Great pre-winter offers on salt spreaders


As the nights draw in and the days shorten, it is time to start thinking about preparing for the onset of winter and the need to clear ice and snow with the Amazone Groundcare range of EK-S and E+S winter salt spreaders and top dressers.

The fresh-looking E+S winter spreader range offers a wide range of sophistication from the entry-level E+S Special with its basic PTO-drive, sieves and hydraulic shutter control right up to the new EasySet terminal offering speed-related application rate as well as in-cab push-button control of the spreading rate and width. 

For contractors looking to document any jobs carried out, the AmaDosE+S terminal will give them a running total of area covered and number of kilos spread. Intelligent hydraulics means that the E+S Hydro automatically reduces disc speed down to near standstill whilst the tractor is waiting at a junction.

The E+S has a choice of spreading vane sets for different spreading widths and hopper sizes are available from 300 litres right through to 1,110 litres meaning that there is literally a model to suit any situation. Front mudflaps, LED work lights and the swivel hopper cover are options to consider.

Find out more about the E+S range

For those looking for something simpler than the E + S, then the EK-S models, in hopper sizes from 150 litres through to 370 litres are ideal. The EK-S can be operated manually via a on/off handle or from inside the cab using the tractor spool valve. Sieves are standard, as is the stretch hopper cover, and the working width is controlled by the height-adjustable spread width reduction skirt which can be set to uniformly spread behind the machine or off-set to either side for running alongside pavements.

Both the EK-S and the E+S spreaders are perfectly at home spreading fertiliser or top dressing giving the flexibility of year-round use in any grounds maintenance business and so are not just for Christmas.

Currently there are some great offers to be had on both the EK-S and E+S, so get down to your local Amazone Groundcare dealer and get set up now.