Cobra multi-functional shallow cultivator - Versatility at its best

Cobra Multi-Tool - flexible in use all year round!

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Cobra multi-functional shallow cultivator - Versatility at its best



Shallow soil disturbance – Intensive mixing

The complete all-rounder in the field: the high-output, all-purpose Cobra multi-functional shallow cultivator copes with a wide range of applications. From catch crop destruction and shallow stubble cultivation to seedbed preparation, the Cobra is the right machine for shallow and medium-deep soil tillage. Due to the wide range of pre-working tools, shares and rollers, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions.


High performance!

High output, thanks to the wide working widths and high working speeds, enabling efficient, shallow soil tillage. The large overlap of the duck foot shares ensures a reliable, full-area disturbance of both soil and organic matter.



High level of flexibility and use due to the large number of tools and equipment variants. Quick changeover between double harrow and trailing roller allows versatility, such as mechanical weed control using the knife roller, which is particularly suitable for shredding organic matter, and the Crushboard, which provides optimum preparation of the seedbed as a result of even better levelling and crumbling.


Environmentally friendly!

Mechanical weed control makes it possible to save on chemical plant protection agents. Water-conserving soil tillage ensures that the capillarity is broken meaning less water evaporates.


The right tool for all conditions

Alternatively: Knife roller – maximum working intensity


Combining the knife roller with the Cobra multi-functional shallow cultivator enables extremely shallow soil tillage with the simultaneous shredding of crop residues or catch crops. 

Cobra 6000-2TX with knife roller

  • Optimum shredding results owing to the high circumferential speed with a roller diameter of 330 mm
  • Excellent contour following thanks to individual roller segments
  • Improves the shredding and incorporation of long plant residues, in particular, and thereby promotes the acceleration of the composting process
  • Insensitive to stones and dirt due to the enclosed design of the roller core
  • Wear costs halved thanks to reversible knives with two cutting edges, made of tempered drill steel

Tine and share equipment


The specialist for shallow and medium-depth tillage at working depths from 4 to 13 cm. Thanks to the short vibration movements of the ECO leaf spring tine, not only is the crumbling of the soil improved but also the cutting effect of the duck foot shares. Unlike other shallow cultivators on the market, the AMAZONE ECO leaf spring tine is much more rigid in the soil, despite the vibration movements. This means that the tines give way much later, even in heavy and dry soils, enabling a full, shallow cut, even under difficult conditions.

This enables reliable, mechanical weed control in all conditions.

 "In the field, the tines tracked well and, when working at a shallow depth, they impressed with their consistent working depth.” 
(“profi” – Test report · 05/2024)


Roller programme

Precise reconsolidation with a wide range of rollers - the right following roller for every application, you decide which roller is best suited to your farm! The following rollers can also be equipped with a single, trailing harrow.




Universal catch crop seeder box for fine seeds and catch crops

  • High application rates are possible thanks to various metering cassettes
  • Wide distribution via baffle plates
  • Precise metering with excellent lateral distribution