All the machine software is developed by AMAZONE in its in-house electronics department with a high degree of practical relevance, in order to increase the operational comfort and to achieve significant added value for machine operation.

As a result, the farmer or contractor receives software which is tailored to his or her machine and scores highly for its extremely user-friendly and simple operation.

Dorina Henkelmann
AMAZONE Product Marketing, Electronics and Digital Solutions

Clear display of the work menu in the AMAZONE machine operation

Advantages of the AMAZONE machine software:

  • User-oriented and intuitive
  • Tailored to the machine
  • Function scope above and beyond the ISOBUS standard

GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control


If the operating terminal facilitates Section Control, e.g. GPS-Switch part-width section control from AMAZONE, the part-width sections are activated completely automatically and in relation to the GPS position. Once a field has been created, and once in automatic mode, the driver can concentrate fully on the operation of the pulling vehicle, since the part-width sections are switched automatically in wedge shaped fields and on headlands.

AmaTron Twin screen extension

App for easy control of the GPS functions via a tablet in parallel with the machine operation on the AmaTron 4.

Comfortable operation as intuitive as your tablet


The 8" low-reflection multi-touch colour display allows easy reading and quick input of all the necessary information. Intuitive operation of the functions is guaranteed at all times either via the 12 keys or the touch display.

  • GPS-Switch basic: Automatic part-width section control with up to 16 part-width sections and creation of a virtual headland
  • GPS-Maps&Doc: The documentation and processing of application maps is easy and precise
  • GPS-Track: Visual parallel guidance aid for less stress on the driver and automatic tramline control via GPS

The AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal is universally usable for all ISOBUS machines from AMAZONE and from other manufacturers.

Part-area, site-specific farming with GPS-Maps&Doc


All standard ISOBUS terminals from AMAZONE can collect and save machine and site-specific data using Task Controller. Part-area, site-specific operation via application maps in either Shape file or ISO-XML formats is also possible.

AMAZONE offers the perfect seed drill combination for any farm – and everything from a single source.

Our extensive product range includes seed drill combinations in working widths from 2.5 m to 6 m and which meet the most diverse requirements. No matter whether you sow conventionally or pneumatically, you can choose from a rotary harrow, rotary cultivator or the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow combined with an extensive roller range.