Field trials at the AMAZONE trials centre in Wambergen

Agriculture is only possible with commercial success in the long term. But the following is also true: There is no commercial success without sustainability, a concept which suits the local conditions and the precise and therefore more efficient use of inputs. AMAZONE is developing intelligent crop production, in order to meet these new agricultural challenges with tailored solutions.

From the Meyer-Hof to the AMAZONE intelligent crop production centre

New challenges are a constant source of difficulties for agriculture: Climate change with extreme weather, rising prices for fertiliser, fuel and labour, resistance of weeds and harmful insects, falling soil fertility, right up to ever-increasing environmental protection requirements and crop rotations adapted to the latter.

Amazone trials centre in Wambergen

Hof Meyer zu Wambergen was acquired by the Amazone Group in 2018 and, amongst other things, is now used to host the company‘s customer events. The Controlled Row Farming (CRF) project has been implemented since 2020 in conjunction with Agravis Raiffeisen and our sister company Schmotzer Hacktechnik. Trials of new agricultural practices for crops in fixed row spacings are carried out here.