Trials centre in Wambergen

From the Meyer-Hof to the AMAZONE intelligent crop production centre

New challenges are a constant source of difficulties for agriculture: Climate change with extreme weather, rising prices for fertiliser, fuel and labour, resistance of weeds and harmful insects, falling soil fertility, right up to ever-increasing environmental protection requirements and crop rotations adapted to the latter.

New challenges which Amazone meets with an unbridled ability to innovate for high sustainability, efficiency and precision under conditions adapted to local farming.

This is intelligent crop production from AMAZONE, this is sustainable intensification to secure agricultural yields under all conditions.


History of Gut Wambergen

historie wambergen

Generation after generation has farmed Gut Wambergen on the edge of the "Osnabrück Uplands" on more than 120 ha of fields and woodland for over 1,000 years. Mentioned in a document for the first time in 1350, the estate is part of the AMAZONE group today - as a centre for intelligent crop production.

AMAZONE conducts national and international agricultural trials, in order to help our customers with innovative methods and agricultural machinery based on the latest findings in arable farming and plant production.

Demo trials at the trials centre in Wambergen

MI10155_Flyer_Wambergen_05_2024_4c_de (002)

The year-round demo trials such as "Controlled Row Farming" (CRF) as a row-based plant production concept established in 2020 and possibilities for a reduction in the use of seed, fertiliser and plant protection agents provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and discussion about the future of arable farming during field inspections and events with farmers, partners or researchers.

Other subjects of the trials are: Mixed farming, Precision Farming as well as mulch and direct seeding.

Description of the location


  • Located at the edge of the "Osnabrück Uplands"
  • 770 mm annual precipitation, of which 300 mm falls in the vegetation
  • Sandy loam, with a soil rating of 50 points and up to 2 % humus content
  • 70 – 90 cm rooting depth
  • pH 5.4– 5.9

The future of arable farming with AMAZONE

Conventional or conserving? Organic farming or regenerative? It makes no difference: Farming must be commercially successful, tailored to the field, with optimised use of inputs. Production thereby becomes intensified, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With its innovative agricultural machinery, AMAZONE offers the right machine for every type of soil, climate, ecology, etc. which reliably implements the respective field and plant cultivation concept in the field.