Pantera 4504 and the 3,500 litre wrap around, fully-integrated front and back tank, UF 2002.

Cobra shallow tine cultivator

Cobra 7000-2TX shallow tine cultivator

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The new 6 & 7 metre wide shallow tine cultivators will be making their debut at Cereals. With 6 rows of tines on a tine spacing of 13.3 cm, the Cobra is ideal for scratch tillage situations. Upfront is a choice of knife roller or Crushboard depending on the application. For working in cover crops, the knife roller is ideal for laying the crop over and then bruising the stalk to start the decomposition process and ensure maximum soil contact with the organic matter. The ECO leaf spring tines can be fitted with either a 220 mm duck foot or 50 mm narrow share depending again on the application. The 6 metre model on the show stand is equipped with the double harrow system at the rear,

Centaya 3000-C-Super grain and fertiliser combination

Centaya-C grain & fertiliser drill combination

The new Centaya-C is equipped with a 2,000 litre hopper that is split either 60:40, or 70:30, depending on the ratio required. This split hopper enables the drill to be used to sow either a combination of grain and fertiliser, or a combination of two different seed varieties. These two materials can be metered down to the sowing coulters via the same distribution head and seed pipes, or can be fed through a second head down to a second entry pipe on the coulter and even broadcast across the full width of the drill if required. The drill can also be equipped with the micro-plus applicator for the simultaneous application of a micro-granular herbicide or slug pellets. The Centaya-C at Cereals is attached to the PTO-driven KG 3001 Special rotary cultivator but can be also used in conjunction with the passive CombiDisc 3000 or the new Minimum TillDisc unit for disturbance-free drilling.

Avant 6002-2 front tank grain & fertiliser drill combination

Avant_Details_d0_kw_P9177654_d1_201104 (1)
Avant 6002-2 grain and fertiliser front tank combination

On a similar theme to the Centaya-C is the new Avant 02. Available in a 3 m rigid and 4 m, 5 m and 6 m folding working widths, the new generation 02 active soil tillage tools come with a detachable seed rail so the rotary cultivator can be used in solo. The new FTender ISOBUS front tank is available in both single hopper and split hopper versions depending on whether one or two materials need to be metered. With the split-hoppered FTender-C, fertiliser can be simultaneously applied with seed to the coulter using the same seed pipes. The seed rail can be specified with a choice or either TwinTeC or RoTeC coulters.  The beauty of the FTender is that it can also be used as a standalone unit for use as a fertiliser transfer tank when using the Precea precision seeder or a  cover crop applicator when used with a tine or disc cultivator on the rear.

UX 8601 Super trailed sprayer

UX7601 Super big capacity trailed sprayer

The new, high-capacity 7601 and 8601 trailed sprayers feature a radical new chassis and drawbar layout that enable sufficient weight to be transferred from the sprayer axle onto the rear of the tractor so as to ensure that the unit is fully road legal when it comes to maximum axle carrying capacity. The 9,000 litre, UX 8601 is the biggest single axle capacity sprayer that keeps below that significant 10 tonnes/axle limit. These new sprayers utilise the same boom widths - up to 42 m - and the same revolutionary ContourControl & SwingStop boom ride systems. The AmaSelect individual nozzle selection means that AmaSelect CurveControl, AmaSelect Spot spot spraying and AmaSelect Row band spraying can all be utilised to maximise efficiency and so reduces both the cost of application and its environmental impact

The 60 litre induction bowl offers a market-leading performance for reducing downtime when refilling. The system works also with the CTS closed transfer initiative.  

Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer

The new Pantera 4504
In the ring will be the Pantera 4504 and although shown at Cereals in 2021, the new Pantera is now coming through in numbers and features the new wet system, with its upgraded induction bowl, repositioned AR pumps and the Comfort-Pack plus operator system which, along with the Super-L3 boom with ContourControl and SwingStop has revolutionised the driver experience and increased output dramatically.

Precea 6000-2CC 8 row precision seeder

Precea 6000-2CC Super folding 8 row precision seeder

With an increasing maize acreage for AD plants as well as the ability to do both sugar beet and oil seed rape, the precision seeder is being utilised for more and more crops across the farm and now makes farm ownership more viable. The high-speed singling system on the Precea ensures perfect distribution along the row with the SmartControl stripper finger adjustment automatically taking care of the singling. The electric-metering system on the fertiliser hopper applies a starter fertiliser ahead of the seed row. The drill is controlled via ISOBUS TaskController with SectionControl and variable rate possible on both seed and fertiliser rates. For closer row spacing, again the FTender front tank can  be used for up to 12 rows on a 45 cm or 50 cm row spacing.

Come and find us next to the entrance to the Sprays & Sprayers arena, the kettle will be on plus there is an enormous amount more kit to see along with what's new. Also away from the stand and on the direct drilling plot will be a Condor 12001-C working and, in conjunction with AgXeed, we will also be demonstrating the progress that has been made in autonomous vehicle control. See you on June 8th & 9th at Duxford.