» Perfect boom ride

The booms, with an aircraft wing design are both super-light and super-stable and ensure a long service life. The free-hanging boom suspension with multiple damping and spring-mount provides an extremely smooth boom ride. Plus: Super-narrow transport width. 

Test track video


» DUS pressure circulation system

The DUS pressure circulation system provides a uniform spray agent concentration at each nozzle from the beginning to the end of the application. No deposits are formed and it is also very easy to flush the spray line with water.


» Tractor cab for an optimum overview

Spacious and clearly arranged tractor cab providing perfect all-round visibility.

The tractor cab offers maximum comfort as a result of sound insulation and individual adjustment options for the seat, steering column and armrest. An optimum Category 4 filtered air cab prevents the ingress of dust and fumes.


» Intelligent engine management

Work can be carried out in the fuel-efficient optimum range thanks to intelligent engine management with ECO mode and Power Mode. The modern hydrostatic single-wheel drive enables infinitely variable driving speeds from 0 to 50 km/h.


Precise switching at the headland and on wedge shaped fields by combining the GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control and the AmaSwitch or AmaSelect single nozzle control.
A reduction in the use of plant protective agents of approx. 5 to 10 % depending on the conditions.

AMAZONE Precision chassis

Together with the hydro-pneumatic suspension, the tandem chassis ensures excellent contour following and a high degree of stability, even when working on sloping terrain. The infinitely variable track width adjustment is fitted as standard and provides flexibility, so that the Pantera can be used for a variety of crops and requirements.

Pantera 4502 self-propelled sprayer

AMAZONE offers the self-driving Pantera 4503 sprayer with 4500 l tank capacity in three chassis versions. The standard chassis has a ground clearance of 1.2 m and track width adjustment from 1.8 to 2.4 m, and the special Pantera-H chassis has additional height adjustment and therefore variable ground clearance from 1.25 to 1.7 m height, while the Pantera-W chassis has fully automated track width adjustment from 2.25 to 3 m.

Pantera self-propelled sprayer

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