FTender 2200C with front packer and a twin-chamber hopper for even more flexibility in sowing

AMAZONE offers a universal mounted front hopper that can be utilised for a variety of applications in the shape of the FTender. The single tipped, mounted front hopper has an aerodynamic shape and allows for good forward visibility. The FTender is available as an open conveying system with a roll-over cover or in a version with a pressurised hopper. The advantage of the pressurised hopper lies in higher transfer rates, which is why its use is particularly recommended for bigger
rates of fertiliser.

The advantages of the FTender


  • High output due to the large hopper capacities of 1,600 l or 2,200 l
  • The twin-chamber hopper enables seed and fertiliser to be combined
  • More comfort thanks to full ISOBUS implementation in the machine actuation
  • Comfortable and fast coupling and uncoupling

Calibration – simple and precise!


The standard aids, such as the calibration scales and the calibration bag, are securely stored on the front hopper. The calibration process can be easily carried out on the machine via the
calibration button or via the TwinTerminal.

  • Easy adjustment of the seed rate from the tractor cab via the electric drive
  • Easy calibration is possible via a calibration button or TwinTerminal 3.0 (optional)
  • Calibration set included
  • Simple emptying of residual amounts via the separate outlet and the residue emptying program
  • Easy exchange of the metering cassettes

The flexible partner for fertilisation and sowing with seed drills, precision air seeders or soil tillage implements


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AMAZONE offers the perfect seed drill combination for any farm – and everything from a single source.

Our extensive product range includes seed drill combinations in working widths from 2.5 m to 6 m and which meet the most diverse requirements. No matter whether you sow conventionally or pneumatically, you can choose from a rotary harrow, rotary cultivator or the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow combined with an extensive roller range.