flexible –water-conserving – precise

flexible –water-conserving – precise

On farm, the seed drill plays a key role in all arable farming systems. Perfect sowing forms the basis for maximum yields.

The trailed Cirrus universal seeding combination comes into its own, not only after the plough and when mulch sowing, but also in water-conserving minimum-till sowing in strips or without any prior seedbed preparation. The application of up to 3 different materials at up to 3 delivery points in the triple-shoot process can also be implemented to perfection with the Cirrus. The Cirrus offers the option of spreading fertiliser as well as seed at various delivery points in a single pass. In addition to this, the seed rates of the individual products can be tailored on a part-area, site-specific basis by means of application maps.


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All the methods at a glance


  • Via the sowing coulter
  • Support of the plant at the early growth stages
  • No leaching or evaporation of the fertiliser


  • Via the sowing coulter + fertiliser coulter or GreenDrill, e.g. via baffle plates
  • Deep deposition of fertilisation extends the availability of the fertiliser
  • Fertiliser can be placed between the rows
  • Improved root development thanks to the initial dosage of the fertiliser


  • Via the sowing coulter + fertiliser coulter + GreenDrill, e.g. via baffle plates
  • Companion plants sown on the surface suppress weeds

A wide variety of agronomic methods are easy to implement with the Cirrus

Seed only

Sowing of seed with fertiliser at one placement depth

Sowing 2 seed types at one placement depth

Sowing two seed types with fertiliser at different placement depths

Sowing 2 seed types at different placement depths

Sowing 2 seed types at different placement depths via GreenDrill

Combination of Single- and Double-Shoot:
Combined sowing of seed and fertiliser at 2 different placement depths

Sowing two seed types with fertiliser at different placement depths

Sowing 3 different seed types at different placement depths

Binary sowing:
Through variation of the placement depth – one coulter deeper/one coulter shallower - two different seed types can be placed at different depths

AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal – Comfortable operation as intuitive as your tablet

The 8" low-reflection multi-touch colour display allows easy reading and quick input of all the necessary information. The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal is universally usable for all ISOBUS machines from AMAZONE and also machinery from other manufacturers.

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