The new UX Super - more than just a good boom ride

UX5201 Fendt

AMAZONE UX sprayers come with the ultimate package of features when it comes to agrochemical application. The UX Super comes in tank sizes of 4,600 litres, 5,600 litres and 6,600 litres actual. The narrow transport width of just 2.6 m, the drawbar suspension and shock absorbed booms in transport make it handy new to get from field to field. The new 28° steering axle gives the ultimate in manoeuvrability and the whole machine treads lightly at up to 1,500 kgs lighter than others on the market, you will hardly see where it has gone.

But of course, any sprayer needs to be more than just a good boom ride. Changes in weather patterns and the pressure on the sprayer to get over increasing acreages, coupled with a higher frequency of passes in the field, means that turnaround times need to be shorter. Any sprayer needs to spend more time spraying and less time filling to increase overall output so the ability to get that mix of chemical and water on board quicker is a major factor when considering a new sprayer.

With full control for the operator of the whole filling process from down at ground level via the Comfort-Pack, then the filling sequence is quickly underway. The 3” suction port makes for high water fill speeds and the water filling process can be easily paused to allow the chemicals to be inducted.

The new conical, 60 litre induction bowl with anti-splash lip and a 200 l/min draw-out speed, takes 25 kg bags of powder straight in dry and in seconds. The operator has full control over the pressure in the rinse ring and the can wash as well as having the handy neck wash nozzle for better cleaning of the chemical cans. The lid of the induction bowl forms a handy can and bag rest as well providing a place to drain canisters and hold the measuring jug, etc. Hand wash and soap dispenser are handily placed as is the clothing storage for gauntlets and mask, etc.

The simple, new in-house developed 7-way, cam-style pressure valve gives the operator the chance to control the whole liquid circuit of tank contents and filling of both the spray and fresh water tanks – and all without any chance of cross-contamination or spillage. The automatic fill stop means that the sprayer is never over-filled with the sprayer knowing the area left to spray in the field and setting the fill stop accordingly to alleviate any wastage at the end of the spraying operation and thus speeding up the wash-out process.

For those looking for total control, then the unique 7” pressure-screen on Comfort-Pack plus has individual operator profiles for pause and fill as well as automated cleaning and fill stop cycles on parking the induction bowl away.

Of course, ContourControl boom guidance with built-in SwingStop means that the boom instantaneously reacts to changing crop height and topography with its unique combination of acceleration sensors, ultra-sound sensors and live electro-hydraulics with built-in accumulators constantly keeping that boom at the selected target height above crop. The whole package comes together with the AMAZONE in-house developed software to make the sprayer the most intuitive machine on the market to operate.

See the UX 01 in action